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    Application for guard
    Username- ender_slayer1
    Your age- Fifteen
    How long have you been playing the server?- Around a year, give a take
    Have you read the server, prison, and guard rules?- Indeed I have
    Any experience with the prison genre?- Convicted was my first prison server, but I have had enough experience with it to make my way around the genre
    What is your time zone?- Pacific
    Why are you the best choice for guard?- For one, I have had experience with Trainee, Guard, and Alpha in that respective order (obviously). During that time, I excelled in my job as guard, demolishing riots and prisoner skirmishes alike. Once I went inactive, I only trained my pvp skills to be better than they were when I left. Now that I am back, I am confident that I can assume the position again as guard.
    I also understand that I cannot kill unless provoked, and dying means I am out of action until I see the one who killed me commit another offense (That is of course unless they break the killing 3 times under 10 minutes rule)
    I am not the type to hold grudges. I won't let anger get in the way of my job as guard, both because I find it a stupid thing to do and it could put my job in jeopardy.
    I did very much like guard status when I had it, and I'l like to have it back. Therefore, I will make a large effort to be the best guard I could possibly be.

    Do you understand that nagging wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?- Of course
    What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?- I am a free citizen, and I have one prepared already

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    Hai der.
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    Quote from builder1028

    From what I've gathered:
    -ender accidentally advertises while trying to get more kit potions in a fight.
    -froot tempbans ender for a day.
    -ender appeals. (This is where I get confused. In his appeal, under the reason of the ban, he put advertising. Why appeal a 1-day tempban though?)
    -ender goes on vacation.
    -This is where we are now.

    I've attempted to reach out to the Wardens to find out if ender was permabanned, in the end, or if he just yet has to come back. We have yet to get the answer, but I guess this is something we will discover the answer to, over time.
    The answer is I'm back, and I appealed because when I got tempbanned because I had only 1 day left before a week of vacation, and wanted to spend it on convicted, but couldn't because of an accident.
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    Hi guys
    I'm gonna be gone on vacation for about a week starting tomorrow (Thursday)
    Just letting you know so you don't think I'm inactive, see you next week!
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    IGN: ender_slayer1
    Current rank on the server: Guard
    Reason you were banned: advertisment
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) Frootboy
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) 10:13PM pacific
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: I was in a guard fight and ran out of potions, and went to Ctrl+V (paste) /kit potion, but instead posted a server IP that I had copied earlier today to play with some friends. It is a 24hr ban but it was also an accident that anyone could make really, I accept the ban but still, it was only an accident :(
    Any additional information: I didnt mean to advertise and I apologize for it, It was a mistake that I'll try not to make again.
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    Quote from CreeperDevil

    After 3 hours of trainee, I resigned.

    I really got the first 15 minutes the job wasnt right for me, I didn't do misstakes buuuut, I realized being serious isn't my thang.

    So, I wanna thank you all that recommended me, but I think I might've been le trainee that resigned fastest of dem all.


    - Devil
    There was a trainee that got demoted in about 5 minutes for spamming benjee
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    Quote from GamingTrickster

    My pick broke so i had to use the the random holes people dug to get out. and its not an excuse therefore it cant be the worst.
    Anyway i dont want to argue I covered it up cause someone else was in the mine at the bottom and wanted to make sure they didnt get it. No need to be so harsh.
    Also i thought they stopped making xray cause nodus stopped so 2 questions.
    1 How could i xray then.
    2 Do you have xray cause its stopped so u couldnt have it
    Xray isnt nodus, and all alphas have xray to catch xrayers. stop trying to fool the alphas/wardens, we deal with xrayers every day, you arent special.
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    Quote from GamingTrickster

    I have been banned for something i did not do. I will use a format to make it easy to follow.

    Time banned: 10 minutes ago or so
    Why was i banned: Xray, nice try
    Proof that i didnt: I had been in a for a while and if i was xraying id be very rich but all i had was 13 diamonds.
    Why should i be unbanned: I was not xraying and my pick ran out cause it was iron and i had to write down remember where they were i covered the ones in the open with nether rack and kept ones in mazes uncovered.
    It was said i mined straight to 7 diamond. Yes i had mined 7. 5 i had knows of before and 2 i found along the way.
    Players that would vouch for me: Coledxus who i was skyping with and obviously myself.

    Please reply soon i can screenshare also.
    That is the worst excuse I've ever heard. "I wrote down where all the diamonds where and covered them up" You claim your pick broke, but you supposedly covered up 7 diamonds. Why wouldn't you mine them each time you saw them? It's a dumb excuse if you ask me, did you come up with that in 5 minutes? You mined right to each diamonds without any trial and error. Even if you did know where the 5 diamonds were, you mined to the other two that you "didn't know about" as though you did know they were there. No trial and error, just indication that you were using x-ray.
    Appeal denied.
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    So guys, some of you may have been here today when HairySasquach said he had lung cancer
    This is on the same day.


    Kill yourself Hairy.
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    Quote from Mr_Just_Jarryd

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    Quote from Gorea

    You are hilarious. I have so many great friends on Convicted, I dont think ill go ignored anytime soon. And guess what? I don't just call abuse on SDA for no reason, if anyone was in my position you would wonder what is going on. People make fun of each other everyday, its part of the game. But, how often do you see some one being muted for telling another person "Im better then you," I mean, you would assume a over 1 year player with a rep like mine would be better then some new player right? Not only does SDA call me out on something thats not against the rules, but proceeds to mute me.

    Here's the thing though, if you mute some one for a dumb reason, do you have the right to immedietely mute them when they log on their second account? I didn't even say a single word to Cinnamon after logging on to my guard account and I was muted by SDA. Tell me ender, is this right?

    SDA strives to make my gaming experience worse, he wont admit it but look at the proof. Ask anyone, he demoted my trainee account, but when he was asked why he said some thing along the lines of this "I demoted him for the stuff he does on his free account," I was immediately made trainee again. So, I would say that he was wrong and did that just to spite me, Noakii agrees to, he was the one who made me trainee again. And after I became guard I played every day for at least 1 - 4 hours on my guard account, but after not logging on for a few days SDA gets me demoted. I didn't know you demote full guards for not logging in less then a week, every guard who goes on vacation might as well resign before they leave, right? No, SDA only did this to me because he doesnt like me.

    I have screen shots and high ranking people to back up every little detail in this post. There is no denying SDA goes out of his way to ruin my fun on Convicted.
    SDA muted you on the second account because you continued the same argument that got you muted on the first. And yes, there is proof that SDA doesn't like you. But when you constantly go around starting arguments, I can agree why he wouldn't like you either. You two have been fighting for as long as I can remember, and you just call it abuse when you get muted for being annoying/disrespectful.
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    *Thanks builder and SDA, I would never had seen his post if you hadn't quoted it and told me about it*

    Well gorea, I was more backing up SDA than asking you a question, but It was neither useless or dumb. I was asking you why you even bother posting on here if you quit. And just because you have been on the server a while does not mean you know more about guard rules than alphas, and you can't just go around saying they are abusing. Or say that they are ignorant.

    And to the many people that gorea talked to (probably just the fools who gorea still has under his thumb), I've been told that I was the most active guard, and they needed a replacement for benja.

    All you do nowadays is try to create arguments gorea, Then say it's abuse when you start pushing it to far and get muted. Why do you insist on creating problems? This is you in a nutshell:

    Every single time someone screws up and you see it, you call them on it and tell everyone and try to get them punished as harshly as possible because you aren't in a position of power. Then when you screw up, you try to make excuses about it.

    You come on to talk these days, but less and less people want to talk to you. Pretty soon people will start ignoring you, and you'll just give up, or an alpha or warden will get sick of you and ban you. I for one am still waiting that joyous day of a gorea free Convicted.
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    Quote from Gorea

    Please, don't talk highly of your self because you are currently Alpha. You are undeserving of your rank, you constantly abuse.
    If sda abused constantly, he would be demoted, and really, why do you care? I thought you quit...
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    Quote from mattscoots3940


    Current rank on the server: B

    Reason you were banned: Xray mod

    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Ender_slayer1

    Approximate time of ban: 7:15 Pm Eastern Standard Time.

    Why you deserve to be unbanned: I believe that I should be unbanned because I didn't
    use the Xray mod for bad things, I only used it to get money and diamonds which
    I gave mostly to my allies for protection. Also xray was the only mod that I had,
    and it wasnt a very good version (It was a very crappy custom client that I made
    myself). I also believe that I should be unbanned because I very rarely killed other
    players, and if I did kill them, it was because they attacked me first, stole my
    things, or if they had attacked one of my allies or a weak player that couldn't help
    themselves in a combat situation. I am not a bad person, I just made a stupid
    mistakewhen I created and installed that client. If you let me back into the server
    I will not use other mods in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my
    ban appeal.

    Any additional information: I uninstalled the modded client because it was creating
    lag when I tried to move.

    "I didn't use xray for bad things, only to get money and diamonds" That is exactly why X-Ray is not allowed on this server.
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    Quote from Pixel_ian

    1) Username: Pixel_ian
    2) Your age: 13
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) 3 days! Wow! I sure am expirienced!
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, yes I have.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Yep!
    6) What is your time zone? Pacific timezone.
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) I am the best choice for guard for many reasons. First of all, I am fair. I have noticed in the short time that I have played on this server that most guards aren't fair. I have been jailed multiple times for crimes I haven't committed. As a guard, I would change this. Maybe, one day, there could be an interrogation room before being sent to prison? Second of all, I am decent at pvp. Being decent at pvp is one of the most important part of being a guard. Being able to catch up to criminals and killing them isn't always the simplest task. That said, I know I can do it, because I followed one guard, ender_slayer1, around and watched him until he killed me because "his finger clicked the mouse", as he put it. Finally, I am online a lot. This is above and beyond my easily favorite server. Over the last short three days, I have spent well over eight hours on it, only taking breaks to eat, sleep, and when I am jailed or banned. (My friends tricked me into being banned, so yes, you could call me a noob.) Clearly,I am the best choice for being a guard.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? Totally.
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? Obviously, I am in rank three, seeing as I have only been playing for three days. Yes, I understand that I need a screenshot.

    First of all, is this am application or a guard report? Yes, I did kill you, but it is also true that It was an accident. You also backed away before I could heal you. And, you obviously know nothing about the guard rules, because If you have been watching any of the guards like you say, then you would see that they are all doing their job correctly. You only hate me, that's why you posted me accidentally hitting you. This is a rage app, and the only one I've ever seen. I would be amazed beyond comprehension to see this get accepted.
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