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    *Discord Username: Elijah the liger#5659
    *Minecraft IGN: Elijahtheliger
    *Age : Twenty Eight
    (If applicable) YouTube/Twitch Link: N/A (I have both but no content on either yet.)
    *What do you hope to bring to the community of Second Home SMP? A friendly personality, determination, and hopefully a handful of interesting ideas.
    *How long have you been playing Minecraft? Off and on pretty much since the game came out.
    *What's your time-zone and what country are you in? Central Standard Time (GMT-6) U.S.A.
    *What are you most skilful at in Minecraft? (Building, PVP, Redstone etc.) I'm a bit of a jack of all trades pretty decent at a little of everything but a mastery of none, tho I lean in the direction of building farms.
    How often do you think you could play? Daily 2-3 hours most days possibly more on days off of work.
    Anything else you'd like to let us know? The time of day I can play is pretty open for the most part, and I am interested in helping build a community or joining a community to game and build with.

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