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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 Cave Frequency
    Quote from ExpertMatt»
    TL;DR - Do you think there are more caves than before? Almost every cave I run into is sickeningly enormous!

    It seems to me that almost every time I attempt to build an underground mine network or structure, I run into a GIGANOURMOUS MONSTER cave network. I'm talking large enough to spend half an IRL day on, fuel the world's furnace demands with coal, and fill chests with iron BLOCKS just by spelunking alone

    Honestly this must largely depend on your seed, my worlds are NOT like this at all, lots of caves, but little snaky caves.

    That said, more world generation toggle options would be amazing;
    Colder world
    Warmer world
    Fewer/More caves
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    posted a message on Autofish Mod

    Works great BUT! Is there any way to get it to use more than just the first 4 inventory slots of fishing poles? I've done a little scripting myself mostly with Autohotkey in the past, and making a script use all 7 inventory slots, then open the inventory and swap them out for first the first row, later the 2nd, and finally the 3rd isn't that difficult. I'm just not sure how to script the whole, reeling in when the fish catch happens part.

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    posted a message on WHO KNOWS OF A SHRINK MOD
    Quote from juonmydog

    there is a giants mod but no skrinking one

    Why say something so dumb after at least 5 other people all pointed out the name of a player-shrinking mod?
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    posted a message on New minecraft server looking for staff!
    This server just seems like an attempt to make money exploiting donations. There is no way that this server is rented for 100$ per month, but that's the 'goal' that the server owner is asking for in donations. Checked out the website, and forums for the server, and aside from some of the players asking for stuff, none of which have hardly any time on the server, there's practically no information about it, aside from the ability to donate money to cody on paypal. What you supposedly get for your donations isn't even listed, which seems reasonable, considering you are donating to a server that isn't up and running.
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    posted a message on Community Creations - Mob-Powered Melon Farm
    Quote from colinjay9000

    I know, I'm fully aware. The only reason I said anything about it was because the MCforums made it seem like it was all Doc when it wasn't. Pi needed to be on there somewhere. I know what I'm talking about.

    By the way you addressed the matter of giving proper credit to whom Doc borrowed the idea from, that Doc had credited on his video, it's rather clear that your intention was to try to slander Doc, instead of simply pointing out to the person who wrote the article that they were not including the original concept designer. Doc did in fact DISCOVER this method, by browsing youtube and talking with others. There was nothing misleading in the article. He simply didn't come up with it himself, something he doesn't make any attempt to mislead about.

    But apparently, trashing people is more important than a helpful whisper to the article-writer so that they can mention the original concept developer, right?
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    Texture forced server packs is a terrible thing.

    Quote from Crafterguy3x3

    So will server resource packs be forced to all players on the server?

    Prettymuch. Apparently we shouldn't have the freedom to choose what we think looks best, or sounds best, if the server admin decides that he wants to run a particular pack. This is just silly. Server admins should have control over plugins, but the appearance and sound of our game.

    Quote from Jokie155

    So if I'm reading this correctly...

    Will servers be able to force their textures onto users? If the server-loaded resource pack is given priority, isn't that essentially saying that it will override client-loaded packs?

    I'm really not happy about the way that sounds, and I do hope I am severely misinterpreting this.

    Likewise. You have a favourite server, and the server admin decides that he has found his favourite texture pack ever, and he wants everyone to play on it, but you don't like it? Too bad, now you have to use it.

    Quote from redstonedust123

    Seems cool- ill never use it though

    On the contrary, this isn't an extra feature, this is a core part of the game. If you ever use a texture pack other than vanilla, or you go online, you are using it.

    Quote from Fanatictekken

    People must be really dumb to believe in this.
    Want your favorite textures? Ok.
    And also your favorite sounds?
    WELL, just drag the sounds from the pack to your favorite pack =
    Also, this is useless because I KNOW it will lag a much, and have bugs, doing my way prevents crashes and everything.
    Plain useless.

    It's just a selection method. It can't create lag because there won't be conflicts between textures and sounds. If they do put mods in there, I can see a lot of trouble, but for textures and sounds, you're fine, it won't lag you any more than your texture pack already did. In fact, there are ways you could even reduce your lag with this.

    Quote from x_clucky

    Neat, but i still prefer default :P

    Except if you play online, and the server admin runs a texture pack, you can't use default. you have to use theres.

    Quote from TheLoneWolfling

    I do hope that the server resource pack portion will be optional, like the existing server texture pack.

    Please help email dinnerbone and jeb or tweet them @Jeb_ and @Dinnerbone to help voice this concern. We shouldn't have it forced on us.

    Quote from KevinABC96

    i hope NOT. if a server want's you to play with a special resourcepack then you have to play with it,otherwise you shouldn't play on the server.
    btw if servers would have full control over their client's resoucepacks ,it wouldn't be that easy to use X-ray...

    Don't be ridiculous. Custom texture packs have been allowing people to cater the appearance of minecraft to exactly how they want it to look for years now, where that is super realism, cartoony, or somewhere in-between. If someone loves a server, they shouldn't be forced to stare at a texture pack they think is hideous or displeasing, just because 'the server admin think's their pack is the best'. Also, Xraying will still be easy to do with a modified client, and easy to block with one of numerous server plugins that hides ore that hasn't been exposed to light yet.

    Quote from ventie81

    You are right!

    If you join a server with a different RP from theirs, then builds could look ugly.
    They were made with a certain RP in mind you know.
    If i can play on your server for free, then by all means force me to use your RP.
    Seems sensible enough

    What do you mean by RP? I assume you mean theme, and not roleplay, because that wouldn't really make sense. Servers have means of keeping themselves paid for, like through donations, or advertisements on their server websites (I'm not sure if this is against any rules or not, but it happens.), so it's not like the Server owners are actually, in most cases, forking out any large portion of the cost of the server. As such, I have to completely disagree, it's Mojang's game, I purchased it from them. You are running a server with their permission, and paying for it through my help and other players help. Therefore, I should be able to not use your texture pack or sound pack if I don't like them.
    Quote from NanoMinerPL

    Cool I just got a free Minecraft gift code at -Omitted advertisement website-

    Quote from minecraftorro

    @NanoMinerPL, how? ....

    He didn't, he is advertising a website that will either trick you into doing tons of surveys, or install malware on your computer. I'd strongly recommend against following his link.
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    posted a message on Dread Land - scary name, friendly people!
    Whitelist Application
    Minecraft Name: Elektrohawk
    Age: 25
    Country: Canada
    Favorite in game activity: Building switch-controlled lighting systems with redstone and lamps. Compressed lighting/doors/sound systems, where possible. I enjoy making things like that work usually, more than I enjoy actually building the structure, or decorating it.
    How long have you played MC: Since early beta.
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    posted a message on The worst minecraft rip-offs EDIT: Read Description!
    Quote from waffleman009

    What are the worst minecraft rip offs you've seen. Maybe it's roblox or mineblocks or whatever.

    POST DEM RIPS-OFFS BELOWS!!!!! :) :) ;) :b

    Roblox came out 3 years before Minecraft came out. Therefore, it's not a ripoff.

    Quote from XxXloldudeXxX


    The crappiest ripoffs of Minecraft. Ever.

    Once again. Not a ripoff of minecraft. Roblox came out in 2006, Minecraft came out in 2009.

    Quote from Enosphorous

    ROBLOX did copy a lot of things from minecraft. . .

    They stole the inventory GUI, which is plainly visible. They stole the entire building style, similar to LEGO. They are under heavy use of undetected copyriht infringement, where players can create their own games, which are ripoffs of platformers. This isn't entirely the site's fault, but there visibly is a driving similarity between Minecraft and ROBLOX. The site had an update where they included a "terrain generator", which creates terrain nearly identical to Minecraft, except with wedges.

    This site basically took Minecraft and turned it into a social networking site, with a small element of building included, which is a ripoff of Minecraft.


    July 2006
    Roblox, Release date

    May 17, 2009
    Minecraft, Release date
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    posted a message on Transporting Villagers?
    Hasn't really been mentioned, but you can also place a path of dirt, or cobble or whatever else, just place it 2 blocks high, torso high, and make a long path to lead them. You dont have to place it at the first level of blocks, just the second, then pour water behind the villagers. It'll push them, and they will not be able to jump above the 2 high block, so they will be 'washed' down the channel. Just scoop the water, move forward, pour, scoop, repeat. With lots of dirt, and a diamond shovel, it's pretty quick if you dont have tons of rails available to you.
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    posted a message on Can't even move due to lag Tekkit Classic
    You'd want to discuss this in the mods discussion section of the forums, or on the tekkit forums, for a much better set of answers to your problem, however, if the problem is only occurring on the one world, it is likely that you have a major backlog of items, or commands piling up somewhere. Try moving quite far away from where you are. If the lag suddenly subsides, it's because of something like a broken pipe, with thousands of blocks laying near it or something like that. If the lag doesn't clear up, then unfortunately it's a little more complicated, and may be the result of a bad setting, a broken feature, or incompatibility.
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    posted a message on What's the Item You Have Most?
    On behalf of most of the people who play minecraft;

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    posted a message on What was the first seed you ever used?
    Far. Far too long ago to remember. Back when the bottom of the world was lava, and that was bad.
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    posted a message on What is a good cheap windows 8 computer for playing Minecraft ?
    Windows 8 is bad, Mkay.
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    posted a message on How would you feel if mods/texture packs/custom maps costed money?
    Quote from _LoneWolfe_

    That would be absolutely ridiculous, especially for the seed thing, but for maps, it is already up to the author to price it, although it is free 99% of the time anyway.

    Any minecraft maps are, and remain, the property of mojang. MODS made for minecraft, may be the intellectual property of the authors and coders due in part to coding, where it is not part of the minecraft code, but maps specifically, are in no way the property of the map creator. As such, if the author of the map tried to sell a map for money, it would be a gross violation of copyright laws, and effectively, opens the map owner up for prosecution by Mojang, laws that would be applicable in most countries in the world.
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    posted a message on New Uses For Obsidian
    Quote from Riolu

    No. Just...no. Mojang confirmed there won't be anymore armor and tool tiers.

    Mojang stated some time ago that there would not be further redstone additions. They also made many confirmations and commitments to additions. And yet, we don't have them. Isn't it funny how that works? Give it time, we will have additional tool or armor tiers.
    Quote from Riolu

    See, here's the thing...we don't need more tiers.

    Necessity is a funny thing in minecraft. We don't NEED gold tools or weapons for any purpose, yet we have them. We don't NEED more types of food, yet we have them. We don't NEED horses, yet we have them. That's the great thing about a game growing, developing further, increasing additional content. It's not about need, it's about want. And many people want more tiers, so ruling them out is just silly.
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