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    posted a message on "...Connection refused" error

    (Before anything, sorry for bad english)

    Hi guys, im having a problem while im trying to setting up a server. I did everything i need to, is not my first time doing this BUT it's my first time getting this error:

    " io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception connection refused no further information"

    I know my server is working because i entered my public IP on a server status chekcer and says is open, also my ports with a port checker aswell.

    I already tried to connect with another computer but i can only connect to my local ip.

    • Operating system Windows 10
    • Version of Java "1.8.0_271"
    • One machine or multiple computers 1 machine
    • Exact description of the problem Failed to connect to the server
    • Steps you have taken to solve the problem
    • - restart PC
    • - restart minecraft
    • - adding all the firewall rules to java and minecraft
    • - turning off windows defender
    • - using other servers (bukkit, spigot)
    • - changing ports (from 25565 to 25564)
    • - re-doing everything

    • Screenshots of the problem (if possible)

    Help will be REALLY apreciated, im getting crazy right now. Thanks!

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