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    posted a message on Skins changed 1.16? New template?

    Problem nearly solved. I was able to upload my skin via minecraft.net. My launcher does not seem to work. There also does not seem to be a maximum amount of how much skins you can save in the launcher. I tested that by deleting one and trying to add it back. Did not work for me.

    Am i the only one currently having problems with uploading skins from launcher?

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    posted a message on Skins changed 1.16? New template?

    Did Skins change with 1.16? I can not upload a skin to my launcher.

    I can only use the skins i uploaded in the past, when i selected them the message "skin converted" came up.

    If so, can someone provide a template of the actual skin, so we can see where the body parts have to be?

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    posted a message on Allow elytra half transparency

    I may be wrong about this but i'm done with my research!

    All elytra textures i downloaded, made myself & testet can not be half transparent.

    Instead they can be fully invisible, which makes no sence to me.

    And i'm used to edit textueres by now. I can make half transparent skin overlay as well as water textures ect.

    Why does it not work with elytra?

    If it's not possible then it needs to be changed!


    By halftransparent i mean translucent. I hope i don't confuse you with my bad english.

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    posted a message on Shields for Nether (golden ingot instead of iron)

    I'd like to have iron ores (maybe blackstone like?) instead, wich drop iron nuggets.

    That would also be a nice building block.

    I know someone is going to say that would be too easy, nether should be hard.

    Other than that i don't see why iron should not be available (as ore) in the nether. The ore could be rare or it could have low drops.

    Plus the ore would be one more reson to explore.

    I don't think mojang will give us another shield reciepe.

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    posted a message on A mod that removes enchantment glint

    There are also a texture packs that make armor invisible. I put a lot of time in my own skins so i am very happy i found such a pack as well as i found this thread. Becouse i also made a custum elytra texture wich looks like oakleave wings. It goes perfect with my oak skinns. ^^

    That is the only armor visible to me when i play but it doesn't look nice when enchanted.

    @zion142 thanks a lot man! Your post upgraded my visual gaming expirience!


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    posted a message on Haven't been to the nether yet, playing modded 1.15.2, and debating what to do?

    I've tried some modded minecraft of version 1.12.2 while i was waiting for 1.16

    And i had a lot of fun with this. My favorit mods for 1.12.2 are chococraft and the midnight.

    Fire and ice: dragons is cool too but i suck at this mod. I just keep dying :D

    But now (1.16) we have the possibility to generate worlds with multiple custom dimensions.

    I thought i would start playing through as soon as optifine gets finnished.

    Guess what? The preview version of optifine 1,16 is out but i'm still experimenting with the world generation.

    I'm so lost with this! There are so much possibilitys now!

    I want as many cool dimensions as possible but i'm not good at this stuff.

    So i keep experimenting untill i know: That's it! That is the perfect multiverse i want to conquer!

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    posted a message on What is the Badlion Client?

    It is a hacked client. No, they are not illegal. Just follow the rules of the servers you enter. There are barely any servers that allow you to use such a client.

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    posted a message on What is the Best Key for Sneaking

    I haven't done other key settings then switching the dropp key (Q) to DEL.

    If you play Minecraft for hours (or are completly new to the game) you can easy get a cramp.

    I'm struggling with the control key for sprinting when i play too long.

    A good way around is to simply put your fingers on the keyboard in a position which is comfortable. Then use those keys.

    I came up with this method while i was playing games with an emulator. I have different keyprofiles for each game i play with the same emulator.

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    posted a message on A mod that removes enchantment glint
    Quote from user_100217741»

    Tested it for a 1.14 world and it works, looks awesome too, but unfortunately didn't work for 1.15 or 1.6. :(

    I've downloaded the texture pack and altered the version number in the pack.mcmeta file from 4 to 5. It works with 1.15 and 1.16 if you do so yourself. I can not say if it works with the new netherite armor ect since i didn't test those.

    I won't upload it anywhere since it's not my creation.

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    posted a message on How to add dimensions 1.16.1 (experimental)

    Here i am again. I present to you my vanilla made multiverse-world. The lobby is a very uggly ship, floating in the air! To enter the extra dimensions open a trapped-chest down under the ship deck. The endportal isn't finished. I thought you might want to do that yourself. I've placed a commandblock on the shipdeck so you can enter creative mode to experiment more freely. (is freely even accurate?)

    This is an example of what you can do with 1.16.1 world generations. You can test this world & play it with your friends. Please don't claim to be the one who made it. I would appriciate some examples of your own if you can somehow generate something realy strange or if you find another cool mechanism to enter other dimensions. If so, please upload your worldgen_settings_export.json file, your world or maybe - just a screenshot.

    Please don't enter one of the End gateways wich spawn after the dragon is defeted.

    I can't say what might happen if you do so.

    I have set the Worldspawn at the ship deck so you should return there after you finished the game.

    Also there is an end city like farmworld where you can get elytra and shulkers before you kill the dragon.

    So there is no need to enter one of the end gateways.

    Since this is my very own private project some signs are in german language.

    There are just 6 signs so i don't care to translate 'em. Try the chests out.

    The commandblocks are under the ship. The redstone impuls comes from using the trapped chests.

    Here is the Download-Link:


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    posted a message on Remove xp orb visibility

    There are plugins wich stacks the exp orbs to bigger ones reducing laggs. same with mobstacker. They are entity based. I don't have a link right now.

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    posted a message on How to add dimensions 1.16.1 (experimental)

    This thread is not a tutorial, since i don't have enough experience with this stuff right now.

    But it's about adding dimensions & world generation.

    Let's share some knowledge about this stuff. I need some help too.

    I managed to create a little multiverse by adding some basic worlds to a void world.

    This void world can be customize to a lobby wich connects to the other dimensions using command_blocks.

    I made this without mods. I just used notepad++ to alter the worldgen_settings_export.json file.

    You just need to download this worldgen_settings_export.json file and import it while you create a new world.

    I share this file with you so you can look for youself how i added dimensions & generated floating_Islands/caveworld with all biomes.

    The command to enter another dimension is: /execute in minecraft:worldname run tp yourname 0 100 0

    (you have to optimize this command yourself. It's just an example)

    Right now i have finised following dimensions:

    -the void (or lobby, wich must have the name overworld to be the first world generated)

    -farmworld (a basic overworld)

    -the_nether (standart nether)

    -the_end (enderdragon end)

    -floating islands (all biomes)

    -caveworld (all biomes)


    I'm trying very hard to generate a superflat world with all biomes. Many ppl have asked for this all around the www for the past few years.

    I don't know if it's possible in 1.16.1.

    If it's possible you could create vanilla skyblock maps with all biomes by altering void world generation.

    Please respond to this thread when you find out how to do that or anything else that might be usefull about this topic.

    Here is the link:


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    posted a message on What's your history?
    Do you want to share your history of playing minecraft?

    Here is mine:

    Once i completed learning the mincraft survival basics i spend a lot of time on a german citybuild server.

    I stayed there for over 1 year, researching redstone, gathering the most powerfull equipment & i had a lot of fun.

    I was even a co-governor for a few months. I build a large subway with a friend, wich connects a lot of buildings.

    I dug the tunnels, he came up with a good redstone solution for the railway station.

    (The server has some bad plugins wich destroyed my version.

    I wanted the minecarts to drop by cactus but theyr damage was disabled)

    I also build 2 giant dragonstatues. the first took me 1 day! I'm not a good builder and i followed a very bad yt tutorial.

    The second dragon i finished jusing litemetica. (chematic mod)

    I am realy proud of what i've build in that city.

    Then i grew tired of CityBuild.

    I never wanted to spend half my live farming for 30(+) million ingame dollars to buy a city for my self.

    (Actually you have to bet on an auction)

    I have everything i need. I became a millionare and don't have any goal left there.

    1.15.2 came out, i got a bee as a pet but that could not hook me back into cb.

    Sometimes i join the server, visiting some ppl i know and offer some events for new players.

    When 1.16 is finally out (+ optifine), i may upgrade to netherite and say hello again.

    I think i lost fun becouse im a bad builder. What is the point of buying plots you don't need?

    A few hours ago i saw some funny & intristing videos on yt about the so called "anarchy" servers.

    I bet you know who i am talking about... :)

    So i researched the internet about one without a queue.

    The spawn was realy messed up, as i expected.

    I ran into a guy who gave me some food & helped me escape from the griefed area.

    He also warned me that many players on that server use hacked clients.

    After that he wanted to show me a highway but i told him i'm ready to explore on my own.

    So we seperated & now im playing as a nomad. Visiting old structures with many signs of former visitors.

    Always the fear of beeing killed by someone or something.

    3k blocks away from spawn i build a starters base. I left everything behind i don't need anymore.

    Hope it will help some ppl to continue theyr jurney before it gets griefed.

    About 5k from spawn i found a messive city! No one was there and it's still in good shape.

    But it has been griefed. There was nothing i could use, so i put down a sign with my name & the date of my visit.

    6k from spawn i finally found animals! (The spawn is technically messed up. I was told that no animals appear in old chunks)

    I managed to tame a dog and i'm wandering throughout the world until i feel save enough to build a bigger base to

    upgrade my equipment.

    That's how i became a nomad!

    And now im gonna eat my breakfast.

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    posted a message on Bring back sword blocking and super seeecret settings

    Newer versions make some ranged mobs such as skeletons easier to handle, although I would still avoid using knockback or punch on any ranged mob except maybe Blazes in a blaze spawning arena.

    Shields are useful less so for protection than for the time it takes to heal, and I don't usually enchant my armour until late game since I'd rather not mine diamonds without fortune III to build an enchantment table (kind of a contradiction, but trading and fishing exist).

    If you have tried to fight a Drowned with a trident without armour or a shield you will see what I mean. You need a shield for them even if you have great armour because a single trident takes off 9 points on normal to an unarmoured player plus a lot of knockback. That's pretty OP compared to say, endermen, or witches. Keeping in mind these Drowned attack even faster than skeletons. I suggested a while back that Drowned should have to swim after tridents they throw instead of having an infinite supply, but nobody even replied.

    The drowned comes with a 6,25 % chance holding a trident. I think that is fair enough.

    Imagine Sekeltons had only 1 arrow wich they had to pick up everytime they miss.

    That would be ambarassing. Every newbie would toy with them.

    Besides the drowned can't realy swim so you had all the time in the world to slay it.

    It would be more fun if drowned holding fishing rods would try to lure you in. ^^

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    posted a message on Villagers won't change trades (not professions)
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Since it's multiplayer some other player probably traded with them!

    They only have one profession and one set of trades, not one per player.

    So breed more.

    (If there only is one you'll have to cure a zombie villager.)

    I don't know how the server you are playing on is set up.

    I know minecraft since version 1.13.2.

    From there upwards you can breed villagers. The mechanics change a bit from one version to another.

    Basically say need beds and food (like bread.)

    If they can not pick up food the gamerule mobgriefing is deactivated.

    Please check out the gamepedia of minecraft for more details about villagers.

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