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    That was impressive. how much time did it take you to complete?

    I like the whole gardens. I havent seen a whole lot that took it that far.
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    Hello world.

    This is my very first post so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Edward Ciambra, I'm 21 years of age, and I am a minecraft Addict. I don't get to play as much as I would like to because of less important stuff such as my education and friends and stuff, but If i could id live in it. I found out about minecraft and played it in its alpha stage but left it for weekends out and first time going away to college. Now Im a Senior Computer Science major trying to get back into the swing.

    So without further ado, this is my first creation in creative mode. I plan on making a whole town/city/bunch of buildings here and im going to try and stick to a realistic, present day theme. I dont think I have to explain what it is in the picture but for the ill informed sheltered folk, Its a lighthouse setup. I've already started working on a building next to it (a resturant) and will be updating this forum with each update of the town. Not just for you miners but for the adults as well (see what i did there?).

    idr the first texture pack but the one I'm currently using is:

    Misa's realistic pack. 64bit
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    thats really sweet.
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    So I downloaded this program and am loving the idea of it.
    Only thing is i cant figure out how to use it.
    I think everything is working fine.(the 3-d and the preloaded things can be created)

    I am not able to place the different texture boxes that i want in specific places (if thats even how its done)
    anyone able to help me out here?

    EDIT: Ok so this program is deff not working. I cant draw the textures like i said before, and i do not know how to fix this. someone...anyone please help.
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