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    briefly told you how to make that work:
    1) summon armor stand (more armor stand = more anvils in tick)
    2) execute players around, spreadplayer the armorstand in certain distance relatively to player coord.
    3) summon falling block which lock the type of block as anvil. (or be easier, execute armor stand postition then setblock.)

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    posted a message on [1.14+] The Building Game - Diversity

    hello people of the world :P

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    posted a message on 1.12 No Command Blocks UHC

    hehe hello.
    First at foremost, I am malaysian who can speak chinese as well.
    It's ok that I understand your English <3

    if that's ok, could I test your project then uploaded to bilibili or youtube?

    Edit: the download files didn't work at all~

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    "although this map isn't completed and maybe over-powered, but still feel free to share some bugs to me!"

    Hi guys!

    this is my first map which was aimed for multiplayer: Destroy the Beacon.

    This map is created by some ideas of map terrain by lot's of CTP or CTF maps, but I have to normalise them just like survival. But I just don't have any confidence to mark it "done", since I guessed that there will be a lot of bugs if the other players played it, especially when you guys in multiplayer mode.

    (cuz I can't find my friends and open the server, duh TT)

    Alright, no time for stories, time to describe my map!

    First at the most, it will be played in adventure mode in lobby, but when you're in game your gamemode will automatic switch into survival mode.

    Let me separate them into few parts.

    Your own land:

    first, you have 32*32*16 land for you to gathering resources. basically the enchanting room is ready to use, and there's the experience fountain for you to gather. (Also some basic resources...) Oh, I almost forgot your most important person: Traders!


    there's only one trader in your base, it includes everything you need. You can exchange your mineral which can be mined in the underground cavern (no monsters so don't worry :D) the traders trades you lapis lazuii and few more items for helping you to blow up opponent's beacon.

    Underground Cavern (WIP)

    basically the basic settlement was done. it includes some basic mineral:

    Note: the mineral calculations are based on the whole game area.

    Coal: 4

    Gold: 4

    Iron: 6

    Diamond: 4

    Lapis Lazuii: trade them in trader's shop.

    Redstone Block: 1 (unless you want to make tnt cannon.... or traps.)

    * the minerals can respawn based on their time :D *

    Spider Web: X value ( i forgot to count it out.)

    But the problem is, some of the area will light up without any reason.....

    Middle land:

    I don't know how to make " change other's gamemodes in specific area but when players go out from that area their gamemode turned back" type, so please, don't edit anything in middle land. (but placing lava is appropriated.)

    the middle land only unlocks when the sand wall falls down.

    Sand wall:

    in the lobby, there's the settings about the time limit before the sand wall falls down. When the time strucks, the sand wall will fall down after 5 seconds.

    Warning: while the sand wall falls down, it will be massive lag, so don't move anywhere until the lag disappears.

    Your goals:

    destroy the beacon using legal way (rules will be in the lobby, after punching the "rules" sign.)

    What you must do after load in the map?

    Go to rules section to read all the rules in the book, and settings the very basic settings. After that, you can either join the teams or punch the randomization room.

    *but the randomization room doesn't set up the team balance,the team numbers won't be fair in result, press the command block to get alternate command.*

    So.... I guess my description was done, didn't I?

    In a nutshell, please help me test it out is that running and balancing well in everything. If you think something was overpowered or bugs/glitches, fell free to inform me. thanks!

    Here's the link:Click me! (I don't know how to use the [world] thing.)

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    posted a message on .: burning Sand :.
    .: burning Sand :.
    "a map that uses unique tech to create"
    "don't fall down from sand!"

    1) this map basically made for Pat and Jen, but I am welcome other players to play!

    2) introduction:

    you (or with your friends) are inside a sandbox. read all the rules first before flip the lever. After you flip the lever the game start, find your safe spot that you wish don't fall into lava.

    3) last one fall into lava wins!

    4) Falling sand crisis

    5) please give comment, love and share! thanks you!

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