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i love playing minecraft indev, infdev, alpha and beta. those are my favorite minecraft versions. as a 14 year old born on feburary 2nd, 2007 i missed out as my first experience with minecraft was in early 2012, when i was only 5 with minecraft pocket edition. i didn't touch minecraft java edition until i was 6 in march 2013.

my favorite minecraft versions are indev 20100223, infdev 20100618, alpha v1.0.1, alpha v1.0.4, alpha v1.0.8, alpha v1.1.1, beta 1.3, beta 1.6.6, beta 1.7.3 and pocket edition v0.7.0.

i disgaree with the statement "minecraft good fortnite bad". anyone who uses it is a toxic neckbeard redditor in my opinion. :P


31 minutos, minecraft, roblox, gaming, technology old and new, old tv logos, making videos.

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