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    posted a message on Fire2944's Server [NEED OPS]
    ok now
    Minecraft Username: dreadlord1988
    Age: 12
    Why you would like to be op: cuzz i like being op i like to help with building stuff and i am really experienced
    Have you ever been op?: yes on many servers here are all of them:Lenslow123, millerman97, ikercraft, official big freebuild, anal craft,suckerfu11,!!Beths_random_server!!,sides freebuild,americansandbox,escortsbigfreebuild,
    MPserver,freebuild no griefers,bluezombie1,jeremy freebuild zombie games,hogwarts,superbuild,superbuild(need ops),spongecraft freebuild,sams freebuild,karvs freebuild.and have my own beta server and op on 3 beta servers mine and 2 of my friends :biggrin.gif:
    Have you ever been banned?If so, why?: yes once i have annoyed this op ivanbebe16 on server named the canadian sandbox but i have a friend there that unbaned me soo im not baned there anymore oh waitt i am ip baned on one server got there and told them that im hacking but i was not xD i needed some fun :tongue.gif:

    Anyway thats all i wanted to be co-owner or owner cuzz i am owner on 2 servers: american sandbox and lenslow123

    soo i have experience :tongue.gif:
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