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    This is a really nice and unique mod! Good luck on your development! (Btw, the icons are cute :P)

    These are some of my suggestions (Sorry if they've been suggested already!)



    Abilities: Night Vision, Squeaks When Near Caves/Ravines

    Food: Apples (I think, because bats eat fruits. Correct me if I'm wrong)


    Abilities: Right click to open up a trading GUI

    Food: Cooked Meat (Villagers don't eat emeralds, they trade emeralds; besides, meat makes them seem human)


    Abilities: Fire Charge (Right-Click), Ability to fly slowly in a horizontal direction but quickly vertically (does not stack with Cloud, if both are in your hotbar than you fly fast vertically (because of Blaze) and fast horizontally (because of Cloud) aka different niches

    Food: Fire Charge (Or blaze powder, but that's cannibalism technically :( )


    Abilities: Makes squeaky noises whenever near a Monster Egg block, and silverfishes freed from these blocks assist you (they attack hostiles)

    Food: Stone/Cobblestone


    Abilities: Jump Boost, Slightly Reduced Fall Damage

    Food: (What do you think?) Diamonds Carrots


    Abilities: Bow Drawback Time Decreased/Arrow Drop Decreased (Would be nice if it worked with TConstruct bows), Gives you Bone Meal

    Food: What do Skeletons eat? Do they even have to eat? I would just say raw meat.


    Abilities: Gives you Rotten Flesh, Damage Reduction

    Food: Raw Meat


    Abilities: Throws out a random potion (Right-Click)

    Food: Dusts (Glowstone, Redstone, Gunpowder)


    Abilities: Wolves will not be angered by you, auto-tame wolves

    Food: Meat

    Ender Dragon (Requires Dragon Egg, of Course; should be Legendary Tier)

    Abilities: Dominance (Hostile mobs will not attack you until you attack them), Flame Breath (bunch of fire particles that set mobs on fire)

    Food: End Stone


    Redstone Block

    Abilities: When right clicking on any blocks or redstone, that block or redstone emits 15 power

    Food: Redstone


    Abilities: Creates a suction (nearby items are drawn to the player) aka Magnet

    Food: Iron Nuggets


    Abilities: Shoots out a rocket inro rhe sky (pretty fireworks!)

    Food: Gunpowder


    Abilities: Right clicking hydrates nearby farmland and applies bone meal in a 3 x 3 area

    Food: Bone Meal

    Cross-Mod Integration

    Arcane Worktable (Thaumcraft 4)

    Abilities: Opens up the arcane worktable interface

    Food: Greatwood Planks

    Solar Panel (Thermal Expansion)

    A cute little solar panel!

    Abilities: Creates RF and stores it internally (must be extracted using a enervation dynamo)

    Food: Nether Quartz

    Grindstone (AE2)

    Abilities: Grinds the item to the right of this pet upon right click

    Food: Flint

    Mana Creator (Botania)

    A cute little pet that creates mana!

    Abilities: Passively creates mana from the environment at an extremely slow rate and dumps it into Mana Tablets

    Food: Mystical Petals

    Mana Shielder (Botania)

    Abilities: Creates a shield that acts as additional hearts

    Food: Mana (From Mana Tablets)

    Sheepman (Primitive Mobs)

    Abilities: Opens up a Sheepman Trading GUI (similar to a Villager)

    Food: Nettherack

    Festive Creeper (Primitive Mobs)

    Abilities: Throws Primed TNT

    Food: Gunpowder

    Oreberry (Tinker's Construct)

    Abilities: Give you insert name of the type of oreberry oreberries!

    Food: Cobblestone

    Cute Node (Thaumcraft 4)

    Abilities: Passively generates Vis inside compatible devices (wands)

    Food: Thamium Nuggets

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