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    Yes, definitely a GUI, that would be much easier for everyone. Could be JSON, sure, doesn't really matter, it's just a text file with some data. It would require a re-start of the game for the new Pet take affect, probably. We'll look into it more deeply.

    I'm glad to hear this, and it would be great if you guys could make it happen!

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    Question to our faithful forum friends:

    One of the long outstanding features yet to be implemented is Custom Pets. The basic idea here is that you will be able to choose abilities (via the config) for a Custom Pet, and then use one of four sample textures (which you can modify) to make your own completely Custom Inventory Pet. You'll even be able to name it.

    Each Custom Pet would be limited to 3 abilities, and you would choose from a list of say, 20 abilities (mostly existing, but some new), in total.

    The question: Is this something that you would be excited about, or is it just an ok idea?

    To make it easy, give a Like if you like it and feel free to add comments/suggestions below. This won't go into this weekend's release. Just doing a bit of planning for the future and see if people are interested.


    For the abilities, I would suggesting being able to choose potion effects that you receive upon holding a pet (similar to how Chicken gives you potion effect Speed IV); it could be customized by doing "<potion id>,<magnitude>." This would allow you to use potion effects from other mods too.

    I'll be assuming that pet creation will be done doing json files (that's how the majority of custom items are created in other mods) but if possible, if possible, it would be nice to have an in game creator that auto-creates the pet for you (in other words, a GUI) where you can choose effects from a drop-down box and be able to change the texture in game (there was a mod that allowed you to make custom blocks in game, MinePainter, I think?). That way, it would be more user friendly.

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    Quote from FireDragon798»

    when are u gonna upload the mod ?

    Ok following up on this. Looks like whatever modpack you are using ran out of global entityIDs (mostly because of OreSpawn, but there are a few other culprits in there). At any rate, we've changed our paltry three entities to use mod-contextual IDs (instead of global), so there will be no conflicts. We've checked it against OreSpawn and JurassicCraft and it works fine. Update out soon.

    Please do not continually bug the mod author, and place some thought into your posts. One rule of this forum is:

      Do not ask, demand or pressure creators to update content, this includes asking if/when there will be an update, and applies well for downgrades

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    Hmmm... never thought the Spider Pet was particularly overpowered. Well, we've chosen a few Pets to reduce their abilities via the config if you so choose: (Cloud, Creeper, Squid). Feel free to provide a few suggestions for nerfing other 'multi-power' pets in the config and we'll try add them in. Single power pets can simply be disabled (as already mentioned).

    I didn't state that it was overpowered, but rather overloaded. It had a lots of perks; because it gave you string, it could be a replacement for the wool generation of the sheep pet; the ability to scale walls is a huge privilege, as it can subsitute for flight in many cases (most of the time, flight is used to gain altitude, obviously). The one thing I think should be addressed on the Spider Pet is the removal of the high jump, as I believe that it is quite redundant and overlaps with the climbing ability.

    I am not commenting on what the Banana Pet might do. But it will be loved, I can guarantee that. So mysterious!

    The Mystery of the Ever Regenerating Banana... O.o

    es! A fan of the original CreepTech (there are so few). Thank you for asking.... CreepTech 2 is coming along, though we are all on crunch mode for IP this week. It'll be primarily a Tech Mod. Lots of crazy new armor, weapons, and technology. New power sources (e.g. GeoThermal), new machines, and connectors. Large weapons and defense systems. And we'll finally see the Creeper Science communities (where the Creeper Scientists come up with all of their crazy stuff). Textures and game mechanics are done, but we're still a few months out. And compatibilities with all the majors and NEI. May end up launching on 1.8 at this point. It's going to be pretty sweet :). No pets will be added to the mod itself... but we will have an AddOn of pets just for CreepTech. I'm sure Jerry, Barry, Larry, and Harry will make an appearance. Now those guys were the original lifesavers and the original inspiration for Inventory Pets.

    Here's a little secret: The original Inventory Pet slimes in CreepTech were a complete mistake and a total misunderstanding. The texture artist was JOKING AROUND and with a goofy animated texture for a bouncing slime and asked the lead dev to put it in the mod (AS A JOKE). The lead dev completely did not understand that it was a joke and tried to build in a serious game mechanic with bonus health in exchange for food to make it balanced. Not kidding. Then the slime turned out to be so fun we just left them in. And then one day (last December), we realized we could do all sorts of other crazy things with them and Inventory Pets was born.

    I'm glad to know that CreepTech is still being worked on, and hasn't been abandoned! It was one of my favorite mods back when I first started playing modded Minecraft. I loved the multi-step ore-processing, which was more realistic and felt more rewarding than the current popular ore-processing mods (cough mix sand and a ore and get two ingots). I'm assuming that this will stay the same in CreepTech 2, maybe with multi-block structures? (That might tread on Mekanism's territory though). I also liked the concept of the Quantum Invasion, so I'll be guessing that it'll be returning, with more things to discover in it?

    I'm also glad to know that Inventory Pets will be getting its own addon to integrate into the new CreepTech. It's generating so much hype for me >.> But isn't Quantum Crystal Monster already in game?

    PS: There will be better textures, right? Because I believe that the main reason why people didn't like CreepTech was because of its textures. Remember, don't judge a book by its cover!

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    Hype, Hype, Hype for the new update! I'm so glad I found this mod :D

    I really like this mod but i had to remove it due to it being a bit overpowered in my modpack. Maybe it is possible to add in the config a way to disable certain pet abilities like clouds lightening, brewing stand infinite potion making, infinite minion spawning or ghast fireballs? I like the passive effects from the pets but some of the effects i could seriously do without. Please consider adding this feature in. Thanks :)

    I second this, some pets *cough cough spider* are pretty overloaded with abilities, and it would allow us, as the users, to balance our modpacks with Inventory Pets as we see fit.

    Eatable pets? Bananarang like in terraria? Just plain looking awesome?

    Why would you do such a thing? :c That aside, I don't really think that there is a point for eatable pets, seeing that every time you eat that pet it will also consume something as their food, making it so that you are actually consuming the pet's food (food-ception?). Besides, I believe that the pig pet currently fills in that role.

    PS: How's the work on CreepTech 2? Or did you switch all of your attention towards Inventory Pets? In that case, can you add a variant of the existing pets as a slime pet, similar to the Slime Inventory Pets from CreepTech? (Jerry, Barry, etc.)

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    1. Does this create berry bushes for every single ore detected in Minecraft, or does it create it only for ingot-based ores? Cause I can see it getting overpowered with diamond berry bushes.

    2. You stated that it would be "compatible with any mod that registers their ores properly in the OreDictionary," so does it dynamically generate textures for these bushes?

    3. Is it possible for us, as the users, to create custom berry bushes, such as Thaumium Berry Bushes?

    4. Will there be a config to disable certain oreberries?

    5. Does this support retrogen?

    Sorry for asking so much questions!

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    Delete Modular Force Field Systems, as it is erroring during launch. Alternatively, see if anyone else has the issue, and try to upgrade to the latest version.

    PS: Next time, read your crashlog before asking for help; most of the time it plainly states the problem.

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    Thanks TechMage66!

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    I'm fascinated with the idea of modding in Minecraft, and I want to be part of the modding community in Minecraft. The problem is, I don't have much experience in code (does the Lua in ComputerCraft count? Cause that's my only experience in coding, but even then I can't do large scale quarries). So is there a free online site/program that can at least teach me the basics of Java? (Preferably relating to Minecraft and able to learn at my own pace). The only site I found so far is codeacademy.com. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think that it might be something to do with "Instant Massive Structures," because a lot of errors are showing up for it; it might be incompatible with your resource pack.

    Your minecraft, I think, has a lot of corrupt mods; try updating them all, because a lot of textures are missing. Some of these include

    Minecraft (?)

    Extra Utilities

    Little Blocks

    Some Trap Mod

    Carpenter's Blocks

    And more. Since they all involve missing textures, I'm betting that it's your resource pack.

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    I'm surprised no one has made this mod yet, but I would like someone to create a mod that would allow you to place redstone on the sloped side of a stair (not the back/flat side, but the actual slope part). It would transmit a redstone signal from the block on the lower end behind it to the block on the higher end (see pictures). It would still be able to transmit a redstone signal even if there is a block on top of it. (If possible, I would like it to be compatible with all types of stairs). I'm no good at programming nor making textures, but I'm pretty sure that this should be easy for an experienced modder, and you can simply use the normal redstone texture. Thanks in advance!

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    So far, I really like your mod! It is, indeed (in my opinion), superior to most of the other backpack mods out there! As such, I have some suggestions for new types of backpacks.

    Death Backpack: Similar to Death Chest, once you die with this backpack in your inventory, it will attempt to cram every item it can into its inventory and place itself on the ground. Can be crafted by surrounding a normal backpack with (bones? soul sand?). Is not compatible with quantum backpacks, nor can it be placed in a quantum chest.

    Soulbound Backpack: A soulbound backpack is interacted the exact same way as a normal backpack, but upon dying with this in your inventory, it automatically travels with you back to your spawn; ie. you keep the backpack. However, it is unstable while travelling with you towards your spawn, so you lose (1% for every 75 chunks distance between your death and your spawn; each stack is worth 64 items, so if you die 150 chunks away from your spawn, you lost a minimum on one item from the stack; if you have two stacks of items, you lose a minimum of two items) of the items in the backpack. When teleporting across dimensions (like, if you die in the Nether) the amount of items lost are affected by a multiplier of two. Can be crafted with a death backpack and four enderpearls, one on each side of it. NOT compatible with quantum backpacks.

    Advanced Soulbound Backpack: Similar to a soulbound backpack, but does not suffer from item loss (both from distance or cross-dimensions); cannot be used in quantum chests. Is crafted using a soulbound backpack, four gold ingots in the corner, and ender eyes on the sides.

    And yes, I know that the soulbound/death backpacks are overlapping with quantum chests; then again, I would like to see more mechanics added.

    Other backpacks include:

    Backpack of Growth: Slowly repairs viable items that are inside of it; can be crafted using a backpack with an anvil on top, with vines filling up the rest of the space.

    Redstone Backpack: When this backpack is placed down, it emits a redstone signal of 15; in addition, the backpack becomes easier to break (one punch will do). Craft one backpack with one block of redstone.

    Backpack of Extension: I have noticed that for every backpack mod/ extra inventory space mod I've seen, items and blocks that go into them are placed in stasis. When I say stasis, I mean that they no longer act as if they are in an inventory; instead, they are rendered inactive. An example of this is arrows. If you have a bow and you place all of your arrows into a backpack, you can no longer shoot arrows. With the backpack of extension, you can, as well as other things (such as TiC tools auto-repairing, Terrafirmacraft foods decaying, TC4 tools with Repair repairing, etc.) I'm not sure if this is possible, but it would be great if you could do it (or make all backpacks render?)

    Tank Backpack: This is basically a normal backpack with the addition of a tank. In order to interact with the tank, there are two slots; one for output, and one for input. Example of inputs and outputs are buckets. Any liquids can be placed inside but will (not) render on the tank. The tanks in tank backpacks can be interacted when placed down.

    The purpose of this if because in some hardcore mods with no infinite water and thirst, you need a portable source of water. In this case, back at base, you can fill your tank backpack up with water, and while travelling, place a cup in the output slot and BAM! A cup of water!

    However, the tank backpack should not be able to carry hot fluids. In Vanillia, this limits it to simply water. There can be an upgrade for it to carry hot fluids, however. A tank backpack can be crafted by placing iron ingots on the top and bottom of a backpack and glass everywhere else.

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    Is it possible to create a config to disable certain parts of this mod? At the moment, the only reason I use this mod is for the power generation, the machines, and everything but the armor and the weapons, as well as some of the ores. Is it possible to make a config to disable these? I don't want to use Minetweaker or any of the other mods out there, because I don't trust them.

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    Is it possible to create a "selection" display for the furnace pet? Something similar or the same as the way Tinker Construct works its Longbow/Arrow relationship. In Tinker Construct, if you hold a Longbow, corresponding arrows in your toolbar are highlighted. This shows that the Longbow will shoot that arrow. You can switch between arrow types through shift-right click. Is it possible to integrate something like this into the furnace pet, where the item to be cooked is highlighted while you are holding the furnace pet, and you can switch between items to cook (must be in your hotbar) while doing shift-right click while holding the pet?

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    Quote from ArloTheEpic»

    Bat- A cool idea, but a bit overpowered, and the cave thing would be pretty hard to do, if only because it would have trouble differentiating with your mine and a cave....

    Villiger- maybe should eat emerald nuggets. For something like trade guis, being fed for something as cheap as meat is a bit overpowered, and anyway, we all know that villigers are the embodyment of emerald-greed...

    Blaze- Please no .3.

    Silverfish: Instead of something with squeaking noises that could get annoying, maybe it just summons friendly silverfish in the place of nearby silverfish blocks? Or even better, makes all silverfish not kill you, and converts nearby cobblestone, stone brick, stone, mossy stone brick, and cracked stone bricks into their silverfish varients?

    Rabbit- Wait for a 1.8 release for that one :\

    Skeleton- Raw meat? Too cheap to come across, and many other things would make more sense... I'm personally thinking arrows, but it would only grow hungrier when you shot your bow, so like, every 6th shot or so would be an extra arrow... Or maybe make it a bit more underpowered, but make it not have to eat at all?

    Zombie- Nah.

    Witch- Shouldn't it just give you random potion effects?
    Enderdragon- This, even as a legendary pet, would still be O.P... The best way i see to balance it, is to make it not eat endstone- or anything else. It just dies after a while .3.

    Redstone block: I like this one! It's a bit similar to something I was planning on putting in a mod...

    Hopper: All cool.
    Rocket: Why? Vannilla rockets already do this!
    Planter: Not actually a vannila block, but cool anyways .3.

    Also, another pet suggestion of my own as a utility/special/legendary pet: Golden apple pet!

    Crafted with gold nuggets on the sides, and a gold block on the top center, with the gold ingot and diamond in the other two slots that everything has.
    Eats: Gold ingots

    Ability: Will occasionally give you a random item from the list of: What your other pets eat.

    No, it won't ever give you its own food item, gold ingots, because that would be amazingly overpowered.

    Looks like:

    Just a normal golden apple with the sheep/cow face on it :D

    And also:


    -Eats endstone.

    -Makes explosions heal you! (except explosions from other pets. Because no.)

    Bat: That's one of the points to keep it from being overpowered; a cave can be defined as a series of empty spaces; after, bats aren't all that intelligent, and probably can't differentiate between a cave and a mine (both are homes)

    Villager: That's stealing... but sure, why not?

    Blaze: Why not? Ghasts are more destructive (unless you're talking about the flying part)

    Skeleton: The no eating thingy might be better, cuz the skeleton doesn't have a stomach to begin with... o.O

    Silverfish: Pretty nice idea!

    Rabbit: You don't have to wait for 1.8 release! Not all the mob pets that he made has a vanilla counterpart (eg. Special/Legendary pets)

    Zombie: I agree that the idea is pretty bad. I made it up in like 2 minutes >.> what abilities can a zombie have?

    Witch: Either or.

    Enderdragon: I think that its perfectly balanced, seeing that you need to kill the enderdragon in order to get it; but the food cost can be upped, to balance it out (eating obsidian, anybody? Nether stars for breakfast?)

    PS: You want a kill a kawaii little baby dragon? Not happening on my watch! (Well if this gets into the mod I'll never craft the dragon... Q.Q #NoAnimalAbuse

    Rockets: Spam rockets all day, every day! With the added cost of only one gunpowder! (Compared to the paper and other stuff used to make rockets

    Golden Apple Pet: This seems a little too expensive (one gold ingot for something of less worth?) But it just might be how I view it.



    Magma Cube seems a little too op, despite it only eating nether quartz (netherquartz is plentiful).

    Snow Golem: CANNIBALISM

    Pig: Is it like, cutting pieces off of itself to give you porkchops? #NoAnimalCruelty

    The difference between a Chest Pet and a DoubleChest Pet is a gold nugget or a iron nugget. There's not much incentive to get the Chest Pet. I would suggest making the different more (maybe DoubleChest is a Chest in the middle surrounded by golden nuggets? Think of it as an upgrade)

    Black Hole: (Haven't tested this) How about instead of slowing all entities, slow the actions of all entities in a certain area that are NOT players? This makes it serverside compatible and not overpowered (can only be used against PVE.)

    Cloud: Nether Quartz consumption needs to be upped while flying. Flight is a commodity, and you need lots of resource to power it.

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