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[Bukkit] DragonCraftSMP [Survival Games] [Spleef] [iConomy]

DragonCraftSMP is a 24/7, no-whitlist server that is primarily Survival/iConomy. We have a group of friendly admins and mods. if you are mature, responsible and respectful you can earn V.I.P status. there is currently no paid option on DragonCraftSMP, but we are working on making one, the whole public gets the chance for the V.I.P status at the moment. VIP will still be available to the public in future but you really need to earn it. When you are a V.I.P/Donater you get the ability to teleport (/tpa) and have 3 free warps. if you are not V.I.P you can buy warps with in-game money ($10000). Just ask an admin either way and they will give the warp to you.

If You're struggling to raise enough money then you can invite friends, when you invite a friend the invite-er gets $1000 and the invite-ee gets $500, there are also shops at spawn where you can sell items!

A little fun we have on the server is the hidden items, they are 4 legendary pieces of armour and a legendary sword, names Draci Hlava (Helmet), Draci Hrud (Chest), Draci Chvost (Leggings), Draci Noha (Boots) and Draci Necht (Sword), these items are diamond with every enchantment. If you find them you can count yourself a true adventurer (hints at spawn).

We have The Survival Games plugin and a 6 arenas. we are always building more arenas and if you are a good builder feel free to build your own arena and get us to make it a public, playable arena. Our Arenas 1-5 is the Official SurvivalGames 1-5 Maps.

On DragonCraft we have a friendly community and a few towns. if you would like a place to build you can ask the owner of a town, their IGN's are at /warp rules, or you can go and build your own city. if we deem it good enough we can give you a warp and maybe even V.I.P status.

Please don't ask for creative mode because we are asked often and we don't like saying no to our loyal players. If you want Mod or Admin then don't bug the current Admins and Mods, build an amazing town, be nice and respectful, do some nice things for other people, but don't bug it is non-helpful and will just make admins dislike you.

The server is owned and hosted by me (IGN: HeliusDragon).
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We also have a website with our forums where you can inquire, make suggestions, donate for VIP and appeal a ban, the address for that is:

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