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    posted a message on Fire2944's Server [NEED OPS]
    minecraft name:dragonight5563
    why: because i got kicked off of my friends server because my brother framed me of stealing so he could take over my awesome house
    have i been op: yes, many times on all kinds of servers because i build outrageously awesome structures and i help newbies to build
    have i been banned: no, never besides the one i got framed for

    i used to run a server myself so i know everything there is to know but my computer crashed and i couldnt do it anymore and it costs money for someone to run it so being op on servers is the next best thing.
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    posted a message on Brand new skyblock survival server
    Minecraft Username: dragonight5563
    Age: just turned 13
    Why do you want to join: i really want to join because i have played the skyblocks survival in single player but i can not find a multiplayer and it has gotten kinda boring on single player so can you please whitelist me?
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