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    The Next Up and Coming CUSTOM Server.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread first off, we appreciate your interest. Let me give you some insight into our growing and improving server. I will start off by saying that we are FAIRLY NEW Going on Two Months Old, We have used no outside source of advertising other than voting until now. Our Discord Server https://discord.gg/KGPgrSk Has a total number of 175 Members with Zero effort. We are reaching out here in hopes there are some ambitious players that would like a crack at helping a server grow from NEARLY the ground up. We have done a lot of the hard start up work, we just need a bit more speed to keep this ball rolling. We have Invested a tremendous amount of money in hopes this server will stay alive and keep our dreams afloat. (Paid for Premium Plugins, only the best of the best, Payed for Custom plugins, Server Premium Systems, Security, and much more) Our goal is to at the VERY minimum just keep the server active, fun enjoyable and entertaining. If we make any profits it goes right back in to the server! We are not in this for the profits!

    We are invested in our community! They are beyond Generous, caring, kind, thoughtful people both young and old. We strive for openness, thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, and integrity within our community and it isn't very hard to obtain as our community is AMAZING! We urge you to join either as a Player or as a Staff Member.

    If you have any questions, concerns, critiques, or opinions you would like to share with us PLEASE DO! We are open to hear and evaluate everything!
    Owner - Discord - UNIRACKS#4530
    Staff Manager - Discord - ShapeRain#2939


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