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    well then sign me up




    my intentions on the server: To meet new people and have fun playing modded minecraft with them. I also if im allowed on have plans to make some pretty awesome with with the projectred stuff.

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    Quick question, Does your mod pack include projectred and all of its parts?

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    posted a message on Odyne Economy Server- Redstoners, Builders, Mods, Admins Needed!


    1. Age: 24

    2. Time Zone: Pacific

    3. IGN: drag498

    4. Rate your redstoning skills 1/10: 7/10

    5. Explain your strong points (or Screenshots of you machinery): My strongest point in redstoning would have to be making a fully automated minecart station, as well as a recent project of my\ine, a fully customizable maze. (currently just a small prototype atm though)

    6. How active can/will you be?: I can be active about 2-3 hours a day.

    Pictures below are the wiring for my customizable maze prototype.

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    posted a message on In need of Builders and Beta Testers // MMO/RPG Server

    IGN: drag498[/b]

    Age: 24[/b]

    Previous Creations: Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures of things I've built over the years, so if needed I can come and provide some examples.[/b]

    Additional Info: To be honest I am better at redstone wiring than I am at building in general. But I do learn fast, and actually I'm already getting great ideas of utilizing my redstone knowledge in creating some awesome dungeons people could quest through.[/b]

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    posted a message on [Blank Network] Currently seeking Talented Plugin developers, Builders, and Friendly Staff! All welcome to apply
    Administrator App
    • IGN: drag498
    • First Name: Brandon
    • Age: 23
    • TimeZone: PST
    • Skype: drag498
    • List any prior Experience you've had: Co-owner of 545craft, Head admin of ChoiceRealms
    • Tell us a little about yourself: Im a very kind, very friendly person. When it comes to staffing position I can be quite strict but I do believe in giving people a second chance should they deserve it. I've been playing minecraft for some time now (since about 1.3, 1.4 beta) I am a very fast learner and am quite good at adapting to various situation. Any situation no matter how volatile I am able to keep calm and level mind and deal with any kind of situation swiftly and justly, and when I set my mind on a task I follow it to the end.
    • Being a community that strives to be unique, tell us a unique skill you possess: I am quite knowledgeable in a variety of plugins such as PEX, essentials, world edit, group manager, etc. Any any plugin I'm not familiar with I make sure to study up so I can help out where ever.
    • How long will you be able to dedicate to our network? at least 3 to 4 hours a day.
    • Anything else you want to share that might increase your chances of acceptance? On my time in 545craft I actually started out as a regular ordinary member but after getting promoted to the job of moderator I went up and beyond the call of my job and quickly moved up the ranks and soon eventually was granted co-ownership of the server. Also I'm not sure if this will help my chances of getting accepted but I am quite adept at redstone wiring.
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    posted a message on Behemoth Network | Absolutely Revolutionary | Power for the People | Looking to Recruit
    Name: Brandon
    In-Game Name: drag498
    Skype: drag498
    Email: (would prefer to keep this private will give via pm or over skype if requested)
    Which Division are you applying for?: Staff
    Do you take honors classes?: no
    Why do you want to join this network?: I would like to join this network for a number of reasons. One being that I am interested in these other gaming modes you guys are working on and think they would be kind of fun to play. From what I can tell you have some pretty amazing people behind this network and I would really love to be a part of that and help out by being a staff member
    Can you do what is expected of you?: What you can expect from me is that I will be very diligent and any task given or taken up by myself with be done until the very end. I am the kind of person that if someone were to ask for my help in game I would drop what ever personal project I am working on at the time to go help them. I am a very fairy and kind person and although I can be quite strict I do believe in giving someone a second chance. I am a fast learner as well so anything I don't know wont take very long for me to get figured out and memorized.
    Are you able to try and commit to this long-time?: Yes I am able to try and commit to this for a long time, honestly staffing is what I love to do.
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    posted a message on have a extra server that i own looking for someone to run it
    age - 23

    time zone - pacific

    maturity level - 9

    how long can you be on a day - 2-3 hours a day

    Skype (is needed) - drag498

    have you ever owned your own server before if so how long how many donations and how many regular players - About 3 years ago I was co-owner of a server known as 545craft, Before it sadly died we had about 15-20 people on at any given time during the day.

    have you ever been staff on a sever before if so how long and how many regular players - Head admin of a server named choicerealms about 1 and a half years ago, only about 5-10 people on average for that server sadly before it also died

    the type of server you want factions sky block kitpvp costume etc - I kind of want a server with a mix of things like have multiple worlds for people who want to do survival, or sky block, etc

    why should I pick you out of everybody - Truthfully I've been really wanting to revive my old server 545craft (in which shortly after its demise the owner passed on all rights to the name to me) I still keep it touch with some of the old staff members and they share the same sentiments of wanting to see our community back up and running. Sadly I just don't have the fund to bring it back by my self which is why I am apply to your thread here in hopes that i get your support.

    5 strengths

    -great leader


    -calm and collected under pressure

    -able to resolve any situation peacefully

    -very kind and easy to get along with

    5 weaknesses

    -horrible builder (i really suck at the aesthetic stuff)

    -can at times easily forget things (not too often but happens often enough to be considered a weakness >.<)

    -honestly cant think of anything else at this time

    5 interesting facts about you

    -was in JROTC in high school

    -I actually started out as a ordinary member in the 545craft server but quickly rose through the ranks

    -while a part of the choicerealms server i also assist with managing plugins as well as writing permissions for the various ranks

    -despite my crappy building skills i am pretty amazing with working with redstone

    -I am a very fast learner

    can you code your own plugins - sadly have no knowledge in coding

    are you good with cofigureating plugins world edit group manager essentials etc. - Yes I am quite skilled in configuring many bukkit pluggins

    do you have any people that can help you with this - Yes as stated above i still have contacts with my old staff members from the 545craft server and i have so far one confirmed for sure would love to help me out.
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    posted a message on Looking to Start a Small FTB Monster Server, Anyone Interested?
    I am interested and would love to join in, I am pretty skilled with redstone wiring and can help anyone with anything redstone related if needed. I am also very familiar with this mod pack, though Im not familiar with all the mods in the pack, im still know a considerable amount of the mods on the pack since Ive used them quite often (like half the mods in the pack are some of my favorite mods so i know them quite well, and seeing as theirs a long list of mods in this pack im sure you dont want me to listing all the ones im good with xP) anyways when it comes to certain players specializing with certain mods and etc. I prefer the more tech heavy mods like buildcraft, industrialcraft, Applied energistics, etc. so those mods are the ones I always start out with if I have them in a mod pack.

    feel free to ask if you need to know anything else.
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    posted a message on Looking for server Owners/ Co Owners & Staff ! NEW SERVER!
    • Name: Brandon
    • Age: 22
    • Skype:drag498
    • Location: US
    • Time playing minecraft: uh idk since beta 1.5?
    • Position applying for: Co-Owner
    • Skills &amp; Qualifications: I have a lot of experience dealing with the technical side of running a sever, with dealing with FTP access and managing various plugins.
    • I also have experience in many plugins such as bpermisson, pex, lwc, multiverse, hawkeye, core protect (and many others)
    • I have great leadership in terms of dealing with other staff members and making sure that they are handling their jobs a help out were ever it is needed should they not know how to handle a certain situation.
    • When it comes to conflicts I will always take up a neutral standpoint and get the story from both sides before I decide what is to be done to resolve the situation.
    • Short Bio: I do have quite a bit of experience at being co-owner on an old server known as 545craft (which has sadly died out a while ago) But the funny thing is on the 545craft server while it was still active I actually started out as a normal ordinary member, and after getting promoted to moderator, I quickly moved up in ranks for I went up and beyond the call of the job and eventually earned the trust of the owner. Before I became co-owner though I was a HeadAdmin and was pretty much at that point fulfilling the role of a co-owner as the owner had trusted me enough with FTP access of the server and I was doing some much to help out and improve the server. A while after it died I moved on and became HeadAdmin of a server known as Choicerealms, though its not technically dead it pretty much is as their is sadly little to no activity on it. Anyways Choicerealms is were I really got more in depth in managing plugins, as well as use pex/bpermission to write up ranks along with their permissions.
    • Honestly what I missed the most was being Co-owner of 545craft and just the respect I got from the community. I really enjoy staffing a server and helping to make sure everything is in tip top shape, and when it comes to griefers/hackers I would spend literally hours on end searching through chat and command logs to verify and also to ultimately track down and punish those who thought it would be a good idea to grief/hack on a server that I protected.
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    posted a message on Looking for 1 - 3 mates for a private Blood n Bones game
    Quote from JLDAGH

    Anyone else interested?

    sounds interesting to me ill join.
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    posted a message on NexusCraft Minigames- Staff Needed!
    Quote from minecraftdj3000

    Thanks for accepting me as a JrMod, could I get the server ip?
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    posted a message on NexusCraft Minigames- Staff Needed!
    Mod application

    1. IGN: drag498
    2. What country/timezone do you live in: USA, PST
    3. How many hours per day can you be online: 3+ hours
    4. What staffing experience do you have: I have been co-owner of a server known as 545craft, that has sadly died out, and headamin/plugin manager of another server called ChoiceRealms.
    5.What do you have to offer to our server: What I have to offer is my dedication to a job, that when ever I set out to do something I follow through giving 100% to what ever it might be. For example back when I was still on 545craft (before I became co-owner and was still and admin) When ever I found potential evidence of a hacker/griefer, or just someone breaking the rules in general, I would search for hours until I was 100% sure that disciplinary action should be taken against the suspected party. Also my timely responses to those who ask for my help. For example again while I was still active on the 545craft server anytime I was working on a project of my own and someone require assistance of a staff member I would drop what ever I was doing and see to who ever asked for help.
    6. Why would you like to be staff on our server: I'd like to be staff on your server because, well I kinda missed staffing a server and helping keeping things in tip top shape, making sure that others are following the rules. I also miss the respect I got from my community for keeping the server clean from hackers and griefers and those who just seek to annoy others and generally ruin the fun of this game for others.
    7. Maturity on a rate of 1-10: 9
    8. Do you have Skype: (yes/no) yes
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