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    posted a message on did android copy apple? or did apple copy android?"Post to be removed!*
    Quote from Wervenyt

    Have you ever used a high-end Android device, such as a Galaxy S II?

    You also have to take the fact that Android has to work for a wide range of devices, whereas iOS is completely controlled by Apple, allowing for more optimization, into account.

    Yep, I have a galixy S. :tongue.gif:
    Quote from Reduced_Oxygen

    Not a big fan of the whole aero look, but i hate compiz, buggy lump of crap

    indeed :Diamond:

    i agree entirely. :Diamond:

    bro, iOS doesn't even have flash. you cannot claim superior speed without proof, if you don't provide some solid evidence the iOS is faster all we have to go on is the fact that the top end android phones have

    A ) greater processing power
    B ) More Memory (RAM)
    C ) better GPUs
    D) the ability to over clock

    Specs don't lie, any these specs say iOS loses

    This i have to agree on,But Who cares about flash? "Me :tongue.gif:". Any way, Your right, What IOS doesn't have that android has,Well, Is flash.

    IOS without and con and newgrounds= :Zombie:
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    posted a message on Wwhats a troll
    Quote from ss33094

    No one cares about anything you have to say.

    This is an example of a troll.
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    posted a message on Will Obama win re-election?
    Quote from Rutherford

    I would go for stupid.

    Seeing as, it was the Bush administration that caused the lead up to the issues prelevant today. The large wealth gap, poor health system, the debt, the unmonitored market. Now Obama is trying to clean it all up but everyone has shifted the blame on him.

    COUGH! Obama fanboys COUGH
    Quote from Wolf_359

    Trolling, sarcastic, or incredibly stupid?

    You dont understand,Obama has ruined our country.

    Hope he doesent win reelection,Hes a fag.
    Quote from MrQuizzles

    Well, it's been a while since I last posted in this thread, but the conclusion remains: The Republican field is so bad that Obama will win almost by default.

    Obama ruined our coutry bro,He has no ****ing chance!.And bush,Not so different from obama.
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    posted a message on Another Very Unconstitutional Bill
    **** america,**** the world. This cant be happening,Lets not panic,The more we panic,will just make matters worse.unless america gets its gears together **** america.
    [Sorry for repost]
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    posted a message on THE WORLD WONT END IN 2012
    Quote from icyjerkynerd

    after a while i thought 2012 was fake. now heres something to get my chills back. they said in 2029 april something there will be an astroid :ohmy.gif:. do u think that crap is real?

    Dude only god know the end of the world. And if the world did end,It would be a good thing for us christians.

    You have nothing to worry about bro.
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    posted a message on Battlefield Or MW3?
    Quote from ss33094

    Minecraft beats MW3, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim.

    ...well maybe not skyrim.

    You got a point there bro.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Square - Survival PVP Server [No Whitelist]
    pp19dd is racist,banned me for no reason,banned my friend legitzz,the only good people there are the mods,milk man is a chicken'he is the reason why pp banned me' and pp19dd banned my friend legitzz for his minecraft skin,seems pp hates knights,.so yeah pp is racist,please valk tell pp19dd to unban me.And srry i dont mean to bump
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    posted a message on dragons and other mobs im new here so dont make me feel bad
    ok im going to talk to markus about the dragons that there putting in the game there going to be very powerfull in survival aka alpha how to kill them is to use tnt or a dimond sword im going to talk to markus about putting guns in the game sorry for my spelling the zombies aka giants are going to be killed by fire dragons drop scales to make armor and other utensels we might be puting obsidian pick axes they will last forever mine craft is an awesome game and people who havent bought the game must buy it any way dragons are not going to drop scales all the time so dont expect to
    have all the scales when you kill a dragon scales will drop giants will drop behemoth fethers or emu fethers so plz aomment on this or post a reply to this forum creepers are too anoying so plz make them not destroy your house if its made out of stone but make obsidian eysier to break but when you hear a :SSSS: back out of that location now
    but if you hear a :Zombie: just have your sword ready notch you rock out loud i want the texture packs for macs now so plz make a pc look like crap to a mac because MACS RULE!!!!!!!! any way mine craft has some issues with people destroying things in peoples servers like hard work oh and craft club is almost here only till thanks giveing craft club is about you makeing crafts on my or the server im renting for advice every 9 months so join craft club i love you notch you rock out loud yur my favorite guy i 11 years old so give me a cristmas present like dragons in mine craft or guns in the game happy holidays say hello to me too plz im not forceing you i hope markus sees this look at these icons :SSSS: :Zombie: :Spider: :Skeleton: :Spider: :Notch: :Pig: :Sheep: :Sheep: :iapprove: i rule i make the most facinateing crafts that u will see i want to get a textur pack on my macintosh but it leads me to crapy ones and torrents are illigal so i dont want to get aressted can bed rock be breakable :opblock:
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