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    Hey! It's me again. Today I want to release my side project which is called the '3D Logs Models Pack'.

    It was only about an hour of work, but it still took me a lot of effort.

    NOTE: Because of the way Minecraft renders transparent objects, blocks under the logs will bug out (but luckily only a bit)!


    My Laptop crashed right afterwards, all that was left was this image and the pack :(

    Download Link:

    That's all from me today! Hope you enjoy the pack!

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    So, one day I saw UncleJam's video about his compilation of packs he uses the most. He said that he wanted the textures to fit the 'Vanilla' style. In my opinion, I think packs that are non-intrusive to the vanilla gameplay are better because sometimes applying packs that overhauls all the textures makes the game 'feel like another game', which I don't particularly like. I really like the default textures!

    The video inspired me to create/compile this pack. But the sad news is, although many textures are made by me (original textures), some textures in the pack were made by other very talented artists, which means I cannot release the pack without the permissions of the makers. I am reaching out to them now! Also, I made two mini add-ons for this pack. The CNC Border pack, and the custom paintings pack. B)

    Packs that I 'ripped off' from:

    Main Pack:

    -Uncle Jam Custom Edits - Uncle_Jam
    -Uncle Jam Blinking Demo - Uncle_Jam
    -BdoubleO100's Resource Pack - BdoubleO100
    -Blocksmith Hybrid - Blocksmithed
    -Dramatic Skies - thebaum64
    -Item Bound - sixfootblue
    -Vaders Alternate Blocks Pack - Vaderman24
    -Naturalized - JeffyJeff
    -Seasonspack - creatorLabs
    -Block Designer Pack - Codecrafted
    -Vanilla Tweaks - Xisumavoid
    -Wallpaper - Jragon
    -Vaders Stacked Items Pack - Vaderman24
    -Enhanced Vanilla - epiclids
    -Alternate Slabs - three_two
    -Hesmiyu 3D Doors - Hesmiyu
    -GoodTimesWithScar Texture Pack - GoodTimesWithScar
    -Naturus - Maximux12
    -Biome Blocks - Aquadude425


    -Raigis Border Pack - Raigis

    Additional Screenshots:

    REMEMBER: These were shot only with the pack (and Optifine), no shaders were used! :lol:

    So, how do you think about this pack? Any feedback, either good or bad is highly appreciated!

    Peace! :D

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    The Ultimate Guide To Making Resource Packs (1.10-1.12)
    Everything about how you could make a resource pack that could change your gameplay (maybe)

    This guide will help you:

    1. Get better at texturing

    2. Learn More about how resource packs work

    Guides for older versions of Minecraft created by Steelfeathers and markacashion helped me a lot through my texturing journey, so you might consider reading them. Links can be found below.

    This guide includes many things about resource packs, from animations and block textures, to how you can make custom block models.

    Stay tuned to learn everything about them!

    P.S. :

    -If you noticed any incorrect information, please post it in the comment section, so I can change it.

    -Some sections are incomplete, missing or not started at this point in time. If you would like to contribute to that specific part of the guide, feel free to do so! Post it in the comments, and if it is detailed enough for others to understand, I will add it.

    -If you see this:


    Make sure you pay attention to the text following it because it could be somewhat important.

    Any feedback is appreciated!

    Without further we do, let's get started!

    ==Contents of the guide==
    1.Introduction to Resource Packs
    -1.1 FAQ about Resource Packs
    -1.2 Getting the default textures


    -Inroduction to Resource Packs-

    So, you discovered that there is a thing called 'Resource Packs' which exists in the game, Minecraft, Huh? Well, you must be very confused about what a resource pack is. Well, a resource pack is a .zip file that includes special images that Minecraft could use to change almost all aspects in the game - block textures, water animations, even languages as well! It can also change/add/remove sounds, add custom models into the game, and much more things you didn't know that it could!

    The possibilities that comes with resource packs are endless! Enjoy your time in the world of endless possibilities!


    -FAQ about Resource Packs-
    -What can you do with a resource pack exactly?

    Quote From markacashion
    The possible things you can do in resource packs can be a lot of stuff. The stuff you can do in resource packs with MCPatcher, Optifine, and Shaders become also endless, if not infinite.


    Next Update: Probably Monday
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