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    posted a message on [1.8.9] The Amnesia Mod [V 1.2.1]

    I've got some things planned for a future update. For now though, enjoy version 1.2.1!

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    posted a message on Custom Stories for The Amnesia Mod


    This is a list of Custom Stories for The Amnesia Mod.

    Please make sure the follow the Installation guide if a map has one.


    Demo Map by FLUFFY2

    For version: 1.7.10-1.1.1
    A demo map so that map makers can see how the various mechanics works in the 1.1.1 version.
    On later Amnesia Mod versions this may differ.


    Forgotten Future Ch.1 by FLUFFY2

    For version: 1.8.9-1.2.1
    You just got home from your late night work, and you went straight to the bed.
    Thats the last thing you remember...


    If you would like to submit your custom story, upload it in the comments, or PM me!
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    posted a message on [1.8.9] The Amnesia Mod [V 1.2.1]
    The Amnesia Mod
    Original Credit to Fluffy2. Thanks for the source code!

    About this mod.
    Have you ever played the game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent?
    Have you ever tried to make a custom story for it?
    Have you ever realized how HARD it is?
    This mod fixes ALL of that.
    With this mod, you can create lockable doors.
    You can create atmospheric sewers, towns, castles, ANYTHING!
    You can carry lanterns with you, so you can light your way in the dark!
    You can mount NEW light sources where you see fit!
    You can EVEN spawn terrifying monsters that will give chase when spotted!
    So... wanna know more?

    There are 4 separate parts of the Amnesia mod. I'll go over them here.


    This mod adds a set of new doors.

    Each door is amnesia themed, and each door is Lockable.

    Level Doors:

    Yay! More doors! These doors are radically different from the ones before!

    Each door will teleport you to a specified spot when you click on it. These doors are also lockable, and feature a cool loading animation.

    An Unbound Level Door will say "Won't budge" if you try to open it.

    These doors cannot be crafted, therefore they are creative only items.


    This item can be used to lock & unlock doors. Each key can only be bound to 1 door at a time. You will have to get a new key for each door.

    If you have two keys named the same, they can both be used to unlock the same door.

    You have to be in creative mode to bind a key to a door.

    To reset a key, shift+click with it.

    Keys cannot be crafted, therefore they are creative only items.

    Level Door Binder:

    This item is used to bind Level Doors to their set teleport spot.

    To use this item, Click on an Unbound Level Door, then click on the block you want it to teleport the player to.

    If you did it correctly, you will get the message "Door binded!"

    To reset a Level Door, replace it.

    This is a creative only item.


    Just a normal block. It's good for decorating your dungeons, or using them as ceiling chains. [to hang stuff from]

    Shadow Flesh:

    a decorative block that can only be destroyed with acid.
    Once acid has been used on it, all nearby Shadow Flesh blocks will also be destroyed. Like a chain reaction. :P


    A bucket of green acid which is used to destroy Shadow Flesh. It cannot be crafted yet.

    Understanding the binding GUI:

    Key name: This is how the doors and keys are bound together. If there are two keys named the same thing, then they will both work on the same door. No, you can't cheat using anvils.

    Consume on unlock: If you are in survival while this is set to true, then when you unlock a door the key will be deleted. Just like in Amnesia! This doesn't happen in creative mode.

    Bind button: Once you've entered the name and set the options you want, click this button to finish. The key will now look as if it has been enchanted.

    Copy current key to door: This is a fast way to bind one key to multiple doors without having to enter the same name again. You can still use the consume function, but you will only be able to open one door.



    A basic item used to make useful items.

    You can collect Fat by killing animals.

    Bottled Fat:

    Bottled Fat is the first step to getting Lantern Oil.

    Lantern Oil:

    Lantern Oil is fuel for Lanterns. You can fill up Lanterns and Oil Barrels with this.


    This is a basic item used to light Candles, Candle Holders, Torches, Chandeliers, and Roof Lanterns.

    You can place these on the ground, as well as pick them up. You can have up to two Tinderboxes on one block.

    Torch Cloth:

    You can use this to craft Lit/Unlit Torches.

    Lit/Unlit Torches:

    These torches can be lit or unlit. If you are in survival mode, you will need a Tinderbox to light one.

    They will never burn out, and are preferred over using Vanilla Torches.

    If you break a Lit Torch, you can use it to light Unlit Torches, as to not waste Tinderboxes.

    To put out a lit torch, just click on it.

    Vanilla Torch:

    The default torches now have a burn-out period. They will only last you 2 hours.
    If you break a Vanilla Torch, you will only get a stick.
    This can be changed in the Configuration Settings.

    Lit/Unlit Candle:
    A cool new light source. It emits a faint glow.

    You must have a Tinderbox to light it.

    To put it out, click on it.

    Lit/Unlit Chandelier:

    A cool new light source. It emits a big glow.

    You must have a Tinderbox to light it.

    To put it out, click on it.

    Candle Holder:
    The most basic portable light source.
    It emits a faint glow, just enough to stumble in the darkness.
    You must have a Tinderbox to light it.
    To light/put it out, press F while it is in your hand.
    You can also place it down, and click on it to light it.

    Shift+click to pick it up.

    Lit/Unlit Roof Lantern:
    A cool new light source. It emits a medium glow.
    You must have a Tinderbox to light it.

    To put it out, click on it.


    A Barrel that stores Lantern Oil.

    If you click on one while your hand is empty, it will tell you how much oil is in the Barrel.

    To fill it, click on it while you have Lantern Oil in your hand.

    If you click on it while you're holding a Lantern, it will fill up the Lantern. [depending on how much Oil is in the Barrel.]

    To transfer Oil from your Lantern directly to the Barrel, Shift+click on the Barrel.

    If you break a Barrel, it will still contain the same amount of oil that was in it.


    A portable light source. It gives a decent glow.

    It requires Lantern Oil to work.

    If your Lantern has Oil in it, press F to turn it on. [must either be in your hand, or in your 9th hotbar slot.]

    You can place it on the ground, or hang it.

    Click on it while it's on the ground to turn it on.

    Shift+click to pick it up.

    Bullseye Lantern:

    A Lantern that lights a short distance in which you are looking.

    It requires Lantern Oil to work.

    If your Bullseye Lantern has Oil in it, press F to turn it on. [must be in your hand.]

    You can place it on the ground, or hang it.

    Click on it while it's on the ground to turn it on.

    Shift+click to pick it up.

    A portable light source that gives a big glow for a far distance.

    It requires Batteries to work.

    If your Flashlight has Batteries in it, press F to turn it on. [must be in your hand.]

    Shift+click to take Batteries out of it.


    This portable light source is the combination of an Iron Helmet, and a Flashlight.

    It gives you protection, while also lighting up dark areas.

    When you are wearing it, and it has batteries in it, press F to turn it on.

    Shift+click to take batteries out of it.


    An item that stores electricity for the Flashlight and Minerhelmet.

    To charge a battery, place Redstone Blocks next to it in a Crafting Table.

    Light bulb:

    A part needed for crafting the Flashlight.

    Lantern Fueling:

    Fueling a Lantern can be done three ways.

    The first way is to put Lantern Oil/Battery next to a Lantern/Flashlight in a Crafting Table.

    The second way is to place the Lantern down and click on it with Lantern Oil in your hand.

    The third way is to click on a Barrel that has Oil in it.


    As of now, the three monsters from Amnesia: TDD are in this mod. Suitor will be added in the future.

    Each monster [besides the Kaernk] has a ghost variant.

    These monsters will also very rarely spawn naturally in the world. Mainly dark underground locations.

    Grunt & Brute:

    The main two enemies you encounter in Amnesia: TDD.

    They will move randomly, just like any other mob/npc in Minecraft.

    If they are near you, you will begin to hear atmospheric music. This is to alert you that they are nearby.

    If a monster happens to spawn near you, you will hear a loud roar coming from where it spawned.

    When a monster sees you, the "Terror Meter" begins playing, the chase music will start, and the monster will begin chasing you.

    A monster will only begin chasing if it sees you for at least 5 seconds. Even if it does not see you for 5 seconds, keep running. It will run to the last location that it saw you, and lurk in that area.

    Both monsters run very fast, and will follow your path. Hide somewhere if one is chasing you.

    These monsters ARE killable.


    This monster is also sometimes called the Water Lurker.

    It is invisible, and can only be found in water. If it is spawned outside of water, then it will instantly die.

    It can only attack you if you are also in water.

    It is possible to distract this Lurker by throwing raw food or rotten flesh in the water where it resides. The Kaernk will then go to the food, and start eating it. You have 10 seconds to do what you need to do.

    Throw your food into the water BEFORE you go in. If you go in first, the Lurker will chase you instead.

    This monster is killable.

    Monster Spawner:

    This is a block that you can use to spawn the Servants, and also set various options for them.

    You can use spawn eggs instead, but this is a more advanced way to spawn them.

    Use Redstone to signal the spawner.


    If you are in the dark, you will hear crackling noises. This means you are losing sanity.

    If a monster is chasing you, your sanity will decrease faster than being in the dark. Looking at a monster will give the same effect.

    As your sanity lowers, you will also get bad effects. The first thing that will happen is that you will start to hear noises. Then you will lose focus, and lastly, go insane.

    To restore your sanity, stand in lit areas, or drink a Sanity Potion.

    Sanity Potion:

    This is an item that you can use to restore 50% of your sanity.

    You can place it on the ground using Shift+click, and you can pick it up by clicking on it.


    This is an item you can use to restore some of your hearts.

    You can place it on the ground using Shift+click, and you can pick it up by clicking on it.


    This mod introduces one new block to the game. This block plays any custom sound you want for your maps.

    In order to use custom music, you have to put the sound you want in this folder: .minecraft/saves/YOURWORLD/AmnesiaMusic

    This folder is only created in your client world. NOT server worlds.

    From here, you can place any .ogg format files here, and that sound will be usable in the Musicbox!

    Simply apply a Redstone signal to play the Musicbox.

    Configuration System

    The global config files are placed in .minecraft/config

    The Global configs are loaded by default, but you can disable those, and use world-specific config files.

    These config files are placed in .minecraft/saves/YOURWORLD/AmnesiaConfigs

    To enable world-specific configs, go to your world's folder, AmnesiaConfigs, then open the desired config file. Set default config to true, and that's it! This makes maps even more customizable!

    You can set various things and values in the config files, such as: Light Values, Burn Times, Sanity, and more!


    Normal Amnesia Doors

    Cool Level Doors!

    shadow flesh, and roof lantern

    lit/unlit torch, and chain

    various things

    Servant Grunt


    Custom Stories

    Here is a thread to post custom stories you make using these mods!


    Use the recommended Forge version for the best results,

    To install, simply place the mod you want into the mods folder.

    The mods don't require each other to work.


    Amnesia Decorations: 1.8.9(1.2.1) 1.8(1.2.0) 1.7.10(1.1.1)

    Amnesia Lights: 1.8.9(1.2.1) 1.8(1.2.0) 1.7.10(1.1.1)

    Amnesia Monsters: 1.8.9(1.2.1) 1.8(1.2.0) 1.7.10(1.1.1)

    Amnesia Musicbox: 1.8.9(1.2.1) 1.8(1.2.0) 1.7.10(1.1.1)



    • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.9
    • Improved monster AI
    • Redesigned the Musicbox system
    • Made items/blocks adventure mode friendly
    • Fixed buggy terror vison
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Huge general cleanup
    • Removed Alexander


    • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.0
    • Updated all models to .json format
    • Added Sanity bar
    • Added Shadow Flesh
    • Added Acid
    • Added Monster Spawner
    • Added Laudanum
    • Added Candle
    • New monster path system
    • New Bar door model
    • New tooltip GUIs
    • New text display system
    • New FOV system
    • Updated config system
    • Updated monster chase/path finding
    • Updated Musicbox system
    • Updated Adventure mod behaviour
    • Updated advanced darkness system
    • Fixed Key consume bug
    • Fixed Level Door Binder bug
    • Lit lanterns can be fueled now
    • Major code cleanup
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Removed Alexander


    • Initial release

    Terms of Use

    If you download and install any of these mods, you automatically agree to the Terms of Use.

    You can use these mods in modpacks, if a link to here is shown, or FLUFFY2's name and My name is shown.

    You cannot edit these mods or reupload them anywhere.

    Childmods are allowed to be made.

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    posted a message on [req] Amnesia Mod?

    I know that one already exists, but the creator abandoned it. I think a new mod with better/updated features would be AWESOME!

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    This is a very late reply xD, but I would love to still be able to give you the world file, but it's been so long since I made that world and i've lost it. :( I might try to re-create it.

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    posted a message on Can't connect to my server?

    I'm trying to host minecraft 1.5.2 on the 1.5.2 server tool. Each time I try to join the server in-game, it says "bad login". However, when I host and join my server in 1.11.2, it works just fine.

    is this a problem with me, or something else?

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    posted a message on amnesia resources

    a small pack I made to go with the amnesia mod by fluffy2.

    list of changes:

    walking sounds have been changed for (most) respective blocks.

    fire has a new sound,

    you can no longer see through glass, and glass panes (for custom story purposes)

    the title screen has been changed up a bit (still need to work on that a bit)

    books now have a different gui when you read or write them,

    and you no longer have that annoying texture on your screen when underwater.

    click here if you wish to try this resource pack!

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    posted a message on VERY DARK ROOM


    Map Description

    my version of the dark room map from amnesia. :P

    map download

    original mod thread

    How to install map

    1. download file

    2. open file with winrar

    3. put very dark room in your saves file

    4. open music file, take the file inside, and put it inside the amnesia music file.

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    posted a message on FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS MOD! (Freddy, Foxy, Chica) - Realistic Models

    this threw me way off guard:

    i'm not ready...

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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)

    are there any good custom maps for this mod?

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)

    i found water in a well of an abandoned village :3

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    posted a message on Wasteland Mod - 1.4.4 - Abandoned world (cities and structures)

    to make it more "realistic", don't you think you should remove: giant spiders, creepers, and get rid of the bow on skeletons?

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    posted a message on HAMACHI SUPERFLAT SERVER

    for only a few select people. if you want in, friend me on steam, and msg me.


    this server will be a superflat world, where you start out with 1 sapling of your choice, 2 pieces of ice, and one lava bucket. then basically do whatever you want in the blank terrain. raid a village and make it your own, make your own village from scratch, just remember, it's PVE and i will ip ban you if you do something that i think is NOT COOL!

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    posted a message on 1.7.10 FNAF Mod WIP

    what exactly is this... not downloading without info and pics

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    posted a message on Steve's Universe

    ok after trying this out: no textures yet

    no mobs yet

    and no custom sounds

    nothing but missing textures on everything >.<

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