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    Quote from Pennyforth

    Oh, those lazy coders! How dare they have day jobs and personal lives and all those other silly things that keep them away from finishing Optifine 1.7.2 just for you!

    (sarcasm mode off)

    Here's a thought: everyone complaining about how Optifine or any other mod/plugin/whatever for 1.7.2 is "taking too long", and/or how 1.7.4 is out and snapshots for 1.8 are starting to come out and stuff for 1.7.2 still isn't done.....how about you dial back on harrassing the mod coders and point a finger or two at Mojang? You know, for ignoring the fact that adjusting mods for a significant update such as 1.7 was going to take a good long while, and just breezing on ahead with releasing further updates while people who use mods are still waiting for 1.7.2 versions? The Mojang folks know as well as anyone that mod and plugin use (especially for multiplayer, which is inarguably a solid backbone of current Minecraft play) is widespread among players, but they couldn't just, say, release a patch for any significant bugs in 1.7.2 that cropped up and then held back on releasing (not working on, mind you, but releasing) updates until the mod-coding community managed to get at least a bit caught up, could they?

    In the end, we all just need to be frickin' patient, OK? I hate fog with a passion, but I can man up and deal with waiting for a solid 1.7.2 build for Optifine so I can banish that crap from my sight. Deal with it, folks.
    Although the Optifine coders are not being specifically paid to do this, I think they are working a whole lot better than the Mojang folks on Minecraft who are raking in the money. What can that mean? What I want to say to Mojang is, "c'mon, you are being paid so much, you really can do better, start putting in features that really are genuinely useful to most players." Not trying to be rude to Mojang but they aren't as good as they used to be (maybe because Notch no longer works there).

    Quote from Muxans

    Please make optifine for version 1.7.4 , this version have normally render distance (up to 16 chunks)

    It will be updated once the 1.7.2 update is finished. They have a hell of a lot of work to do, we just have to wait (sometimes painfully).

    Quote from indy197905

    I can't get my render distance to change. I moved the render distance slider to maximum but the render distance stays the same. Please help.
    Now, that's a bug with 1.7.2 itself, it is fixed in 1.7.4 but Optifine isn't ready for it yet (it will be soon though ;)
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    Quote from Koogle


    Yeh like regressive bugs they stupidly miss, and adding pathetic shaders, you can't even use forced gfx driver anti aliasing on minecraft since 1.5, they broke it in 1.6 and 1.7 the most you can get is that trash looking FXAA blur effect over the entire screen includings its fonts and gui lolol , they just rushed out 1.7 for the minecon con..

    So really working on better things hey dinnerbone? .. I can't even be bothered to reskin a horse with a zebra skin to add into the safari biome so we just add wooly sheep instead, this pathetic indie development is not funny anymore, to me they are a twitter jokers aswel as being tight as fff, surprising the community at large still gives them so much credit when they are making so much money for doing nothing but continually uprooting and ruining the progress on mod projects and servers just so they can stay relevant with putting out there own often very poorly implemented and outdated developments to the game compared to the mod development... its no wonder the the carrot on the stick mod api never shows itself what on earth would mojang do if they couldn't mess everyone around with there progressively slow trickling updates to the game.

    They should just keep there snowshot updates until they actually have something worth releasing that they themselves have bugtested, i'd like to see that :P

    yeh Notch finally decided to hire 1 guy to work on the rendering for his multi million dollar game as revealed at the con. And that was only at the end of last year lol

    no surprise and thanks for doing a better job, no thanks to those monkeys at mojang.

    I really could not agree with you more. Not only that, Mojang seems to turn a blind eye on improving Minecraft's slowly degrading performance.
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    Quote from Alvoria

    Sorry about that. When I see problems, I can't help but point them out. The best advice I can give, then, would be to check out some tutorials on pixel art. Here's one you might be interested in: Pixel Art Texturing Explained

    Yea, I've become a negative person and I don't mean to be. It just seems like you deflect anything I say with "well, I'm happy with it", which makes me feel like you're not really trying. I don't expect you to be super-professional, but I expect that if you're here asking for critiques you'll actually address them. I don't mean to discourage, but I can't feel terribly encouraging when you don't seem to want to progress. I'm not the type who sees something like this and goes "good job" when I know it isn't.

    As I said, it's better than most first-attempts I've seen... but still needs work. You can take this in a good direction if you try. That's about the best 'encouragement' I can give for this pack right now. Sorry if that's not enough for you.

    What do you not like? I'm always interested in improving. Please tell me your thoughts and I'll see about accommodating your advice. :D Please, give details and suggestions! ^_^

    Everything is hand-drawn. From scratch. A lot of what I did, though, was use a pencil tool with a very low opacity to get a lot of shades and variation in my textures. It's not strait-up pixel art, but a combination of pixel art and hand-drawn shading. :)

    For this, I recommend sticking to a brush tool with a feathered edge (where it gets more transparent further from the center) and doing most of your work with that rather than a pencil. You can still use a hard pencil for touch-ups and to fix tiling errors, of course. :) The clone and heal tools might also help for edges if used sparingly and correctly. ;)

    Believer it or not, I am looking forward to seeing how you progress. New artists are always entertaining to watch as they grow in skill. Hopefully your next attempt will be better than this one. :D
    The truth is, I'm not very good at pixel art at all, I struggle to 'emulate' real life objects into pixelated cubes. It isn't like I don't want to improve, Fabricraft will stay as it is, for those who like that kind of thing, I may change the name to Checker Box or something because it isn't a amazing emulation of real fabric, if I am to make a new texture pack, I'll definitely follow your advice, because I simply loved most of your texture pack. So I'll practice and test to learn to create amazing textures without HD.

    Now onto my likes and dislikes about your pack. I really really do love the look of your chiseled quartz block after I used your texture pack to load my Marlinspike Hall project. I also liked the fire, it is far more realistic than the default, the water was also a success (but I think I found an animation error, the flowing water animation steadily pauses slightly every second, you may have a frame duplication or something). I also love the oak logs and the leaves, they are astoundingly realistic. My dislkes are Nether bricks, simply because they are blue, not red, and I personally don't think it fits well with The Nether. Also the glass has a weird border around it, it doesn't look natural when many blocks are together (it's fine on its own), it is difficult to texture glass realistically but I still think there should be a solid border and whoever wants them gone can use Optifine. I know you want the texture to look good even without mods but I just didn't really like the glass. I dislike the bricks because they are a little over-saturated, just desaturate the texture slightly and it'll be fine. The grass is a little displeasing because there is just too much going on in the texture, I think it needs to be a little softer.

    You say your entire pack was done from scratch and all hand drawn and with small adjustments, wow you're amazing at that, I hope be be a good as you later on. The image editor I'm using is 'Pixelmator' for Mac and it really is useful for things like this.

    Ok I really find it hard to see how you animated the water so well, how did you make it look so natural? Water animation I a really difficult task for me. Another thing I struggle with is how to get the background panorama to work nicely, without defects at the edges of images, I know panorama0 - panorama3 is for turning around horizontally and panorama4 is for looking straight up and panorama5 is for looking straight down, but are there any suggestions for me on how to get all the images to flow together perfectly?

    I made some test textures I made, I think I am very happy with them and I hope you are too :)
    Ahhhhh, I can't help it but I really am hooked up with the smooth sandstone texture, it's glorious :)

    Stone bricks: https://www.dropbox....01_15.38.38.png
    Bricks: https://www.dropbox....01_19.11.31.png
    Sandstone sides: https://www.dropbox....02_00.31.46.png
    Glowstone: https://www.dropbox....02_00.37.47.png
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    Quote from Alvoria

    You sir are clearly not an animator. ;)

    So it's a learning experience in the basics then. It's still not good, but I can respect that.

    My pack is 16x and I expect WAY more out of it than you've given. The banner is in my signature. Check it out and gaze upon what one can 'expect' from a 16x pack. :(

    And yet you could have saved yourself time had you done so. I'm sorry, but when your careful hand-drawn texture is indistinguishable from just using an overlay... it may be time to rethink your approach. :(

    No I don't! I actually dislike HD realistic packs quite a lot. Uncanny valley effect and all that. Please don't make assumptions about what I do or do not like. :angry:

    Personal taste. Fine. I give critiques to help people improve. If you're satisfied with what you're doing, that's great. That doesn't mean it's going to be well-received by others. :(

    Quirky, yes. Still, I think people are going to think more Kirby's Epic Yarn and less checkerboard everywhere. ;) But whatever, right.

    Well... you've certainly failed to make it easy on the eyes. :(

    OK, well, that's fine then. If you're happy with it I'll leave you be. I'd like to believe that you can do better than this, but whatever. If you're content with your skill there's nothing I can do to change that.

    Lower the contrast, first of all. Add some patterns, and maybe some stitching, or at least some seams. If you're absolutely dead-set against shading, consider adding some soft ripples or waves to make it look imperfect. Actually look at how fabric appears when it's molded into certain shapes. For example, on your dispenser, give the hole some ripple and wave like you're pulling your sleeve cuff into your sleeve. It's difficult to do at 16x, but not impossible.

    More than that, though, make it look less like default. Don't copy default's patterns. It makes you look like you just edited what was already there rather than coming up with your own designs. And drop the checkerboard pattern... or at least make it WAY more subtle. Try adding some actual fabric patterns, or emulating different weaves with your pattern. Look at different fabrics and see how they look. Not up close, but at a distance. For example, ask yourself what a lapis block would look like if it were the fabric from a pair of jeans stretched over a cube.

    Hope that helps you. :)
    No offence but you are a little negative, you said you liked to be critical about feedback and things as such, I understand that, I just find it slightly discomforting, sorry but it critiques don't help me improve, they discourage me. I think it is about time you actually smile in your smilie. There certainly is a lot of personal choice here and I'm sure we will never get along well with what good texture packs should look like. I'm only 13 and I'm not actually a super-professional on such things, I still need to experiment, test and learn from the results.

    I had a look at your texture and I really like some textures like chiseled quartz, but I really hate some others such as nether blocks and glass. How did you make textures like that? You can't possibly have placed each pixel by hand, is there a special tool that you use?

    My next idea is Pastel Pack, where the textures look smooth and wavy like if it were drawn with a quality set of pastels. I'll definitely do good with a texture tool instead of just a simple pixel tool.
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    posted a message on Fabricraft by dlminecr [Beta 1.9]
    LOL allergic are you? I am addicted to the checkerboard. I guess this isn't for everyone :(

    This is actually the first texture pack I have EVER made and I intend everything to have a simple, soft and clean feel. I was not exactly thinking of making a perfect realism to real fabric. This is only a 16x texture so you really can't expect too much out of it. The entire pack contains pixels all hand placed and thought up using just a pixel tool and an eyedropper tool. I didn't use any external images nor looked at any. I see that you enjoy the HD really realistic texture packs, but me, I am the simple texture guy, I find them most pleasant, relaxing and comforting.

    Now the name, I just thought it looked a bit like fabric or and I felt it had a special feel to it, I decided to think of a cool name of it. Fabricraft. It can be thought as Fabric-raft or Fabr-craft. I thought it was quirky and decided to use this as the name of the pack.

    I wanted this texture to be soft to the eyes and clean looking, without too many extra details and ugly spots. I believe I have reached my own personal success criteria and I am happy with it at the moment.

    Are there any suggestions you would like to give me to make it more like fabric?
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    Fabricraft by dlmnecr [Beta 1.9]

    Planet Minecraft
    Dropbox (coming soon)

    Fabricraft is an experimental idea on giving Minecraft a fabric theme and style. The default textures are used but they are a 'fabricated' theme of checkered light and dark colours give the fabricated look. I intend to make Minecraft look cleaner, brighter and more pleasing to the eye with Fabricraft.

    So far I have changed:
    • Sand, sandstone and smooth sandstone
    • Bricks
    • Bookshelves
    • Beds
    • Main menu background (still testing)
    • Backdrop (background for world selection, options, server selection etc.)
    • Tooltip and thumbnail for texture pack
    • Emerald, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis and iron blocks
    • Cracking (block breaking) animations
    • Wool
    • Fancy leaves
    • Cobblestone, stone and stone slabs
    • Gravel and grass
    • Wooden planks and doors
    • Dirt and fancy grass
    • Bedrock
    • Cactus
    • Anvil
    • Activator rail
    • Netherrack
    • Clay
    • Glowstone
    • Cauldron
    • Beacon
    • Cake
    • Enchantment table
    • Cocoa plants
    • Mossy cobblestone
    • Mossy stone bricks
    • Tall grass
    • Iron doors
    • Melons (experimental)
    • Dispenser/dropper
    • All ores except redstone
    • Obsidian
    • Lever
    • Torch
    Much more to come...

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    Marlincraft Hall

    Over the weeks I have been working on Marlincraft Hall. A mansion based on Marlinspike Hall from The Adventures of Tintin.

    Download: Marlincraft Hall v1.3
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    posted a message on Marlincraft Hall
    Over the weeks I have been working on Marlincraft Hall. A mansion based on Marlinspike Hall from The Adventures of Tintin.

    Download: [Comming Soon]
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    For some reason, having Advanced Open GL enabled caused my framerate to seize up resulting me to receive about 0.1 fps; On my mid 2010 Macbook Pro 13". So yeah I have to resort to the Light version for the time being :( although it seems to work just as well of not even better. I just wish I could use the zoom feature with any version ;)
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    Wow I am really amazed. The new performance is awesome, I can finally play on Far render distance with Fancy graphics on a suitable framerate, no lag. 60 fps again. Mojang, you are excellent!
    Quote from Berwout

    "Improved performance"

    Best joke I heard in months.
    Seriously the performance is great.
    Quote from madeline_b

    You know, not all of us know how to allocate more memory to Minecraft, and to be perfectly honest? We shouldn't HAVE to. The average computer should be capable of running Minecraft and that usually isn't the case.

    For instance, I've got a Dell Inspiron laptop. Intel Core i5 processor (2.30 GHz). 6.00 GB RAM. Windows 7. All that jazz.
    I should be able to run Minecraft perfectly fine, but on minimum video settings (distance set at tiny, too), I would lag.

    As of 1.5.1, I'm actually incredibly surprised to see that I get roughly 90-100 FPS at those settings because I've never gotten that many in the history of owning Minecraft. On the default settings, however, I get 5-15 FPS. Maximum. Without mobs. STANDING STILL.

    I bring them down a little? Gets a little better. 20-ish FPS.

    There shouldn't be that much of a difference. :|

    I haven't seen anyone complain about anything other than the FPS and the artifacts between blocks and those are probably the biggest problems Minecraft has at the moment. People have a right to complain about them.

    The day they final optimize the game properly is the day I stop complaining.
    Surprisingly on my Macbook Pro mid 2010 with 4GB and Nvidia 320m integrated I get around 50-70 fps on the highest settings.
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    posted a message on 1.5 Pre-Release (Finally) Ready For Testing!
    I wish they could up the performance of Minecraft cause right now it is kind of garbage for what it is.

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    Quote from DarkenMoon97

    Dang it sp614x, this needs to be fixed.

    I agree ;)
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    Optifine doesn't improve performance at all. I usually get 0-40fps on far render, now after optifine I only get 0-20fps. Whats going on?
    Quote from xBella

    Standard hasn't been updated for 1.4.2 yet.
    Oh yes it has.
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    posted a message on 1.3.1 FPS Issues
    My fps has increased, however lag starts to take over after the world's done loading. The lag is so bad that Minecraft no longer becomes fun, optifine did nothing but cause extra problems. Grrr you will know how bad it is after you see what happens on my computer.

    Far Render:
    1.2.5: 40-50fps
    1.3.2: 0-70fps

    Nivida Geforce 320m Intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz
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    IGN: dlminecr

    Real-Life Name: David

    Age: 13

    Why do you think you are the best suited for the server? I love real vanilla servers and I am against griefing.

    How often would you be online? 1-3 hours

    Contact: [email protected]
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