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    Seed: 7040861671487994864

    Here's my 3rd seed found with a Dungeon in a Village (rare), right underneath a building. It contains a chest with a saddle and Music Disc 13. Also in the video are 2 more dungeons close to the surface and 5 villages. Enjoy!

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    The x360/ps3 versions seem to always be a year or 2 behind, but I believe they plan on catching up to the PC to the point where they'll just be weeks behind rather than years. Also, some updates are probably easier to add than others. I heard that the world sizes are smaller so that a player doesn't go filling their HD up with huge game saves. I think Microsoft and Sony sets limits on how big game saves are allowed to be. This is all just me guessing though too.
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    posted a message on My first random seed is epic.
    Seed: 7079366508182648665

    Spawned me next to a bizarre village with half buried houses and a flood of water running through it, and an epic looking mountain range with water falls and mysterious caves. The village blacksmith chest has 3 iron swords, an iron pick axe, and a few other things.

    No time for pics. I have an epic world here to explore.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Epic Mushroom Biome on Tall Mountains with 2 Waterfalls + Seed Collection
    Here's a seed collection I compiled since the update to 1.3.2

    Note: I am a semi-Minecraft noob who doesn't use mods yet, so excuse my lack of coordinates, pics, and descriptions using Minecraft slang. lol..

    Most of the stuff described is either right where you spawn or close enough to see from just walking a few blocks.


    367859649667251486 A nice epic Mushroom Biome on tall mountains with 2 waterfalls! Nearest tree to the east. Abandoned mine shaft under the eastern section of the Mushroom Biome. (This is the best seed I've ever found) UPDATE: Just found another big Mushroom island north-east of the first one.

    2387439674107863544 Spider dungeon, sand temple, and sand village with a blacksmith, all together at spawn! Just look west and slightly to the right to see it.

    -7557528440318950042 Small Mushroom Biome. (no cows) From spawn, go east toward the rising sun and slightly right to get to the near by Mushroom biome. Only one small tree at your spawn on the small island, so make it count.

    -5595894971887188224 Sand temple in jungle! Go north-west and it will be right there.

    -2752737479301380091 Spawn in a village.

    -5322570440242131849 Desert Temple to the west.

    7938801190711714128 Big Snow Mountains

    -1198469686631051627 Village Spawn

    -2253764981714801115 Sliced and diced Mountain

    6932925440430347358 Sand Village to the east

    6590216753665711301 Desert Temple to the north

    2929276405564070173 Big grassy mountains, valleys, and a waterfall

    8351326321130969778 One Big Tall Mountain by spawn

    976053625012803967 Big Crazy Mountains with Arches

    7536579764807341128 Evil Looking Mountains

    193708264512733342 Tall tree on a mountain that reaches past the clouds

    3125548581773335961 Mountains with cool over hangs

    2253136150799345859 Water World, spawn in the ocean

    -3174397601612345901 Cool places in the mountains to build fortresses

    5790212695657445781 Follow the mountains NW, to find a cool floating pillar and a desert village with a blacksmith.

    4861446116978533227 Follow the mountains SW to find an tall and long epic mountain like a giant wall, perfect for building a big castle on.
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