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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP ♦ 1.16.1 ♦ Long-Term ♦ Quick Invites ♦ Hermitcraft Style ♦ Friendly

    Username: BattOuttahell

    Age: 22

    Location/timezone: that land down under

    Your plans on the server: im an explorer by nature so generally i build smaller builds but alot of them. i plan to build OP farms and generally build mega structures.

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    posted a message on 🚀 Elevate Season 3 🚀 | 1.16.3 | Vanilla+ SMP | Mature Community | Whitelist | Discord | Shopping District & Minigames 🎯
    • Username: BattOuttahell
    • Age: 22
    • What part of the world are you from: that land down under
    • Tell us about yourself: im a aussie who has been playing minecraft from the alpha versions, i took a break about a year ago to play ark survival evolved and now im back with a vengeance(jk). im an explorer by nature so generally i build smaller builds but alot of them, be warned, if you accept this invite, your dyna map might get filled out fully if it isnt already. that and flying machines/robots will be a thing that i want to start exploring.
    • How active will you be?: 20ish hours a week depending on work. probs more.
    • Have you been banned from a server before (and if so why)?: yes, servers getting hacked and everyone getting banned, admins just banning players for fun etc... when you have been around for long enough getting banned happens.
    • What are you looking for in your Minecraft experience and what can we do to fulfil that?: stopped playing about a year ago and am looking to start again on a server like this where i wont have to worry about griefing or hackers, that and the community aspect is something i want to experience.
    • What makes your application unique?: not much, i never have been good at this stuff.
    • what will you bring to the server (don't stress)?: i am well versed with redstone and generally anything i dont know i will research it till im knowledgeable about it.
    • Examples of previous builds are much appreciated and go a long way with our Staff: as i have not played for a while i do not currently have any builds saved.
    • Where did you find us?: here at minecraft forums
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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.15 | Long Lasting | Fun Community |

    IGN: BatLB
    Age: 21

    Timezone/Country: The land down under AEST

    Do you have/use Discord?: Disavowed#6562

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will follow the rules

    Why do you want to join this server?: generally when i try to find a good comunnity it either means paying via patreon for acess or i find servers that die off really fast, Secure kingdoms has had 5 previous seasons, so i know that its not going anywhere any time soon, also, the fact that you do modded every now and then is amazing, it makes sure that people dont get sick of just playing vanilla and gives players the chance to try out new things.

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: I do but, never really used them.

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): jack of all trades, best at redstone, exploring and grinding out big builds/large amounts of resources

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: started back in alpha, so probs 9-10 years

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: to many to list. (at least 30 others) but generally ill play them just to relax and then come back to minecraft.

    Anything else you would like to add: Just want to finally find a server that stays active so that i can meet a new community and have tons of fun and make some awesome stuff

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    posted a message on Looking for builders and staff FTB INTERACTIONS

    just started up a Feed The Beast Interactions server.
    looking for staff and builders to help make it better and popular,
    either dm me here or via discord @ disavowed#6562

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    posted a message on 🎀 Vanilla Latte 🥐 {Season 1} 🧡 Vanilla 1.13.1 🍦 Whitelist 🍦 Friendly Community 🍦 Dedicated Hardware 🧡

    What interests you about our personal server?

    servers like this one always seem to have a nice and kind community which always feels nice when you get to join that community, from the player feed back it seems that everyone respects each other and there play styles and that no one gets pressured to do anything that they don't want to which i think is a great thing that i cant find in a lot of servers. i also like the idea of having just enough plugins to keep the server playable but not to many to take the focus off the main aspects of the game.

    What would you like to tell us about yourself?
    i love gaming, if i could it would be all i do, that and programming. and my "E" key is buggered XD
    also i hail from the land down under

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    posted a message on [LAUNCHING MAY 5TH] Simplicite SMP - A brand new minecraft community // Discord // Vanilla // Whitelist// 16+ // Join Now //
    Age: 20[/i]
    Where are you from? downunder[/i]
    Discord username: ArchAngelLuci#6562[/i]
    Do you have a microphone? yes[/i]
    Why do you want to join? i want to join a community where i can build and not be griefed and where i dont have to worry about untrustworthy players[/i]
    Tell us a little bit more about yourself: an alpha player who is great with redstone[/i]
    Your strongest asset in Minecraft? redstone and exploring
    What happened to your last server? why did you leave? who said i left? its currently sitting on my shelf hosting my extra storage. [/i]
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    posted a message on *AGE OF ARKADIA* - Open World Adventure MMORPG SMP (Semi-Vanilla)[Whitelisted] [BETA] Rare Drops + BOSSES + Custom Mobs
    Age: 20
    Location: down under mate
    Usual Play Times: anytime i can
    Why you want to join: sounds fun, love rpg servers
    MC Experience: alpha player
    Attach a build image. dont have any due to new computer rig.
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    posted a message on Star Legacy Minecraft Space Server | Spaceships / Starships | Machines | Custom Plugins | Economy & Trading | JOIN NOW!
    1. What is your in game name?[/b]


    2. Did you read and understand the rules?[/b]


    3. Where did you hear about this server?[/b]


    4. [/b]Do you like spaceships?[/b]
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    posted a message on Weird occurances in my singleplayer world...

    lies, this cant be real, unless its modded that is.
    if you look at minecrafts code you will understand that things like this wont happen.

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    posted a message on (OPEN! FREE!) My New Shop! Free Minecraft Graphics!

    Minecraft IGN:Knight_Tmep


    Colours: templar colours (red grey whtie block)

    Pose: any

    Details: make it an steampunk templar please

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    posted a message on TemoCraft - [Whitelisted] - [Vanilla] - [24/7] - [Survival] - [Community] - [HermitCraft like] - [Looking for new players]

    1) What is your minecraft name? Knight_Temp
    2) How old are you? 18

    3) Did you browse the server before joining? no, but from the pic it looks awesome
    4) Do you agree to the fact that if you are found to be griefing, hacking or exploiting, you will be banned with no return? yes

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    posted a message on Hermitcraft-like server | AUS/NZ | WHITELISTED | COMMUNITY-BASED

    1. How old are you? 18

    2. Do you have Skype? yes

    3. Why do you want to join the server?

    I really want to join an Australian server, the last server i joined was hosted for 2 months and then the host decided to ban everyone and get new players, i have been looking for an good server and i think this one would be it.

    4. What can you offer the server? MODS i am an good modpack maker, i can make stable fully working modpacks that people would enjoy, i can also help set the modpack up to run with the server, also im great with redstone and megabuilds

    5. Tell me one defining thing about yourself! im an IT technician and i love to game. opps thats 2 things oh well

    6. What's your IGN? Knight_Temp

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    posted a message on -+=PlanetNetwork NEEDS STAFF! APPLY HERE!=+-

    IGN: _Templar

    Age: 18

    What experience do you have in Admin: 3 years owning my own server and dealing with hackers griefers and other rule breakers

    What makes you better than the other Applicants: besides my experience i can play for upto 16 hours an day and i live in australia

    Why do you want this position on PlanetNetwork: because i like helping servers out and find it fun helping people

    Say YES if you agree to abusing your power will lead you into a PERM ban. is there anything stronger then an yes?? ... HELL YES might be?

    How can you help PlanetNetwork, i can help maintain plugins and if needed i can make mods and modpacks

    Anything Else: i love pies and think that hell yes might not be strong enough

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