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    Ok so how do I set up voting for my server. I've tried to look for tutorials but their all old videos. Is there any updated tutorials on voting or can someone PLEASE write a step by step comment as i'm so stuck. I've tried everything that I can think of

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    posted a message on Diddscraft 1.14.4! {Friendly}{Survival}{Economy}{Land Claiming}{Updated Regularly}{Shops & Player Shops!}{PvP Arena}

    Diddscraft is a new and in development economy survival server. With a small community building up every day, we want to make your experience at Diddscraft enjoyable.

    Server IP: Diddscraft.serverminer.com

    What plugins we currently have:

    Player Shops
    Land Claiming:
    Random TP,
    PvP Arena,
    Baltop (Whos the richest on the server)
    Jobs Reborn
    Silk Spawners
    And more plugins to come in the next development stage!

    Our Server Rules:

    1 - Respect all players
    2 - No racist, sexist or homophobic slurs
    3 - No asking for ranks or OP or spawned in items
    4 - No hacks / hacked clients (Xray ect)
    5 - Unprotected claims can be looted
    6 - No advertising other servers
    7 - No spamming
    8 - No controversial topics
    9 - Admins & Mods have final say
    10 - Have fun, relax and enjoy the server
    11 - No TP killing
    12 - No Griefing (including tnt cannons)
    13 - No automatic farms & afk farm

    Our Discord Rules:

    1. Admins/Mods have the final say
    2. Be respectful
    3. No racist, sexist or homophobic slurs
    4. No advertising other servers
    5. No spamming the chat
    6. If using VC, make sure there's no music or blaring sound in the background.
    7. You'll receive two warnings before getting the following bans: one day, three days, one week, one month, six months, one year, perma-ban.

    We Hope To See You There!

    Our Discord is here: https://discord.gg/Dp8bnVk
    And Our Website is soon to come!
    Voting will also be on the way!

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