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    Hey There! I am Dev.Sheep, the current technician team manager of PlexusMC. I have been working on PlexusMC since 13th November, 2019, which is almost 7 months. After almost 7 months of working here, I can assure you that working here is wonderful. The community is really great and the staff team is really nice too.
    We have weekly movie nights with the whole community team and everyone can suggest a movie, whichever movie gets the most votes is played. Other than that, we do events in-game too. The previous event that we held was whoever crafts the most compasses within a week gets a $20 US steam gift card, or paypal.
    The server has a lot of really great features such as custom enchantmetnts, custom fishing, companions, crates, daily rewards, death chests and many many more. What sets this server apart is there is a hidden lore that will span over multiple servers, and has already been implemented into the survival server. There are boss fights that go with the lore and a large amount of things that will require multiple people to find out and crack down on what the story is about.

    Everything here is pre-planned and really well documented, which makes the job of developers really easy. We have a trello which we use to keep track of everything we do and everything that needs to be done. Sometimes when I am having trouble doing development, the owner Dictatability helps me out. He is certified in project management, disaster recovery and some other stuff like that.
    Make sure to join the server and play on it for a while just to get an idea of how good the server actually is. We also have a discord server where you can find updates on the server as well as event announcements, movie night announcements, and a bunch of other stuff.
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