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    Desacabose 2 days ago
    Zombie improvements

    I was thinking Zombies might get they're armour back like in survival test along with
    1.attacking villagers cats wolves sheep pigs ect.
    2.Maybe they go insane during full moons and break down doors kill villagers and players
    3.Can breath underwater
    4.Sometimes hold swords?
    any one else?
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    posted a message on Adapted awesome
    Adapt:To adjust or become adjusted to a specified use or situation

    Over all improvements:
    1.Ability for mobs to avoid lava,magma,and water currents.
    2.No mob will fall off cliffs

    Passive mob improvements:
    1.All passive mobs will walk away from players unless they hold wheat.
    2.If a player attacks a mob or similiar mob within 14 blocks All mobs of that type will flee from the player unless done in closed space with no line of sight
    3.Mobs will talk to others of the same type I.E.
    Mr.Sheep tells Ms.Sheep"Oh dear seems our son is wandering away from us into a wolf's area lets bring him back"
    4.Mobs will avoid hostile mobs AT ALL COSTS
    5.Sheep eat grass all the time and any wheat on the ground
    6.Pigs eat any food items*save meats* dropped on the ground.
    7.Wolves eat meat dropped on the ground.
    8.Cows same as pigs and sheep
    9.If a baby dies the parents will stay around its P.O.D. and cry for 5-10 minutes.
    10.Squid will hunt fish (assuming Notch Jeb a dev adds them they're added)1 for food along with chickens and baby animals:(.
    11.Villagers will turn hostile and attack if a player kills one in they're village.

    Hostile mob improvements:
    1.Zombies,skeletons,and spiders will eat kill passive mobs within 14 meters.
    2.Spider jockeys that climb walls will lose they're riders.
    3.Spiders that climb walls fit flat on the wall instead of eating facing they're way up.
    4.Spiders sometimes spawn in webs.
    5.Skeletons and Zombies will NOT drown under water.
    6.Ghasts and Blazes will sometimes spawn outside nether portals.
    7.Blazes will cause fires when they touch ground.
    8.Slimes spawn in jungles as dark green jungle slimes.
    9.Magma cubes cause fires and melt wood and turn stone to lava.
    10.Skeletons & Zombies sometimes spawn with swords.
    11.The more mobs die from players the stealthier & faster they become.
    12.Ghasts can be rode on.
    13.When not hunting players Zombies and Skeletons sometimes talk to each other.
    14.Spiders sometimes kill cave spiders.
    15.If a player as more wolves than the attacking mobs are numbered I mean...I.E.Wolves:6 Zombies:2 Zombies come back with 7 more zombies
    16.Creepers will follow players even if they lose sight and will hide stalking them till the player turns they're back.
    17.Creepers will explode when on fire.
    18.Creepers can't climb ladders.
    19.Slimes can consume other mobs gaining abilities and holding the mob inside like
    19.a.Creepers-explosion if set on fire
    19.b.Skeletons-spit out several arrows on death
    19.c.Endermen-teleport at random
    19.d.Snow Golems-spread snow and turn shade of white with pumkin in center
    19.e.Cave Spider-Shade of purple posions on contact
    19.f.Villager-Aww how sad...and unlikely
    20.Silverfish spawn in houses left vacant
    21.If left vacant long enough silver fish will make nests of cobwebs in houses,steal from chests,and eat cakes left out.
    22.Mobs create nests,dungeons,and webs.
    23.slimes appear in colours akin to there spawn biome I.E.blue slimes in ocean biomes.

    1.Giants appear via crafting block of rotten flesh and placing it,killing 40 zombies,1/6 chance of spawn during full mons.
    2.Enderdragons will spawn in the real world if and egg is activated via hiting it with an ender pearl.
    3.Zombie hoards can spawn every 14 full moons.
    4.HUGE GARATUAN LE GIGANTIOS 50 by 50 slimes can be spawned by making slime block,killing 12 big to normal slimes.
    5.Wild wolves spawn in packs with 1/5 chance during full moons.
    6.skeleton forts are created by skeletons that survive a full day out of mossy cobblestone.
    7.Charged creeper giants are 2 times normal creeper size and a spawned by killing 2 charged creepers/of making a gunpowder block.

    The player...

    1.The more players in a certian world fight a mob the better they become I.E.100 creepers killed +1.00 damage
    2.Better regeneration I.E.get lose but regenerate 100 hearts without dying + 1.00 regen rate
    3.Strength use a certian armour a lot swim run more like normal I.E.wear iron armour for 50 days swim run like normal
    4.Knowledge use a certian weapon tool armour type a lot it decays slower and becomes more durable.
    5.Jumping the more you jump the higher you can up to 3 blocks
    6.Immunity get posioned a lot take less and less damage until you take none at all.
    7.Rebound the faster you strike mobs that attack you the harder the first hit will be.
    8.Jelly bones the more you fall and take fall damage the less you take till you take none at all.
    9.teleportation the more you use enderpearls the less damage you take and until you take none at all and can use the same pearl for longer.
    10.Dream world See my soon to be up post on this...
    11.Hunger the more you eat certian foods the more itfills the hunger bar.
    12.Destroyer of_______ The more you mine certian blocks the faster you mine them and with ores the greater amout of ores you recieve
    13.Slave to the machine the more you smelt craft or brew the faster these become
    14.HOT! the more time you spend in deserts or the nether the less damage you take from fire and lava and the faster you regen in hot areas.
    15.Snowman the more time you spend in snow biomes,making snowballs or eating raw meat the more likely you are to mine ice instead of making water andyou regen faster when in snow biomes.
    16.Gold the more time you spend in forest and other cool biomes the better you are at activities in said biomes.
    17.Warrior the more time spent in jungles the better you are in them.
    18.Toad the more time spent in mushroom biomes the better you are in them.
    19.Scout the more you sprint the less it drains the hunger bar and the faster you czn run.
    20.Sniper the farther away you kill with the bow the better you casn shoot I.E.it goes straighter.
    21.SPY! the more you attack mobs from behind the more powerful these attacks become
    22.Final stand the more you kill mobs at low health the harder you hit at these times.
    23.EEK! the more spiders and silverfish you kill the more likely they are to spawn.
    24.MY LEG the more damage taken from explosives the less your damaged.
    25.Failtasticalureishmoadimfianess the more you die the more health you get when spawning and hostile mobs ignore you more*effect lessens every 1 1/2 minecraft day.
    25.hunted the longer you live the more hostile mobs spawn.
    26.Scarcity the more you kill passive mobs less spawn.
    27.SPARTA cause 300 mobs to fall to they're death=bigger knockback
    28.Mounted the more time spent riding mobs the better control you have over them.
    29.Engie the more you use minecarts the farther/faster they go.
    30.EDIT mine 30 blocks within 5 seconds of placing them ability to cause coolddown of .5-1.5 seconds between block placement.
    31.My precious Use items of gold a lot=better durability
    32.vampire do more at night than day peform better at night.
    33.Woke up do more at day than night=peform better at day.
    34.Lazy sleep 20 times=napping during the day
    35.Up to 900 KELVIN?!? spend 100 seconds in lava in the nether=No lava/magma or fire damage.
    36.TO INFINITY! enter-exit the end/travel 10000000000 meters in one area move VERY fast and be able to teleport in and out of the nether dream world overworld and the end at any time.
    37.LIZARD! spend 10 hours swiming on the waters top=gain ability to walk on water.
    38.Wizard! use enchantment table a lot=ablity to see enchantments.
    39.Btw kill wolves a lot=wolves spawn more and do more damage.

    Neutral mob improvements
    Zombie pigmen sometimes spawn with gold aromour.
    Wolves attack all passive mobs
    Wolves can be used as farm dogs A.K.A. can be selected to gaurd a certian area.
    Pigmen spawn mushroom biomes.
    Zombie pigmen sometimes soawn from nether portals
    Zombie pigmen will sometimes war with other pigmen

    I would really like to hear from you readers of this post tweet jeb asking if any of these will make it into the game I can understand if they don't due to them not fitting or this not getting read.
    Formed from Desacaboses' mind on? Monday, ?February ?13, ?2012
    with other ideas presented by iiXplode and Krylus.
    Thank you for reading,commenting or..well skipping to the end >:sad.gif: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
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    posted a message on The Ends Reward...
    So basically it happens like this?
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    posted a message on volcano biomes(with vote)
    Why not add a volcano biome that would be like a dragons lair as Notch has mentioned adding dragons before?here is what I thought it could be:

    shape:A tall mountain made of bedrock with an non-removable lave spring at the top and a dragon guarding it with treasure inside a secret room in the volcano
    treasure room:in order to get the treasure you have to kill the dragon to get its skin which can be crafted into armor that will allow you to go into lava without damage but would break and leave you to burn to death in 1 1/2 min. if you stayed in that long
    area:the dirt around the volcano would be covered in ash the same way snow covers dirt in snow biomes
    eruptions:every 4-10minecraft days it would have a chance to erupt and send explosive rocks(basically primed tnt) out when it does
    extinction:after erupting 5-7 seven times depending on the size a volcano will no longer erupt and the dragon will leave leaving no way but to find another to get in
    and the ash coverd block would make plants grow three times as fast after the volcano went extinct
    thats it if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them but yes I'm aware some one else has probably already posted this and if you say someone did it better add a link
    that is all...
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