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    Supported by, and supporting, the Texture Artist's Union.

    Welcome to the Minecraft Community revived, post apocalyptic resource pack in friendly Slightly HD 32x resolution!

    LAST DAYS was a texture pack started by Doku (creator of the ever popular RPG pack). Doku began this pack with the essential land-scape defining textures (Dirt, Grass, Stone, water, trees, etc) but did not have time to do much more before discontinuing the pack. The concept he had, and the work he finished was to good to let die. Using Doku's visual and conceptual foundation History continued the pack, expanded it, and improved it. After History's dissapearance the pack was continued and further improved by Croco 15 and HalphPrice. Now I have chosen to keep LAST DAYS updated with the help of the community and continue to improve it, just like the other texture pack owners had before. The Original Thread by Doku The Second Thread by History The Third Thread by Croco

    -Video by loook

    If you would like to help speed the development of the pack here is a few things we need help with.

    1.Updating the pack to the latest version of minecraft

    2.Making sure all download links are up to date.-There are many community accounts for Lastdays please let us know if one of our links are out of date.

    3.Writing Epic-Lore please discuss lore on the main forum more people frequent it and will have something to give.

    4.Supporting mods we are looking to support mods 1.8 and on.

    5. Spotting bugs there are many problems across Lastdays versions from a spelling error in the lang file to a misaligned gui

    If you take interest just make a post and someone working on the same project will say hello.

    I have listed resources and helpful forums down below.

    1.The Mcpacher Fourm. -no one will respond to you.

    2.The All-Inclusive Guide to Texturing - This guy is a good help.

    Feel free to help maintain the pack on the Github.

    The goal of LAST DAYS is to take doku's brilliant foundation work and bring it to its logical conclusion; a full scale, game changing, texture and sound overhaul which takes full advantage of the existing mechanics of minecraft and brings them into a post apocalyptic setting.



    This is a list of the many Downloads that we have trouble maintaining.




    please tell us if you want to make a new page on any site.-let us know if there is a page that is not listed.

    LAST DAYS comes with instructions on how to install it.

    The Lore is so Epic it couldn't fit on this page.
    you can find it on the Lore Thread



    Previously ran by LordBrigadier but has since been abandoned and in need of a new manager!

    Adventure maps: post yours to be added here HIVE 2044 H.E.L.L. (Made by Comply_Cat_Ed!)
    USG Ishimura Reccomended Mods ICBM Solar Apocalypse mod Nuclear Apocalypse Challange

    Signature Banners by Dereksmith

    <a href="1240079-last-days-300-000-downloads-return-of"><img src="http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m531/xemnasvii/gifninja.gif" alt=""></a>

    Signature Banners by Croco

    <a href="1240079-last-days-300-000-downloads-return-of"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/jpPUk.png" alt=""></a>

    <a href="1240079-last-days-300-000-downloads-return-of"><img src="http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4415/lastdaysls.jpg" alt=""></a>

    Special Thanks!
    1. DOKU! for starting an amazing pack!
    2. History! for continuing Last Days!
    3. Halphprice for the soundpack and plenty of help+alts! Big thanks!
    4. luna_panshiel for providing a complete set of music to fit the theme.
    5. ScoutTactical for providing the concept and stylistic foundation for wool blocks.
    6. Dying Breed for adding battle towers mod support.
    7. Orange_Anything for making the sounds for the chicken, zombie, cow, and pig.
    8. Glimmar for allowing his wonderful item sprites to be used as placeholders.
    9. Nairagorn for providing Humans + support
    10. Dereksmith for making signature banners
    11. Sealystar for making a few awesome textures for the terrain.png
    12. Farty16 for providing the screen for night vision and making the website.
    13. Samsamqwq for the end crystals and beams.
    14. Levyathin for a signature.

    15.Oz0bradley0zo for the golem texture.
    16.Comply_Cat_Ed for a H.I.V.E.ful of textures.
    17. Vultron for many things, support, and texturing things like the gui.
    18.Every one who has made suggestions or donated!
    19.A GRAND thanks to... Comply_cat_ed for being awesome and helping me organize the updates. Frightmare44 for a bazillionkagillion textures. Froman for giving me eyegasms over and over again. Kingskyler1997 for being Comply_cat while he was absent.
    20.Ajalexd_42, SectorC, and Gwolfski for being the current Pack Managers and giving this pack what it deserves.

    Want to get more involved in the community?We have a Discord!

    License: Redistribution of any of the textures included in this pack is not allowed. You may edit it for personal use, but you may not redistribute. If you would like to redistribute anything, you must ask for my permission. Failure to comply will result in and legal action and bad mojo.

    Proof we are legit:

    History addressed us as an official continuation here:

    Quote from History»

    Hey Everyone ( Derek Smith, Texture Artist Union, Community at Large)

    History here. I found myself thinking about Last Days tonight and I just wanted to say how proud I am of everyone who continued this pack after I left so suddenly. It is truly humbling to see what everyone in the community has done to continue and expand on things so many years later. I spent a little time on the lore thread earlier and is simply surreal to see what people have done to expand upon the foundation I set with orbital industries, the huggatrons and the likes. I hope everyone is still enjoying this pack, and I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful for the experience I had with the minecraft community while working on Last Days. Truly this will have always been a very special and rewarding experience for me. I left the community in the midst of an exceptionally challenging break-up and I am not happy with the way I handled that. but I am ecstatic with the work everyone did picking up the pieces and continuing to build and rebuild and expand and rebuild over all this time. Any how, it is late and feeling emotional and a bit buzzed, haha... but keep on keepin on everyone!!!

    Much Love!!

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    Quote from Doomdog09

    it says "[32X HD] [1.7!] LAST DAYS-[300,000+ downloads!] [Miss you Comply_Cat!]" at the top but in the downloads there isn't a link to the 1.7 download, is it my imagination >.>?

    Now it is. :P
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    Not sure really how to use github yet, but i think I got the link to the project up... https://github.com/TheDerekSmith/LAST-DAYS.git
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    Quote from ZeroLevels

    Dunno. I really think there should be a github for the pack though (minus the sounds, maybe). It'd be a lot easier to manage the pack if there were branches (per MC version with minor/major differences in setup). That way, anyone wanting to contribute some textures could fork the project and add it to the correct folder. If the project overseers (the people most trusted as contributors) think the texture fitting for the pack, they could accept the pull request. This would make it also very easy to credit the contributors, as there'd be a commit by each person contributing. Last, but probably most importantly, it'd be a lot easier to determine those who remain active for the pack.

    A download page could be created and maintained on the github by said overseers and can release new versions of the pack without having to go through one person who may or may not be active at the time of release of necessary changes.

    Github is mainly used for code, yeah, but it'd be an excellent means of managing this kind of project as well. :P

    Got it. I'll start a Github up asap.
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    Linking :D
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    Quote from DeWolf

    Yeah that guy doesn't seen to be doing much not sure what he is up to.

    He is sadly being hospitalized currently. I trust srgnoodles enough to give the password to the lore account so he can manage the topic currently, but i would only allow that until Comply_Cat_Ed returns. If he allows it you could help him out with managing it too.
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    [insert birthday music here]
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    Sorry everyone for the download link problem.

    Merry Christmas! Thanks to all Last Days contributers! Hope that you all have a non-apocalyptic holiday! :)
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    And in perfect timing!
    Minecraft just officially updated to 1.3.1, and we were prepared!
    Now, I apologize for not being present very often, but I seem to lack an excuse for this..
    I have been essentially.. "Hired" to do the texturing and cover art for an ambitious Indie game.
    I can't really say anything about it at the moment, except post a teaser image.
    I will try my best to stay more, "with" the community, even though I'm busier than ever. :P
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