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    posted a message on server connection problem
    hope this helps but a virtual box i herd works i have the same problem (and specs) but i cant get the box to work for me when i asked that's what someone told me to try. sorry i don't have a link to download but let me know what you can get

    were in the same boat
    :Diamond: for you
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    posted a message on I. HATE. MO' CREATURES. MOD.
    i agree about mo creatures being a bad mod but its more about the mobs it adds not that it clashes with your gun mod (imo bad mod too but off topic) i find the ogres to op and the foxes to annoying but you shouldn't hate a mod just because it clashes with your other mods
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    posted a message on Towns / citys
    i know this has bin done multiple times but this is a new idea of how the towns are built. first of all they will be few and far between like the rarity of diamond and no less then 30 to 50 chunks in between. the towns would be anywhere from 1 to 4 chunks big and would have multiple buildings and NPCs to interact with.
    buildings may include
      market place
      merc outpost
      etc..(open to ideas)
    the marketplace i just a place where traders may spawn and put up signs to say what they would trade for and what they will give you. almost every town will have one but there's still a chance for one without.

    the inn is a place where you can buy food and also spend the night but it will cost you. if you don't use the inn to spend the night and choose to hang inside the town the guards might have a problem with you.

    the merc outpost is a place where you can hire bodyguards but it will cost around 5 gold bar to start and 1 gold bar every day. see merc below


      towns people

    the trader is your standard shop keeper they will spawn only in the market place at most 5 at a time. and set up a shop. they will buy ores and materials and sell tools and armor.they will have 5 hp and drop raw materials.

    the guard is the one thing you don't want to see in the town. they will swan anywhere in the town weather it be night or day and will only attack if you attack them, you attack another NPC, or you are around town at night. they carry an iron sword and have 20 hp and deal at lest 1 hart each hit.

    the innkeeper will sell you food like cooked pork or bread for a iron bar. and a room for a gold bar. "if the room is to expansive for you id like to see you try to survive on the streets. "

    the towns people are just normal people. they will run if attacked or see anyone else being attacked and will swan only during the day. they will have 5 hp and no attacks.

    the merc is the hired arms of the town and will fallow you where you go. (except in a vat of lava. there smarter than that) they start off with ether a bow and arrow ( unknown number maybe unlimited.) or a iron sword they can be given armor and weapons to buff them up but if you stop paying them they will disappear and so will there items. if they die they will drop only the items that you gave them. they have 10 hp and attack only mobs targeting you.

    all NPCs will disappear after sun down except for the guard which will try to kill you.

    that's my ideas and open to edits please post your thoughts on this topic
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    posted a message on Weather in Minecraft
    you could make items that prevented you from being hit by weather conditions
    like water skins for drought to make
    [] :White: [] :Water: = bucket of water
    :White: :Water: :White:
    [] :White: []
    makes 3 water skins
    or you could have a lightning rod to attract lightning (to keep away from trees and yourself) to make
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Iron: []
    [] :Iron: []
    makes 3 lightning rods
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    posted a message on [SKINS] Taking skin requests! :3
    can you please do the main person form the amine Karas i know it may take a wile because of the detail of the armor. hears the image http://www.toyboxcollection.com/wp-content/uploads/post_pics/karas/karas_fullview.jpg sword not required i thank you for your time and effort on this project
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    posted a message on Free Skins, order now, get them in about 1 hour.
    please make this i know it will be hard
    thank you for your effert
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    posted a message on minecraft wont open
    I bought minecraft yesterday and it hasn't worked. I can log in but after the update screen it goes black and wont run. I have windows XP sp3 and the newest java. Please help
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