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    posted a message on CookieBowl now recruiting!

    Age: 17
    IGN: darkozzyman
    Discord: Darkozzy
    How long have you been building: Well I've had the game since 2010
    How much experience do you have: Not a ton honestly
    What are 5 steps to becoming a great builder: Not being messy, having patience, looking at actual architecture, not making boxes, and probably some other stuff
    How would you rate your skill from 1-10, with 10 being the highest (Minimum is 8): Well heck man I was gonna say 6 or 7
    Proof? (Imgur.com is required, fake images will be found easily with our system): Jesus man I just want to build some stuff; if it's bad just kick me
    What plugin help for building are you familiar with: Well I used to use WorldEdit back in the day, but I don't remember anything now
    Can you terraform: Yeah probably
    What builds are you mostly good at and why: Interiors of ships or some nice looking castle walls
    What is your preferred theme to build with: Probably medieval or space
    Do you like working in teams or being solo: either works
    Anything else: I'm pretty laid back; just add me on discord and we'll see how it goes

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    posted a message on RPG Server Mystique Craft [RPG] [Towns] [PvP] [Races] [Classes]
    In-game name: darkozzyman[/b]
    Timezone and Age(Will Not be Judged based on Age): Time zone: UTC -9:00; Age 15[/b]
    How often would you be able to play?: Maybe after school and on weekends; really depends on how decent the server is.[/b]
    What is the definition of power gaming and meta gaming(In your own words)?: Powergaming is pretty much ignoring the whole roleplaying aspect and just maxing out skills to ruin others' fun. Metagaming is using OOC information for IC advantage.[/b]
    In-Character Information[/b]
    Character Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human): Human[/b]
    Character Name(Must Be According To Race): Vitiatus[/b]
    Character Biography(One Paragraph Please): Born to a poor group of mages living on the far eastern island of Ceszia, Vitiatus is gifted in both the arts of magic and sleight of hand. Vitiatus grew up a talented thief, using spells to distract his victims whilst simultaneously stealing the purses right out of their pockets. As the theif grew older, he became infamous throughout Ceszia as a master of deception and apprentice of sorcery, and was eventually sent off to the prison in the land of Lanolim, where Vitiatus must make his new beginning.[/b]
    Character Goals: Gain power in this new land with his deceptive skills and cunning diplomacy.[/b]
    Screen shot of your skin: Well it's pretty much a pixelized version of my forum portrait off to the left here <---[/b]
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    posted a message on △ Arisen Kingdom Creative and RPG Survival Server △
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    posted a message on In dire need of a tileset
    Alright, so my dad's like a huge fan of retro D&D games, but he can't seem to find any good ones lately.
    Luckily for him, It's the holiday season
    And I know C#

    Anyway, I'm extra terribad at making tiles, so I'd greatly appreciate a basic tileset (12x24 tiles) with stuff like grass, dirt, cobblestones, and shrubs/trees

    Maybe some stone brick walls/floors too

    That'd be nice

    Any help is appreciated
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    posted a message on I'm new!
    Alright, I'm relatively certain that your issue is probably a path issue with java, as I used to have this problem when I ran servers a few years ago. On some systems, it will simply flash and close, while on others, the command prompt will remain until closed. Try following the instructions in this video:
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    posted a message on We were all noobs once. What is your minecraft noob story?
    Welp, I bought Minecraft in Beta 1.3 after seeing my friend show me his brother's awesome (at the time) world. When I entered the game, I was in a pit made of gravel and stone (stuff like that spawned then) and it was too high to get out without breaking anything, but I couldn't figure out how to destroy stuff. Took me several searches on "How to find a pickaxe in Minecraft" to finally figure out that I had to hold down the mouse button and craft my own tools :P
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    As a player of the 1.7.3 veriosn, I can say that I'm super excited to see how the new version is...
    Once it finally downloads...
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    posted a message on [ Orbiting Meadows ] Public Beta [ Creative/Survival/Redstone ] Public release soon!
    Decided to post some pics of the server, so here goes:

    Also, a picture of one of my personal builds:
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    posted a message on LogIn Problem
    Official services are here: http://help.mojang.com/
    @pizza, you can't even log in on minecraft.net
    You couldn't play in-browser even if you tried
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    posted a message on LogIn Problem
    Yeah, having the same issue here. Really hope I can get back on my server!
    Btw, I enjoy watching people suffer
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    posted a message on How much fps do you get?
    250-400ish on Fancy, 300-400ish on fast.
    But still Flan's mod manages to make me lag :/
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    Sweet! Now to throw some other random crap into my game and watch the world generate in almost entirely ores!
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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XVI: Survivors of the Apocalypse Edition
    I like chicken.
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    posted a message on Brand new shiny server
    How in the heck did this get this popular... I only ever had this much success in mine when I installed Tekkit...
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