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    posted a message on [play.HavenMC.com] | Towny | SkyBlock | Factions | Creative | Top Ranked 2+ years online
    In game name : darknessninja575
    Personality : hard working
    Favorite MC activity : mining
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    posted a message on ☢☢ Ruined World ☢ ☢: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay [Whitelist] [RPG] [Bukkit 1.1] [mcmmo] [Beer ;) ] [Bookworm] [Spout] [Guns] [Voxe
    Quote from Black_Doom

    Alright you have more questions so I will answer them for you here.

    1. We have given guns to help enforce the feel of RP in the Post Apocalyptic theme. Though we know as a certainty that if more people start figuring out the recipes then the concept will be burned out to the event of mass chaos will occur. I am sure that you and any one else and duly agree on this.

    2. Saper (ThePrisco) is having trouble with the beds and he has said that he has tried in the past to fix it. This is as far as I can respond with what I know.

    3. Of course you are allowed, who said you weren't?. Just remember to refer to the rules when either RPing or if you choose to abandon the towns (they need to blend into the wastes).

    Hopefully this was helpful to you and to other players of the server, also as I posted before. Post your questions here Ruined World 2: Q & A.

    from what ive seen on the server there is at least 3 bed plugins they mite be messing with each other witch is why the beds aren't working. i think before they where working but i think after bouncy beds was put in it stopped working did the owner try removing it then try it?
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    posted a message on ☢☢ Ruined World ☢ ☢: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay [Whitelist] [RPG] [Bukkit 1.1] [mcmmo] [Beer ;) ] [Bookworm] [Spout] [Guns] [Voxe
    Out of Character
    MineCraft account name: darknessninja575
    Country of Residence and Time Zone: US EST
    ill be able to get on at anytime but depends on what im doing though

    Define roleplaying in your own words, do you have any past roleplaying experiences? Roleplaying is when one takes on another person and set of voices that he throws to match the certain world that he is interaction with/Other servers that said they were roleplaying servers were not really role playing servers they were just the type where everyone fought to be the best.
    What is your reason for applying to this server? I like the theme of post apocalyptic theme apart from the over done
    Have you been banned before, if so why? Nope
    Do you agree with our rules? Yes
    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Yep

    In Character
    Character name: dark bane
    What is your character's race?: Valoshans
    Your character's story so far: Was once a scientist working in the remnants of the old world technology, with research group Rayjak. The team was in looks of manipulating the DNA transfusion of other types of lifeforms that were in the wastes. Then came a day where one of the underground core nuclear generator had been sabotaged with a static pulse charge. Making a sudden burst in the facilities power network and effecting much of the facility's delicate equipment. This had resulted in a massive overload with many of our experiments that chained over inadvertently DNA Spicing that effected both test subjects and the faculty. I was one of the Scientists who suffered from the accident as it had changed me into a Valoshan.

    I still feel that I may have chance to get back to normal though this stat has alter my perception and put primal urges in the fore front. To even remain in the train of thought I must inadvertently feed my hunger.

    Does or did your character have any companions or family? Only those who also made it from the accident (this lets others branch off from this origin if they wish)

    How old is your character? 21
    Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? wears a a red torn cloak to hide the mutation but nothing could hid the glowing red demented eyes.

    How does your character act? Advanced intellect that can edge into rampaging insanity.
    Talks a lot of philosophy and wisdom, quite open to others. Good thing when visiting to bring some extra food for Kane, unless you want to risk your own meat feeding him.

    Character's occupation:
    Past: Once a part of a team of human researchers and scientists to find correlation and find ways of alteration of the DNA of lesser favorable lifeforms.
    Present: Fighting the deterioration of his mind while trying to finish the work in his past life.

    Does your character have an education? Very advanced bioengineering education, though it tends to switch out and in depending on the stat of control. (Engineer/Hunter)

    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: Utilizes technology (redstone) very well and is a expert hunter, though his hunger drops faster cause of the shift.

    Does your character hate or fear anything? Fears losing all of his mind to the temptations of his altered stat and never return to how his world was once like.

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP):
    (well mannered voice)
    Please no don't do this...
    AGHHH!! It's too much for meeee...
    *Gasp* GAWK!
    ...please don't bring it out of me...
    *Deep Growling*
    (Dark toned voice)
    I'll cut open your stomach open and drag your intestines from here to the Neither.
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    posted a message on If PC users and 360 users can connect to the same server, can I prevent 360 users from joining my server?
    i dont think it will. they didnt do with poral 2 so ms wouldnt do it for mc
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    posted a message on Notch Steps Down, Jeb Takes Lead Developer Position for Minecraft
    then there was one :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [NEW] ☆ MCNationQuest ☆ 1.8 - Whitelist - Join Us!
    is the sever going back up soon?
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    posted a message on Wolf Abundance
    found at least 8 packs of wolfs in one forest area, think at least 5 or so in each pack and they were next to each other by a few blocks
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    posted a message on INstalling the Prerealeases/
    i cant seem to get the RC2 one i put it in a folder and the desktop but it never showed up and in the dls list for chrome it says removed for the other times i dled it. i guess it doesn't to much due to it coming anyways but if its due to anything else its always good to know why
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    posted a message on Squids spawning like crazy in Pre 5.
    does on 1.8 as well, and im sure there why wolfs dont spawn (as well as the spawn set up)
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    posted a message on Is there a way to spawn mobs in SMP now?
    oh nice ive been waiting for something like that, now if they could just add more anti greaving admin commands
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    posted a message on [1.9/1.10] Apples!
    yea i read on wiki that apple trees would be in game but that post is gone but this needs to be in game 100% rather then something left unfished like other stuff in the game
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    posted a message on Epic Npc Village
    i found one where the village spawned on a zombie spawner lol sand was on the chests and the spawner and that the hole was there when i got there i was like whats this doing here then zombies started showing up

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    posted a message on Skills ?!?!
    will if they dont got anything good for it then they should take it out until they fix the bugs and find something for it. for now its only good for frame rate drop tricking everone
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    posted a message on Snow Golems are kinda useless
    lol watched for a hour as the pore creeper tried to get to the snow golems
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