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    posted a message on New game rule: disableCommandBlocks

    This will be really good because as of now you have to shutdown the server, disable command blocks, start the server, find the command block, break it or change it, shutdown the server, enable command blocks and start the server again.

    Another nice feature would be a F3 + [something] to disable command blocks targeting yourself. This would only work if OPed.

    Also would be nice to get command block locations somehow so you know where these commands are taking place. When working with a big team there can be bugs and like most programming IDEs, you are given the location of the bugs.(at least the ones the IDE's debugger can find)

    I often work with teams to build and sometimes you get these people who for some reason TP @a 0 500 0 on a repeating command block.

    So your idea of adding the command disable and/or a F3 + [insert key here] to disable such commands from targeting you would be priceless.

    95% support

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    posted a message on Vanilla³ 1.12 | SMP | Mature Community | 24/7

    IGN: darkmagic101

    Age: 30

    Been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2. I love redstone, command blocks and more. I could help with any command block features you need, but really rather stick to my redstone contraptions. I been helping running servers for about 5 years now, none really gone anywhere. I am looking for just a good vanilla experience. I would actually like to help build a town at some point and will be happy to add my farms(both manual and automated). Either way I will not ask for OP, but am willing to help if asked.

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    posted a message on Allow /entitydata to directly increment or decrement NBT Data value

    I would love to see actual arithmetic operands in command blocks and perhaps methods to pull values from nbt tags. This would only help improve game performance and command blocks.

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    posted a message on Idea for 1.13

    I never thought about it, but that is a good way of adding new totems. Why not have a buffing totem I love it. I'm not as interested in the rest of the ideas and think there should be a more solid way of getting these items other than a rare drop from mobs. What if you combine nether star with an undying totem or something else and it randomly chooses a totem to give you, perhaps even copying one that you already have?

    Just an idea. I love to see more totems in the game and believe this would be the best idea.

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    posted a message on Curse of Ignorance

    This curse would hide your hunger and health and perhaps your hotbar along with the rest of that area. Of course you can get your HUD back by unequipping this, it's just there to be an annoyance. As I said before I would love to see more curses in the game, though coming up with curses can be tricky.

    Any other curse ideas? Is this curse a bad idea? Really should just start a curse/enchantment suggestion thread?

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    posted a message on Curse of Combustion

    I feel we need more curses in Minecraft and this one would be a fun curse to add. When you die you will hiss like a creeper and then explode like a creeper. This would destroy all items within your blast radius(so a good amount of your items) and damage all mobs and players around you, as well as leaving a nice creeper hole where you died.


    -You damage mobs where you died

    -You damage players where you died


    -You lost alot of your gear if not all

    -You left a creeper hole where you died

    -You damage players where you died :P

    So to clear things up there would be a warning before the explosion takes place. This warning would be the hissing sound and your body flashing. About 1 or 2 seconds later you explode. The explosion would not increase in power or radius with multiple cursed items. So if you were to have all your armor with this curse it won't make a bigger explosion.

    I think this would add a new layer to PvP giving the losing player 1 last laugh(though a well prepared PvP player could block this with a shield or get out of the blast radius)

    Any changes with this curse? Maybe instead of a curse make it a Totem? Or just a crazy bad OP idea?

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    posted a message on New Item: Statue

    I have to say seeing armor stands and villagers in place of NPCs is alittle disengaging. There are mods to place characters as models, but this often just tricks the game into thinking this is another player.

    Personally, I would just add a human spawn egg to the game and naming such a human would copy that player's skin. Right clicking the player while in creative would allow for customization, while in survival or adventure would complete whatever function is assigned to that NPC.


    -Equipment including left and right hands

    -Function Editing...

    +Run a command

    +Open Trade

    +Display Dialog

    +Open Chest? (a preset chest GUI)

    -AI Editing...

    +Set preset mob AI

    +Set Turtle AI(such as in computer craft mod)

    +Set Mimic AI(records your movement for set time)

    This would give map makers plenty to work with. I love the idea of statues, but I do feel it would be a better fit as a creative mode exclusive. Though it would be funny watching players try to kill a statue version of you while you set off a trap.

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    posted a message on Redstone Torch new function

    I was thinking with the complexity of redstone we need a way to test contraptions without having to play a block, button, lever, etc. The idea is when you right click redstone dust with a redstone torch you would get a 1 second (20 ticks) pulse on the piece you clicked on.

    The way this would work is the game would pretty much set that 1 dust you clicked on to 15 power for 1 second then go back to 0.

    This would add a way to test certain lines without having to activate your entire contraction or for more compact designs, breaking blocks or redstone. This would also give way to a new way to input without having to place down the torch.

    Anyways this crazy idea is so small I don't see why not, I currently see no harm in this idea.

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    posted a message on Should Mojang remove the render distance limit?

    If you could type in a number the render distance will be more complicated. A slider is good for render distance for these reasons:

    1. Ease of use

    2. Prevents player mistakes

    3. Improves performance(by having limits)

    4. Allows visual representation

    I'm sure Mojang would love to actually get rid of the ability to change render distance altogether to simplify the game, but realize that giving the ability to lower these features helps players with weak machines.

    Anyways the main reason I don't support this as a feature (but would be fine as a mod) is that it'll farther complacate the visual settings and alienate less experienced gamers. Also this would possibly open the game up for glitches as every text box inputs need to account for every possible input.

    So sure this would be good as a mod which the more advanced gamers should easily be able to install, but not really ideal for vanilla.

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    posted a message on Villager Books

    I think pregenerated books would be a great way to teach new players. Maybe some stories that hint of places like the nether or the end or even hinting of ocean monuments and woodland mansions.


    "Tande's Nether"--synopsis:A villager's journey to the Nether

    "At World's End"--synopsis:A world found within the Eye of Ender.

    Well I can't think of any other book titles, what do you think? I really like the idea of villager books, but I feel they should hint at the more obscured features of Minecraft that you wouldn't know about unless you looked online.

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    posted a message on Using Parrots and Bats for bird's eyeview.

    Okay since cookies kill birds now and we don't want people imitating Minecraft in real life and feeding their pets chocolate, I'm scraping the golden cookie idea. In fact I think to control parrots we should just use bread.

    Yes I'm aware bread is easy to get, but why not make it something easy to get. Controlling a parrot without any attacks is not really an OP thing. Birds also like bread and it'll be a reference to Zelda Wind Waker.

    I would still want to keep the idea of a voodoo doll for controlling other mobs and feel this item would be a bit more OP. Still need ideas for the voodoo doll crafting recipe. I feel some of the recipes are too hard. I feel the spectator mode of a mob's view is wasted and never is used. Talk about most unused features of Minecraft.

    Anyways I hope this idea gets at the very least a mod, though I feel it would fit in modern day Minecraft as well.

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    posted a message on The ROTATOR

    I'm not sure how this would work seeing that powering this would often activate whatever device you are rotating. At least if you hard power it, soft power wouldn't have this problem.

    Other than the difficulty of use I don't see why not add this. The options of rotation I think should be based off how it's facing. Vertical rotation if horizonal to block and horizonal rotation if placed vertically.

    BTW you can rotate rails by using redstone already.

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    posted a message on Pumpkin + gunpowder = Pumpkin Bombs

    Perhaps limiting the amount of items to be added to pumpkins be 3, much like amount of gunpowder added to fireworks. Reducing the power of the explosion damage to that of a firework and requiring at least 1 gunpowder to craft this might make things less OP. That is the reason I said not to make it stackable.

    So let's say you made one with a Healing potion and Regen, you still need gunpowder so you will take damage and heal much like arrows tipped with healing or Regen.

    I do see how hitting someone with both Poison and Instant damage can seem OP. So perhaps adding a 1sec delay before they explode will make it better.

    As of now it's just an idea that needs polishing as I did not think of PvP when coming up with this. Often I put PvP on the back burner as I'm not a PvP player. So I thank you for your input and will look into ways to adjust this to not be so OP.

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    posted a message on Easier ways to get Leather.

    I'd just add shearing leather armor to get more leather. Low level mobs can drop leather armor which you will throw out anyways, why not use shears on them and get 1 leather?

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    posted a message on Creative Mode Needs More!

    I know Minecraft Edu has custom speech for NPCs, so this wouldn't be hard to implement. I was thinking that they should add a GUI into creative also. It's hard to find, but if you play on a server you often see worldedit and can get the worldedit cui added so you highlight selected blocks along with other features. This is PC of course.

    A simple toolbar change when you hit a button in creative or checkbox would be nice. 9 slots for 9 useful commands.

    Perhaps not in this order but:

    1. Fill>Shape>Select 1>Select 2>Block Type

    Fills shape with selected block type

    2. Copy>Shape>Select 1>Select 2

    Stores as structure named as player I'd

    3. Paste>Rotate/Flip>Shift

    Pastes structure from previous or air if none exist

    4. Replace>Shape>Select 1>Select 2>Old Block>New Block

    Replaces old block with new within shape

    5. Cut>[same as copy]

    Removes blocks after storing

    6. ...

    7. ...

    8. Undo

    9. Redo

    Anyways took these ideas from worldedit and think putting it in the hot bar would be great. Using wireframes much like F3+G does for chunks to show your selections. I'd call this Advanced Creative Mode.

    Sidenote, you can add your own music/sound track and play it using command blocks and resource packs, but again PC only. See Terra Swoop Force as they do that.

    Anyways great idea, love it, support it, and hope to hear more.

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