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    I would be happy with the September release as that commercial suggested. August is basically over now, I am thinking mid September. This is of course only speculation. Why can't they just release Minecraft Playstation Vita Edition now!

    Some more speculation, I would assume that updates will be coming at a much slower rate, as 4j Studios now has 5 consoles to work on instead of 2.
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    Quote from NiallTheAwesome

    Thanks. I will only game for at most 2 hours, and could you ask your friend how much fps he gets? I don't really fancy i3.

    He has the baseline one, from last year. The one you we're looking at is more powerful. I dont know his FPS, but I do know its playable.
    Dell really should use AMD processors for their low end, because an X4 760K would be much better got gaming than a dual core i3.

    I actually have a desktop with almost identical specs to the Alienware you were looking at, so here are a few benchmarks:
    GTX 760
    8GB RAM

    Minecraft with shaders: 55-90 FPS
    Minecraft Vanilla: 350 FPS
    Planetside 2: 70 FPS
    BF4 Ultra: 45-60 FPS

    If you do decide to build, the same build with an i5 instead of an i7 (makes no difference in gaming performance) will save you $500
    I picked out a case that is the about the same size as x51. If you want better airflow, you could go with a bitfenix prodigy or evga hadron air.

    alienware: $1500

    custom: $1000

    If you have $1500 to spend... You could build this epic and WAY more powerful build below
    This build there is literally a beast.. Probably overkill...
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    Quote from XSSheep

    Ughhhhh, if you needed to do some high end rendering them why didn't you mention it earlier?
    Can you at least understand why we're frustrated when you keep this kind of actually important information from us?
    Up until this page you've ONLY mentioned that you want to play Minecraft at 1440p and maybe a few other games.

    Keeping this kind of information to yourself when asking for help with a product that directly affects it is quite frankly, pretty stupid (and not to mention highly annoying for everyone who has been trying to help so far).

    At this point I think I'm done. You've obviously decided you need a 6gb 280x so you might as well report your first post to get a mod or admin to lock this thread so that we can all go about our lives with no more posting a d arguing in this thread.

    Yup, done. This has gone on for 7 pages.
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    Quote from JeremyB796

    And the difference between the 280x and the gtx 780 is still over $100

    and currently over $180 diff between the 770 and 780.

    the 770 and 280x perform the same in games- that doesn't translate to video rendering at all.

    unless you have meaningful proof the 3gb 780 is THAT much better than the 6gb 280x, I am taking your words for the smallest grain of salt I can grind.

    Just get the 280X.

    I'm not a fanboy (in fact I have an nvidia card)

    Just go with the 280X and when you need more performance get a second one. If you dont end up getting a second one, just dial the visual settings down (you said you didnt need the max games).

    Why do we play games? for the content right? Not for the "visuals".

    He has made his decision. Stop arguing, people have been saying 280X since about the first page.
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    Quote from aaronDAYTON

    Still no one has a response to this? I would appreciate it greatly if I could get some feedback...

    Remove all other mods and try. All.

    It might also be because your on a Mac. There seems to be a problem with SEUS on macs.
    Quote from bodil4o

    Hey guys, I have a problem... Colors not working properly :/ Sometimes instead of blue, it's...black?
    Could anybody help me? I have i7 2600k, 8GB RAM, GTX560Ti. I run shaders on 120fps+ but that's my problem.
    Another one is that if I use DOF and start fraps recording, it'd BLUR out the whole thing O_O Could that be fixed too?

    The flame thing is a bug caused by a feature, that makes might look better (gray scale). Not sure about the recording thing though, my computer isn't strong enough to record.
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    I am leaving the PE forums, and I think all of the people who are constantly active should get a thanks!

    I tried to be a:

    Texture pack maker
    Map maker
    Clan owner...

    None of them were succesful, nor as easy as I thought they would be, i think all of those map makers, modders, etc, deserve a big THANKS, because it isnt easy, and they do it for OUR enjoyment!

    Wait! I cant forget the moderators, spending their time, moderating the forums, making sure we dont have "I saw herobrine" topics everywhere ;)

    And then there are those people, who went around just helping people and giving advice, what I tried to be recently
    If anybody recived any helpful advice from me please tell me :)

    So I say THANK YOU to the whole entire PE comunity! Bye guys!
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    Quote from FastCraft


    Also, how do you make higher res shadows now? I can't do it the way I did before. *screams and runs away*

    Its a new thing added, the closer you are, the clearer the shadows... Like in real life, shadows get blurrier the farther they go.I might scream and run away because I cant use them! (Not acually sure why, I could run RC7)
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    posted a message on Dark's Art Shop [Avatars] [Character Drawings] [Backrounds] \\\CLOSED///
    Hey darkcraftersssss here and I am here to make art for you people! (Not robots :P )
    So that's pretty much it, all you need to do Is fill out the form below and I will make the avatar/picture.
    If you don't want things [EX: text] you can just put "none".

    PRICE = 1+ to this topic

    Skin: (can also be an animal)









    I will be sure to try by best!
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    posted a message on CubeBlock Survival 2.0 [Latest: v4, It's Here! Download Now!]
    Quote from iAbstract

    Sorry I haven't been active guys, I read all the comments. It's just that the forums are becoming more and more boring for me, I've lost interest. I read all the comments and thanks for the support. Thanks Gamerz for the Pictures, I'll add them :)

    Download it, there's a link.

    Now that I think about it, what am I really doing in the forums? Saying "good map" or something like that...
    It seems like Minecraft Pocket Edition forums are getting sort of boring, at the moment... It is one of those times when nothing is released and we are just waiting.

    I finished the picture :)
    Quote from SHiftER2O

    Well, it's your choice. It's close to what happened to me so I understand what you feel. Stay cool bro :D

    Glad to have you back :)
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    posted a message on [RELEASE][iOS] Carbon PE for 0.7.1 - Mod Menu - DOWNLOAD LINK UP AND ONLINE!
    Quote from Tonymetzger

    lol the dip haha 69 posts

    Inappropriate...And immature.
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