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    While playing minecraft I decided to create a custom map. While I was thinking of an idea for it, I thought that it would be interesting to try creating a rpg custom map that includes classes specs skills etc. so I started creating my own map. I'm hoping that I will be able to create a demo of the map so I can post on the official map forums for updates. For now, I have some pictures explaining what it will be like. I also decided that I will make this series a collection of rpg maps once I'm done with the first one. The first map, which is the one I'm showing called Apprentice, because it's about a weakling who learns how to fight and learns skills, while completing quests for the king.

    Working on:

    Area: Beached on a desert

    Starting/spawning area

    Command block count:

    More in depth gameplay with command blocks

    Complete with custom potion effects

    Ready for battle before you fight with a custom battle entrance and exit system

    Includes Custom Items and mobs

    It also includes a story line, vital to any rpg.

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    sorry, commanderFTW
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    1. IGN: danieljsmith
    2. Age: 13
    3. Timezone: mountain
    4. Any Experience with prison servers? yes, I was actually a builder for the prison, and I would like to be a part of it, and perhaps help build again. Other than that I have nearly been free on another server
    5. Have you read the rules? Yes
    6. Why are you the best choice for Guard? I have helped this server before, and I want to help in again. I would be a great addition to your guards, and would be a great builder.
    7. What is your current rank on the server?(Take A Screenshot of your rank, incase you retire.)

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    I tried opening the file, it asked me if it's ok to run it, and I said yes, but nothing happened. I'm running windows 7 if it helps.
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    • IGN: danieljsmith
    • Age (optional): 13
    • Any experience with building? Yes, I am working on a minecraft replica of Disneyland, and I have done a few parkour maps.
    • Any experience with prison servers? Yes, I have played on a few and they are now my favorite type of server.
    • Why do you want to help build the prison? I want to have better building experience, see how jail servers are made, and see the work come out to a good server.
    • When can you come online at most? Usually about one hour a day, maybe more or less.
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    I have a mod request about being able to recruit mobs, make fortresses, and destroy other mobs. If you could, make it with alliances and enemies you could create, and different mobs with different roles (ex. Farmer creeper, Fighting creeper, Mining creeper). If you decide to create this mod, credit me for the idea, and post a link to it in this forum. Thank You.
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