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    posted a message on How to make any commands multiplayer

    This easy to follow redstone mixed with commands tutorial I made let's any command creation you make multi-player friendly s OK now all your amazing creations can be put into realms or servers for anyone to enjoy hope you like my system bye.

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    posted a message on Shop command

    This is a new shop gui if made with a chest to allow player shops and server shops in vanilla Minecraft enjoy the tutorial commands in description

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    posted a message on Custom message for servers/realms command

    This Minecraft command Block tutorial server commands for custom messages basically you know how on PC you join a server and it say welcome to server and your username well I'm show you how to make that super easy and only a few command blocks enjoy

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    posted a message on Minecraft comes alive command

    This command creation takes villagers and make it where you can marry and have baby's have them follow you and set a home just like the PC mod hope you enjoy this command block tutorial

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    posted a message on Crazy seed

    In this seed showcase we take a comment from my video and use there user name as the seed and I have to say worked out well as a seed anyway if you like to see what you YouTube name is check the video below

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    posted a message on Battle tower function

    This function is a battle tower pack if you don't know what that is a battle tower is a structure that spawns with mobs and loot in the tower and your job is to battle your way up the floors where loot and mobs get harder this function is all done with commands scoreboard fill and setblock to make this pack work the tower will spawn in your world random as you explore just like the PC mod battle towers hope you like and enjoy this beta functions pack I made let me know of any issues or bugs with the pack also a like and comment would be epic and subscribe if your new

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    posted a message on Xbox one shaders pack

    This is a test shaded I got for bedrock edition on the Xbox one you can still play one window 10 and mcpe as well but the goal is to make a working Xbox one shades pack so let me know how this works and what I can change

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    posted a message on Summon house with fnctions

    This is a function I made in 9hours it summons a house with a single txt file works on Xbox One mcpe windows 10 and switch so aka the bedrock edition and it works on Java Dino you want anymore functions that spawn things let me know bye.

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    posted a message on All particles commands

    This is how the the new particles command added in Minecraft bedrock beta 1.8.10 there are 10 and some more added soon you can have fun using these particles to make mods explode with color and make spells or just use them to make better server or however you like enjoy

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    posted a message on Halloween lucky block command

    This system is not hard in fact it's so easy just follow along with the tutorial learn some new tricks I used like custom crafting, setblock with entities detection an much more over 10 hours of work to make fully working and I'll show you in less than 5min can't beat that also comment any cool concepts I'll try to make them

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    posted a message on Fortnite shadow form command

    This command is very simple for a cool effect to achieve the Fortnite shadow form of season 6 this is command replaces the enderpearl to instant teleport the player 10 block the direction that look was well as give them invisibility and weaknesses just like Fortnite as you can't attack player in this form you can go through wall and jump extremely high and glide down slowly over all its a fun command to play with in a pvp map enjoy

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    posted a message on Youtuber smp modded server

    I'm looking for any youtubers to join this modded survival I'm making server will be out soon here is a clip of the server so far and a few mods I have added commands and more the idea to this server is to get a community of youtubers to join and have some fun meet new people and grow and collaborate with each other the goal is to be like hermitcraft on bedrock edition.

    To join

    You must have 100 subs and upload at least 1 time a week on the server if any questions just msg me on YouTube or find my social media in the video below

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    posted a message on Realistic sleeping in mcpe - bedrock edition commands

    This is how to make a realistic sleep machine that slow down players as night passes if they don't sleep in a bed also works in servers this makes your world's a little more fun to play on

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    posted a message on Cool spell command using ry and rym

    This command uses scoreboard and some player looking down them up to execute a command very fun and great to make commands with I never seen someone use this method so I made on for everyone to play with enjoy

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    posted a message on Minecraft Magic Addon

    Magicá - A completely incomplete guide

    You can no longer level up from killing mobs, mining ores etc after you’ve done something magic. In order to gain levels, you need to infuse yourself with a formula.
    Your experience bar is now a mana bar. Upon holding specific items, it’ll function as a counter to show how long you’re magically infused.

    Getting started
    Witches and skeletons now drop formulas. Formulas are consumable, weak spells you can use while interacting with other entities.
    Use a transformation formula on a chicken
    Use an infusion formula on a villager
    You now have a magician villager. He is the crafting table of this addon

    You can now find new ores underground. Requirements: difficulty peaceful & mobspawning = true In order to quickly locate ores for your video, use the command /tp @s @e type=shulker, c=1. If no ores are left, kill all entities to speed up ore spawning kill @e type=!player.
    In order to mine an ore, you need an iron pickaxe. Hit the ore while holding it and the corresponding shard drops.

    Magic Weapons
    This addon adds five new, powerful & truly magical weapons. The weapons have different abilities depending on the element they were made out of

    Wizarding I - For Beginners
    Unlike witches, you cannot fight with magic itself. In order to cast a spell, you need an Infusable Stone and one of the five different gems. Each gem is bound to a different spell.
    Take a gem into your main hand
    A counter starts and you’ll see particles around you representing the elemental gem you selected
    Now throw the Infusable Stone. A part of your magic power is now part of the projectile. Upon hitting an entity or a block, the magic transported starts to take effect
    If you throw the Infusable Stone without being infused, you immediately get it back into your inventory

    Wizarding II - Infusion
    You might have noticed a countdown kicking in while holding the infusion formula. You can also infuse yourself to level up. In order to do that, hold the formula until the timer runs out. You get 40 levels and your formula turns into an empty one. (Due to a MCBE bug, the inventory doesn’t visually update after the item changed. You need to manually do that by moving it)

    Wizarding III - Revolution
    There are five new, functional blocks made out of the gems.
    Water Block - Creeper explosions are not dangerous if they’re in a specific radius around this block
    Fire Block - Smelts ice & snow in a small radius
    Air Block - Skeletons spawned in a radius around this block start levitating
    Earth Block - Zombies spawned in a radius around this block receive damage
    Magicá Block - ???

    Create a world and toggle Education Edition features. Make sure BP & RP are activated

    In the early-access version, you can kill a creeper to get all items this addon adds.



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