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    Quote from BigR111

    Hi every 1
    i am going to make an RPG server but first i need to build all the places in the future i will add skills classes quests and much more but i need help in building every thing like spawn and castles and kingdoms for all the classes every 1 will be in creative mod for the start and when the server will be done we will make it survival
    so i am going to make a whitelist every 1 can join hacked accounts and the ones who buyed the game

    1.Don't do any thing until you are told to
    3.Have fun and invite friends ;D

    for the start i will need some help in building the first area when some 1 joins the server i want it to be like a village and from there people start doing quests and pick what kingdoms they want to be and all that

    so this is the village area


    and i got skype if you guys want to add me z00m88 btw server is on most of the time but not 24/7 so if you guys want to know you can just try to refresh some times or just add me on skype and i will tell you guys

    Guys and write as a reply your minecraft name so i can add you to the White list
    and write your age,and rate your self from 1-10 how good are you at building and add a picture of some thing you have builded and how much time you are playing minecraft already and write if you are good at WorldEdit or VoxelSniper.

    if you wont write all the stuff requested i wont even look at your reply and you have to put a pic of some thing you builded

    you can upload picture's from imgur

    and if you want to use the server texture this is the download link http://www.mediafire...183adu3ccbj0k46
    and this is the MC patcher link http://www.minecraft...-fixed-compass/
    (MC patcher you need it to run the texture-pack)

    People joined so far: 26

    Plugins: Worldedit,Voxelsniper

    Ideas to build:
    we are going to think about some guilds to add and then we will build each guild a guild house
    Quarry [in Mine]
    Tree Orchard
    Warehouses [1 Stone, 1 Wheat]
    Stable [For 6 Horses]
    Inns [The Red Hand, The King's Arms]
    Piers [1 Seaside, 1 Lakeside]
    Trading Ship
    Wheat Field
    City Wall
    Informational Center
    Venerable Sage's Shack
    The Harbor
    Sailors Barracks

    you can even build your own town or kingdom if you like 2

    if you think about more ideas tell me and i will add them :D

    Thanks :D
    Hey dude ca u whitelist me i have ur ip on my server board and i want to come on
    I haz GREAT building skills i am very good at making details so i would love to join on ur server
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    Quote from MrBlackPotato

    I am developing a minecraft server, and am in need of help. I am looking for dedicated, and experienced minecraft players, to help develop the server and become permanent ops. If you have always wanted to be an op on a server now is your chance! If you are interested, copy the form below and leave a comment with it filled in.

    In-Game Name:daisylucy01
    Email:[email protected]
    Experience/Skills:built GAINT wood castle in other server details and such
    Other Info (optional) :
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