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    you might want to fiddle with TE and your mod now that it's multipart compatible, at the moment moving a conduit results in it disappearing and leaving behind an invisible block.
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    Quote from marcopolo1613

    I had an awesome Idea. with cubic chunks you could put the nether below the world, and have nether portals just be a 2x3 hole where render/playerCoords transfer through, so the nether portal would be a gateway to the nether.

    you have it to where if the player passes through the portal, his coords change to the appropriate location in the nether.
    and for rendering, have a mirrorish/fog and only load a few chunks on the other side, and have the vectors fetch from the other chunks when viewed through the gate.
    the rendering might be hard, but the player thing is a classic programming trick that has existed since 8-bit "snake".

    Someone actually put up a video last year where they did something similar that might interest you.

    If you could pull this off in minecraft there is much more you could do with it then just making the nether portals. You could make Portal better, make a Tardis, and numerous other things that come to mind,
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    So very glad to see you back Kalin, you where pretty much the first modder who's methods I admired.
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    Quote from MaRul


    Here is a guy that did mostly all of the Myst games as let's plays except Myst 3. If you like to watch let's plays.


    This guy did Myst 3 well.


    Good to know but I think i actually want to play them, we'll find out if that holds true or not in which case I'll probably watch those. Can't seem to find my favorite of the three books and the first one chronologically so I'm stuck reading The Book of Atrus
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    Quote from XCompWiz

    That's a good point... :tongue.gif: Hadn't thought of that. I can just make them take damage over time (they actually have health, though it isn't respected if you pick it up).

    One of the biggest problems with the Forge compatibility is how much work would actually be involved, and I'd have to wait for them (or work with them) to implement the multidimension system I've already implemented... And we'd have to do it in a way that didn't break compatibility with the other mods already using Forge. Furthermore, if I need to make more changes or revise other systems then I'd be constrained in what I can do. I'll try to make the ModLoader patch (assuming Risugami allows it), but I'm not planning on working towards Forge compatibility. Sorry.

    Hmmm well at the very least I would catch Eloraam on IRC and talk to her at least once about the possibilities. I imagine if anyone can figure out a way to do it easily that also knows their way around Forge it would be her. I don't expect it to happen overnight or anything like that but I would suggest against Discounting it entirely so quickly.

    As well in lieu of forge support since it's open source I imagine it would be just as easy (if not easier) to do merged classes for forge as it would be to make them for Modloader, as most of the big tech mods use it.

    In the end though I do realize it's your mod and you do this for fun and no matter what I'll have an eye on where you take this mod even if I don't actually use it because of incompatability.
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    Quote from XCompWiz
    I'm glad it at least looks cool. :wink.gif:
    I know, but I don't believe it CAN be a ModLoader mod. I had to do some serious stuff to the world model, particularly on the server. I might look into it, but I don't think ModLoader supports hotloading arbitrary dimensions.
    And I believe I stated in the Installation section that it is likely to be 'incompatible with every other content mod that exists for Minecraft.' :tongue.gif:

    I -highly- suggest talking to the people working on Minecraft Forge. In case you haven't heard of it, it's an open source, wide scoped, API that aims to provide any and all hooks a modder could possibly want. Spacetoad and Eloraam are the main developers to talk to I believe.

    On the note of writing mechanics May I suggest something like the Enchanting table that involves a bit of chance as well as some choice and add in some actual craft mechanics and it could be something quite interesting.

    As far as the crafting mechanics:

    I imagine something like you go out and find a rare type of tree, cut it down process it in some complicated fashion to make the paper and soon after the book.

    For the ink you again have to go out and explore searching for a rare squid (or plant?) that you have to then process into the ink and from there you could have it craft into a pen and inkwell and then a writing desk that is actually a pseudo container in that when you open it, it has a bunch of various D'ni phrases each representing your attempt at describing something. The words you would pull out of the container should never actually empty and dropping them onto the ground or into your inventory should automatically make them disappear. As well if you could make it so that taking words out would somehow lower the amount of ink available so that you'd eventually have to refill it that would be stellar. Finally have it so to open it you have to be holding a linking book (or some ink to refill it?) then it shows on one side the book in the background of a bunch of inventory slots (perhaps with where you place the words in the book determining where that feature ends up in the world?) and on the other side the available words.

    The words them selves would have a specific meaning. The simplified explanation would be there would be several words that described how much of something there was in the age, sort of like "a little", "Very", "A metric ton of". And then there would be other words that were for using with those that would say what there is "a metric ton of" for example mountains, wildlife, water. Not sure how else to go about doing it but I'm sure you get the idea. A few other more specific words I can think of would be what setting the age is in (e.g. nether, underground, normal island age, sky island etc.)

    Then when you finish the book there would be some random stuff in the background for example a tiny chance to get a very resource heavy world, or if it might randomly have a high abundance of materials for making more books, or ends up being a world inhabited by a village or instead crazy demons.

    Another option you would have when writing a book would be to write a book to wherever your standing, thus allowing you to write return books, books to specific part of an age etc.

    Though all of this would likely be a ton of coding, you would be able to get most if not all of the aspects of the art of D'ni writing. Including miswritten worlds that are unstable and eventually collapse (indicated by tremors and randomly appearing volcanos or other appropriate disastrous event depending on the setting), Copying books (just write a book with identical word layout and it links to the same age), writing books back to the original world or just to specific places within an Age.

    This Got a bit long but my brainstorms tend to do that, the only thing i can't really figure out is how to go about doing the processing of the ink and wood but I'll be back if I can think of anything interesting. I hope some of this is helpful, I realize some of it may not be doable but I tried to keep it to the possible if maybe a bit difficult.

    Finally just want to say good luck and thanks for making this mod, should be awesome however you decide to take it.

    [Edit] Oops almost forgot, colors and/or titling for books would be good for keeping straight what book goes where.
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    I'm not really a coder but I imagine the easiest way to do this would be to take Notches Moonlight/torchlight/sunlight texture gradient thing:

    and create one that has a full range of colors:

    Then you'd just need to change the lighting engine to use it correctly. Though I imagine that's the hard part.
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    Quote from Ridous

    Reread some older posts and fixed it =D

    O.o People Actually do that?!?!

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    Quote from JillianSwift

    Can't put covers on BC pipes because covers are a tile entity data, in short RP2 covers/wires/tubes all share a block and BC pipes aren't part of that structure. Moving BC pipes might still be a problem 'cause of their functionality - i.e. what to do about their contents etc.

    Once again I'm not talking about having issues with Frames moving BC pipes I'm talking about BC pipes being inside frames >.< please try to follow a line of conversation before replying.

    From what I got from what Eloraam has said frames will be able to move all but a very few special cases of tile entity blocks. And even then that's because it will likely react badly with it not because frames can't move it.

    No Non RP blocks will not be able to be -inside- of frames, if she can't do it with something as comparatively simple as covers then there's no way it's going to happen with something as complex as frames.

    Yes Frames will be able to move *insert random mod*'s tile entity blocks barring some unforseen code clash that Eloraam will likely fix thereafter
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    Quote from Oswarlan

    re-write? i dont even think it would be possible to make redpower work within vanilla MC... (i could be wrong, but im sure i would be insanely difficult)

    It's possible but you probably wouldn't want it, eloraam has said that she uses nearly every single hook in Forge so to make a non forge version would need to edit every single class that forge changes and as such would be just as incompatible as forge is.
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