About Me
I was first introduced to Lifestyle servers by the OhGamings Wild West Modpack/Server. After about a year of playing I quit due to drama with friends. It was very hard for me to quit but I knew it was for the best (I also had a serious addiction to this server where I would play for hours) I then played on mini game servers like mineplex and hive. So one day I was bored and decided to download some new modpacks. Then I found two modpacks. But I had one mod in one pack that I really wanted in the other one. Thats when I started experimenting with files and put all the mods I wanted into the one mods file in one modpack. Then it updated and I lost all the extra mods I had installed. Thats when I decided to make my own modpack. I had tried to make a modpack in the past, and looking back on that I was such a newb. Now I was better with files and stuff. After trial and error I finally got all the mods to cooperate and Jamie's magical life modpack was born. Then I realized that no one would know who I was in game so I changed my minecraft name from crystalstar1 to JamieStar. Then I wanted to make a server for me and my friends to play on. Then stuff didn't work, then more stuff didn't work. Then it worked. Then when the server thingy popped up on the multiplayer thing in which it said 0/20. Then I realized that you can have 20 people on a server so I wanted to make a server like OhGamings Wild West. I'm still working on it so yeah.

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Minecraft JamieStar