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    posted a message on Enhancements: Taking the chance out of enchanting.

    All the item quantities need to be rebalanced, but that's not a terribly important issue.

    The overall idea is similar to what I've been thinking, but I don't quite agree on the general allocation of items to enchantment effects. It's too focused on trying to give an item a thematically appropriate effect, and not enough on whether the actual effects are nice or if the final pool of possible enchantments looks good as a big picture.

    Rather than sockets, how about this:

    Placing enhancements reduces the max durability of an item. The value scales up with more/harder enhancements, but it is a fixed number rather than a percentage of total durability. This inherently makes diamond the best material for enhancements, although I never really thought about how to make gold tools useful.

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    posted a message on Eliminate tedium in legit vanilla Java/Bedrock games

    1) I support more ender pearl drops, but not more spawns. They're still mob griefers. Maybe make them spawn more often under certain conditions, like no water or large quantities of obsidian. Not by a lot, but enough to get ~10 pearls. You can stop there, but then I suggest that pearls that hit obsidian or some other less common block get a 100% chance to spawn endermites.

    2) Too many people have all sorts of comments regarding enchantments. The topic is too big, so I'll refrain in this case.

    3) Roads? Yes. Emerald quests? I think it solves the problem, but I think it's an overly ambitious change. I'd rather have more convenient tools to reset a villager's profession/trade UI as well as general QoL improvements.

    It IS a little sad that the most reliable way to keep them safe is in a farm, though.

    4) Slimes(and pearls) are the only ones that need help. Clay is an alright material, it's not like sticky pistons and long fall pits break progression.

    5) Nice. Might be too tough for easy mode, so maybe a normal/hard buff.

    6) Sure?

    7) I think there's a datapack for that

    8) That's a lot of extra work that Mojang doesn't seem in a hurry to do. The base infrastructure to make it possible seems to be ready in mods, but you'd still be copypasting a LOT of text, and making a good chunk from scratch.

    9, 10) eh. Don't feel strongly enough to comment on

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    posted a message on Vanilla Enchanting Overhaul

    I like the general intent of this, it's like a consolidated vanilla enchanting mod.

    Some of the ideas are overpowered. Power becomes even more useful than Sharpness or Power(bow). If someone offers to make this, I could fix things up here and there.

    The main issue though, is the change to the tier system and enchanting mechanics. That's stretching the limits of still being "vanilla enchanting", and I suggest leaving an option that sticks a little closer to what exists.

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    posted a message on Add Coconuts please

    Personally I'd make a few adjustments.

    Assuming the coconuts only grow on sand, falling coconuts should embed themselves in the sand. Coconuts that fall on other coconuts should despawn, or collect to a cap of like 3 or 4 coconuts.

    Mechanically, saturation sounds good. No need to complicate things with husks or coconut juice.

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