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    First Name: Titus
    IGN: MrBTSilver
    What kind of Mic: Logitech Headset
    Age: 14
    Role you want to be: Body Actor or Voice Actor (YouTube)
    Skype: btsilver13
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    Dear KhonkaTV,

    I'm not going to coddle you, so here we go. Well you sounded awfully bored, if your bored your audience is bored. I watched your latest video, well the first 6 mins and it was pretty good. Your computer runs pretty smoothly, you don't see that very often with smaller youtubers Audio was good. If I was to rate your channel on a 1-10 scale I'd give you a 7, a C+. You need to make your videos a bit more entertaining, your voice needs more energy, you could turn your game's volume about 10%. You need a regular upload sceldule, I would say at least 1 episode every 2 day cause on your channel your uploads are 1 day, 1 day, 4 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 3 weeks, 3 weeks. You see what I mean? Stick with your two series you got. But if you want to get another handful of subs..... You should have a partner youtuber and start a new series about the mod FTB or Tekkit, FTB really "in" right now. Try your best not to slip out foul language cause you'll lose a few subs for foul language. I love your intro! But it could use a little more! There one rule about intros, NEVER EVER have a white screen. White Screen= BORING. But, But, But if the white screen is occupied by a lot of items than your fine. Your channels says your in Australia if you are finding a partner is gonna be more challenging because most youtubers that play minecraft are in the USA. As Alzorath said, you do trail off and start mumbling I don't know what you can do about that but he has already address that so there is no need for me to repeat him. Alzorath would probally make a good youtube partner he has pretty good subs and videos so you should check him out and try to work something out. So........ as I told you in the beginning of this long review of you channel, I did not coddle, and I reported what you should do. I hope this will help you with your channel! And Good Luck in the Youtube Business. I will later post another review in a few weeks to see how you,ve progress, I will either do it on the forums or comment on one of your vids!


    crisseanj123 ( A friend trying to help)
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