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    posted a message on Could amazon have rejected 0.7.0?
    Quote from SmileSlime

    i hope they tweet soon...

    Knowing amazon, just wait a year.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w23a Ready For Testing!
    Lol, dinnerbone removed doc because of UHC LOOOOOL.
    Quote from doublebwl

    That docm77 mob sounds like a new creature! Or am I not understanding computer language? (Which is highly plausible.)

    Yeah they removed it becaue it killed dinnerbone in testing.
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    posted a message on Could amazon have rejected 0.7.0?
    With all the bugs that I read about, could amazon have rejected the update and be waiting for 0.7.1/0.8.0?
    (I swear to god if they wait for 0.8.0 I will destroy the amazon appstore HQ)
    Or are they just being lazy as they usualy are?
    And dont try to give me the 'Its a slower device so it will take longer to come out'. thats just a load of crap and lies. I have NEVER had lag on a kinde MCPE EVER!
    (Not sure if its the same for everyone but... yeah, you get my point)
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    posted a message on The End beat in 7 hours Hard SOLO

    Difficulty is fine.
    Minecraft is not meant to be extremely hard.
    Although hardcore wouldn't be out of the question.
    If you want a hard game play Arma without sniping in ghillie suit.

    NO! JUST NO!
    And its not meant to be hard, your right.
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    posted a message on The End beat in 7 hours Hard SOLO
    Lol, 7 hours, more like 30 mins for me. Was WAY to easy. Enderacid needs more of an effect. Like a poison effect or something like that? For all I care, they can call the effect Enderacid or Acid.
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    posted a message on MCXBLA OFFICIAL KNOWN BUGS LIST [TU9/10]
    Quote from CaliMeatWagon

    Game freezes my XBox anytime I'm building/destroying something and somebody jumps on my map. Really freaking annoying and I had to set my game to "Invite Only" and get everybody to stop moving or doing anything while somebody attempts to jump on my map.

    It's not a glitch from my understanding. Even in the "Over World" you can't break blocks past a certain limit (Y:2 I believe)

    Actually you can break blocks at y: 2 in the overworld and in the end. I think I know what's going on though. It might be that 4j used similar code to what the overworld uses for bedrock. Since you can't break past y: 1 in the overworld, the game thinks that its in the overworld, and in return, you can't break it... Unless of course you use tnt. And speaking of tnt, I don't see any lag with tnt on my xbox... Could the lag only be on a certain xbox. Like only the original xbox 360 gets the lag and the xbox 360 s (The black one) not get any (or your xbox memory might be getting full and you might need to clear some space :P )?
    Just a guess, but anything is possible.

    Quote from X_crafter

    Sometimes when you open your inventory the first item in your hotbar goes into your inventory by itself.

    That.Bug.Sucks. I swear I don't know how many times I've needed my sword and died because it went in my inventory automatically.

    Quote from sam3fan

    This update has seriously degraded the playable performance of minecraft and Mojang needs to immediately take some of that $$$$ they made breaking all of the records they brag about and FIX THIS !!!!

    You spelled 4j wrong. Mojang doesn't decide what goes in xbox edition... And grow up, shi* happens.
    Quote from BanOly127

    45. It's rainy almost every 2 days! And storms are frequent also.

    Sounds like mindcrack server weather XD.
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    posted a message on [W.I.P][1.4.7][Forge] Ace of Spades Mod [3D Models, Multiplayer]
    Quote from Maybe0ne

    Show it ! And thanks , i think will be able the enchant on rifle, in the next update.

    Ok, just wondering. Its almost done uploading, but youtube render times for minecraft are CRAP!
    Trust me.
    Oh, and btw, I dont know if its a bug or not, but in creative mode you need bullets to shoot the rifle. And just asking, will the command station have a crafting recipe or is it creative only? Same with the AOS blocks.
    EDIT: Here is the video :D : .
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    posted a message on Minecraft-Unlimited Server
    Could I have admin, or mod if not? If yes email me at [email protected]
    Or PM my account :).
    But ill join anyway.
    My In Game Name it The_CGC
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    posted a message on Mod Request: Squid Mod IOS
    Quote from Joe_Lin_1

    U no that sky hates squids right?

    We all know that, hes saying that you kill all the squids in the map. What did you think he was talking about, meth?
    Just kidding LOL. But that would be a nice mod. Now all we need is to be able to eat the butter we get and life in minecraft would be set :) (HINT,HINT MODERS, MAKE IT HAPPEN)
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    posted a message on Creepers are deadlier?
    Quote from Evilwillhunting

    It could be my imagination but I could swear that Creepers have gotten much deadlier lately.

    In fact, if they are at arm's length and explode (which happens pretty darn often since this game likes to spawn them right behind you), you die. One hit kill. I could have sworn in the past that only did 3/4 of a lifebar of damage.


    One killed me in my full diamond. Full health. IN MY OWN HOUSE TO!!!! Freaking No clipping creepers :/
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