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    posted a message on Special Chunks
    For the second type:

    What I wanted to say was that agressive and hostile mobs would rather not be there, but I forgot to say that.

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    My idea would be to have some chunks with specific abilities, like the slime chunk that spawns slimes in caves.

    1. Ore chunk - This chunk would have way more ores than in other ones. It also has less liquids (underground).

    2. Anti-mob chunk - This would be a chunk that mobs would rather not go to, and if there would be a mob in the chunk it will try to escape.

    3. Crop chunk - A chunk that makes crops grow faster/slower than in other ones. This would also work for trees.

    4. Hostile chunk - Hostile chunks would have more agressive mobs spawn in, and even more hostile ones while peaceful mobs would rather leave the chunk.

    5. Lucky chunk - This chunk would give you extra luck while you're in it. You have a bigger chance of getting better loot while fishing, you would get more XP, and you might get multiple coals/diamonds from one ore block.

    Of course these things probably won't ever become a reality, but it's still fun to think about.

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    posted a message on 5 command ideas

    Note: I use the Bedrock version of Minecraft so some of these commands might be real in the Java edition

    1. Lock kill

    -Using a command /lockkill <player> <time in seconds> you can lock a player from the world once (s)he dies. This would be similar like /ban, however it triggers only if the player is killed. /unlockkill <player> would be used to unlock a player right now.

    2. Spawn Radius

    -The command /spawnradius <x> <y> <z> <player> would be used if operators would like players to spawn on a random location inside of a specified radius. For example, /spawnradius 5 1 3 @s would make me be able to spawn at a random location with the x radius being 5, y radius 1 and z radius 3.

    3. Reconnect

    -Used for servers, /reconnect <player> would be used to kick out a player, and immediately make them connect back.

    4. Change command

    -You could use /command <x> <y> <z> <command> <options> to change a command in a specified command block. Not really sure if this is real or not, but it would really be useful.

    5. Gravity

    -This may feel like a weird command, but I think it looks cool. /gravity <blocks per second> would be used to change the gravity for all entities in the world. It would be interesting how people could use this for parkour - if you did -1 you can do reverse parkour :steve_sillyface:

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    posted a message on An unneeded but interesting suggestion for Minecraft

    In real life, walls are very thin so they don't take too much space, but in Minecraft they're a whole meter in length, height and depth. Imagine there being two rooms and from both rooms there are walls, but the colors are different for each room; so that will take you two entire blocks for a wall. So how cool would it be if you could do it to be a block thin, yet still have different colours on the side?

    Let's call this a paintbrush. It's crafting recipe would be a stick down and the middle, with a random dye on the top. The paintbrush will have durability and will work in a way that when right-clicking the side of a block, it will get colored. This would be useful for coloring redstone signal so you can see what goes where, or maybe you can color sand, because why not.

    And when you accidentally put color on something you don't want to be painted, you can craft a water brush to remove it by putting two more sticks in the crafting table, but with a water bottle on the top.

    | | |

    If you think this is interesting or you have a suggestion, reply down vvv


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    posted a message on Ideas for redstone

    There are just way too many things you need cheats to make, so I was thinking of some redstone ideas:

    1. Block Rotator (clockwise and counter clockwise)

    Rotates block once every time redstone is on. Imagine a dispenser shooting fireballs in 4 sides! (better usage in creative)

    2. Redstone Input Block

    You can right-click it and it opens a menu: it has 3 slots and you can insert quartz/gold. For every 2 quartz / 1 gold it gives more input into redstone, like a 5% chance of 20 more redstone inputs. 20% chance of 10 more input, 35% chance of 8, and else is 6. When the block is destroyed, the power is still in and you don't get the items until you check inside again. It works with hoppers. (better usage in survival)

    3. Mashed Redstone Repeater

    Two repeaters in one! It gets input from two sides and outputs redstone in the other two sides! This could be used if you don't have enough space (normal usage in both modes)

    4. Redstone... Powerlight or something?

    How cool would it be if there would be a light that could power all redstone wires in a 5-block spherical radius? Very! Imagine the usage-if you have a survival map with secret redstone - it can be power by light! Something also interesting would be if you could colour the lights, so it doesn't feel too suspicious, but instead decorative.... (better usage in creative)

    5. Long Piston

    With a starting point of 2 blocks high, the long piston would push more than a normal one. If you connect it to one wire, 2 blocks. Two - 3 blocks. Three - 5. Four - 10, and five - it extends until it has to stop. The way to use it isn't too practical, however I wanna see you try to think of something better. (better usage in creative)

    Anyways, those are 5 ideas I've got to create new redstone blocks. Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Stone paths (like sea pickles)

    Nothing. They do nothing, however I suggested this because all builders would enjoy it. And of course there would be a limit.

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    posted a message on Stone paths (like sea pickles)

    Well, yeah. I thought of it that way. And based on my thoughts, I don't think it's the best, however this is my suggestion on the crafting system:

    :cobblestone: :: :cobblestone:

    Thanks for the appreciation!

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    posted a message on Light sensor


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    posted a message on 5 ways to improve XP usage

    I think that experience is stupid. You can get 50 levels by mining 2 whole chunks, and you can waste it on one enchantment book. It's just not worth it to go look for many dungeons to find bottles of XP! So here are 5 ideas on how to improve it.

    1. Store it

    -When you die you lose all of your XP and that is annoying. Maybe you could craft a special bottle that could store a whole level, and instead of splashing it, you drink it and receive the empty bottle..? It could also be cool to store it in a block, and then just click it to bring the XP to you.

    2. Redstone Power

    -Maybe if there's XP in the XP holder, it could power a short amount of redstone, full block making 15 blocks of redstone..? This would be an interesting thing for single player maps, for those with less command block skills and more redstone.

    3. Achievements/Advancements

    -Why aren't there any xp-related achievements/advancements in Minecraft? It would be way more interesting if that was real. And it would probably be way more useful in Bedrock Edition where you get points from Xbox One. Example achievements:

    A ) Get 20 levels of XP B ) Waste 50 levels of XP in one book C ) Store 25 levels of XP in container

    4. Crafting Recipe

    -It doesn't have to be too easy to get, however maybe there should be a recipe for XP bottles. For example:

    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:

    :Glass: :-(o): :Glass:

    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:

    And maybe this could give you 7,8... 12 XP bottles at once...? I don't know. However you may like this one:

    5. TRADE XP

    -Maybe clerics need to up their game. They sell even ender pearls which for some players are hard to get. How about a trade where an emerald gives you a few XP bottles and vice versa? Or maybe villagers need a new type-magician. He can sell stuff like the XP bottle, totem of undying (wait a minute how can they get that from illagers that are almost like pillagers), and maybe even things from the Nether (count that as a bonus.)!

    Now maybe some of these things are great maybe some of these things disgust you, however one thing is certain: these old items need a change! Have any ideas? Feel free to share them! Anyways, thank you for reading.

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    posted a message on Stone paths (like sea pickles)

    Basically mulitple tiny stone cubes in one block. And the more you place, the more there can be in a single block. Basically like sea pickles. This would probably be used in building in the future a lot.

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