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    posted a message on [TOOL][WIP] Minecraft Mob Maker [v0.2.1] (3/9/2011)
    Quote from CatManX

    Btw guys, you need to have the Java Sdk installed.
    And its working for me, I have Window 7 64 BIT. I will post screenshots later.
    And you also must know how to properly set up MCP, which is probably impossible for 12 year old kids. Do not whine on how to do these simple steps bro.
    Guys sorry, I cant get screenshots just yet. Minecraft.net is down and I need the server.jar and the bin and resources of 1.3 mi

    I'm twelve and I set up java sdk and mine craft coder pack
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    MY GOD!
    its better than anything i could ever have imagined... sniff
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    posted a message on Alternate names for Ender Dragon
    Quote from BidoofRacer

    Give it a name....but what would that name be?!


    that's the first word that popped into my head as soon as i saw the title
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    posted a message on Minecraft Skin Viewer 1.2 (supports 1.8 skins!)
    there should be tabs which replace the "choose file bar" and the choose file would in turn go on the "choose file tab". it might be very hard and i doubt will make it in but would still be amazing
    • field of view
    (the fov slider will replace the name chooser)
    • choose file
    (would replace the character preview with a few options to choose model, skin, etc)
    • edit skin
    (would replace character preview with flat skin and replace choose name with colors
    • main
    the main page with the preview and the "pose" chooser, there you can see the changers you've made

    EDIT: of course this is something for the distant future
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    posted a message on [MOD][WIP] Empire Mod! Elephant's Ftw

    • learn java - nope
    • learn how to use MCP - DONE :biggrin.gif:
    • make warrior's - Almost
    • make other npc's - almost
    • items DONE:D (using mod maker :unsure: )
    • made a cape :mellow:
    • make block - almost
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    posted a message on minecraft mob making
    i really need help in making a mob i can manage to get it down to one error but i get

    warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.6
    src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src\Entity_______.java:6 error: invalid method declaration;
    return type required
    puplic Entity______ <World world>

    its the only error i'm getting, i feel i'm sooo close to making my first mob
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    posted a message on how can i revert back too 1.7.3?
    Quote from VadarRadar

    That program is illegal, as it uses the actual minecraft.jars. The program I recommended uses other files to do the same ****, and it's still legal.

    but the shaft podcast posted it for there server (when it was outdated).... they wouldn't betray their whole (server) fanbase would they :o

    Patch 1.5
    There are some obvious things that need to be fixed with 1.5 where SMP is concerned so until bukkit is updated, and game is patched to fix these things, we are going to keep 1.4 on the server.

    ToastedJelly has created this guide on how to get back to 1.4 to enable you to play on the server! Thanks TJ!

    Posted by Brent Copeland at 7:55 AM

    EDIT:also you need an account to use it so i'm sure that plays a part

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    posted a message on how can i revert back too 1.7.3?
    go to http://digiex.net/minecraft/mcvtool/ I've used it
    but to install mods you have to choose the right .jar as with this you can have multiple
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    posted a message on ICM Banner Shop.
    Quote from iCraftsMaker

    is that ok? o-o;

    yay it's better than ok but the wolf is biting sand :lol: i was thinking i would be like CHARGE!!! the wolf would be running guess i should be more specific (it's not a complaint just a thought)
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    posted a message on creepwolf's hall of fame
    this is my hall of fame also i will post other creations of mine here

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    posted a message on ICM Banner Shop.
    -Siggy Form-
    Name: my name?
    Date Needed By: whenever
    Theme/Characters/Mobs You Want?:

    my character, enderman and wolf i want it black blue purple that kinda color and me and the wolf vs the enderman
    Text You Want(Color Too): "creepwolf modder wanna-be" black with outline

    my character
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    posted a message on ancient forest dimension
    i want to code this myself, have tried and will try again but i thought i'd post this so maybe others can try and so i can list some features for myself like a to do list but mainly to
    post my idea besides 1.8 comes out soon and 1.9 probably close afterwards so i've kinda stopped and will try to learn a bit more java as of now its just
    "copy, paste change a few letters/numbers" so no coding as of yet :( the best i've got is making a mob failed because of 1 error but i can make items (i think)

    • only creepers, spiders, foxes and wolfs would spawn (creepers very rare bigger explosions)
    • massive trees would spawn like in the super hostile map "canopy carnage" but rarer
    • nights would last longer but brighter
    • lots of rivers and vines everywhere (especially vines)
    • very green bright and natue-ish
    • more flowers = dyes = wool = new blocks
    • more tall grass spawns
    • dungeons are like "1.8" strongholds but yellowish, moldy and covered in vines
    • dungeons spawn cave spiders
    • emerald is an ore replaces iron (is brakes faster, digs faster)
    • tree sap replaces coal (sometimes dropped from wood)
    • random ambient sounds like howls and crickets
    • if npc villages they would be tree houses
    • reeds don't need water
    • lava replaced with acid
    • ores a bit rarer
    • gold less rarer especially near dungeons
    • wolves drop some sort of meat and bones so do foxes
    .....it WILL take a few years before i can call this possible project
    also i would really like to hear your opinions
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    posted a message on minecraft mob making
    Quote from BikeLauncher

    Try this video it might help a little.

    much appreciated, it's not exactly making a mob but having custom tools is great too
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    posted a message on minecraft mob making
    Quote from BikeLauncher

    I haven't done much modding myself so I'm not sure about the files your looking for, but I would suggest a program called EditRocket it's what I use. (You do have to pay for it, but where in the age of the internet soo...) The first thing you will have to do though, after getting a program that can edit Java. You will need the minecraft coder pack (MCP) Which can be found on the Wiki by clicking the Name.

    i have got mcp but the problem is i have all this code i don't understand well most of it
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    posted a message on minecraft mob making
    i am very VERY new to modding i would like some tutorials on making a mob in general, any tutorial will do as i would like to know more for future modding like umm how to make the mob use a specific sound (like pig *oink* and wolf *growl*) and item drops. also any tutorials on java itself would probably come in handy

    but for know i would like to know in the pigman.java where the code for to model is so i can replace it with my model

    ps i'm using notepad to code (i should probably get eclipse know oh and if you could recommend something better and free that would be great)
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