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    I am currently trying to play with as many mods as I can fit into the game, and these are my top ten favorites.
    I dont have as many as I would like, so I would love suggestions :).

    Number ten- More explosives. This mod adds some great features from nukes to bazookas to missiles and even C4s and time bombs. This mod is great for traps or you could use it to mine-if your willing to take it that far :).

    Number nine- Recipe book. This is great for people who are new to Minecraft, but the real bonus is that it also includes crafting recipes from other mods! You craft the recipe book by placing an ink sac to the right of a book.

    Number eight- Balkon's weapon mod. This mods adds many new weapons including a crossbow, spear, musket, war hammer, battleaxe, cannon, throwable dynamite, knives, and more.

    Number seven- Enchanting plus. This mod makes getting the right enchantments a lot easier and you can also disenchant to get all your xp back and transfer enchantments from one tool to the other.

    Number six- Extrabiomes XL. This mod adds so many biomes, I can't come close to covering them all. But, among these are the wasteland biome, the glacier biome, there'd rock biome, the birch woods biome and so many more.

    Number five- Rei's minimap. This mod adds a minimap along with the ability to change the view to surface, biome, or cave. This mod is very useful for navigation and to view the terrain ahead. You can also set waypointes to pinpoint and mark a particular place visible in gameplay and on the minimap.

    Number four- Special armor. This mod adds craftable jetpacks, gliders, spring shoes, hover boots, time helmets,
    diver helmets and much more.

    Number three- Obsidian tools. This mod adds the ability to smelt obsidian to get obsidian ingots from which you can make tools and armor with the same if not better stats than diamonds.

    Number two- Better farming. This mod lets you craft a rake. With the rake you can turn grass blocks to dirt blocks and if your lucky, out will pop pumpkin, melon, apple, orange, and lemon seeds. Yes, the apple, orange, and lemon do grow trees that drop fruit like crazy :).

    Number one- The Marvelous Moon Mod. This mod adds a whole new deminsion to minecraft. To go to the moon, you will need to craft a space suit, and if you don't, well lets just say you might not want to bring the valuebles.
    Also, there is a large jump boost on the moon.

    Thank you for reading and I am very sorry that I don't have the download links and crafting recipes up currently.
    Also, I would like it if anyone who comments would suggest new mods for me, because I am basically trying to create the ultimate Minecraft :).
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