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    Hi there, a long long time ago I have posted to this thread but this was nearly 4 years ago. This is a childhood world that I have been able to dig up and it's been corrupted for several years. The main issue is that there are a lot of chunk errors, sign errors, generation errors, and "tree" errors. I have done everything in my knowledge to try and restore the broken chunks with the builds that I had.

    Any help would be appreciated and I will not hesitate to provide more information if needed!

    World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5j61p91t6hww46x/muqarib+town.zip/file

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    Update #22: 11/15/20
    Before we start, we would like to apologize for this update taking so long! We have made a lot of progress in the background and we are excited to release this map as we progress day by day. However, it's exam time for a few of us so please understand that it will take a bit longer. Overall, most of the small stuff has been completed and we have finalized everything on the map. We just need to hurdle over some major obstacles before we can start testing.
    Release: December-January

    - Some recipes have been removed and/or changed
    - Mob drops have been tweaked in order to balance the map a bit more
    - Skip Travel has been changed; we have reduced the points you can skip too
    - New items have been introduced with full textures & models for them
    - Key item concepts, gear effects, and bosses have been added
    - Certain mobs will now be able to spawn that will house unique abilities
    - Secret breakable walls have been placed/hidden throughout the map
    - Blueprints, mob information, skip travel & location information, ammunition, and lore/computer logs will now be displayed within a custom menu we are making just for this map

    We will be updating a lot more frequently from now on as we start getting close to testing. Within the next few days, all the screenshots and textual information on the main thread will be updated.
    We suggest you check back in every now and then as the thread will be updated often!

    Image by: Saltasaur

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    Update #21 : 9/28/20
    Apologies for this update being released a bit late, we had some technical difficulties (my pc was broken for 2 weeks)
    As of right now, we have mostly been doing external work and discussions. As lots of the in-game work is complete other than a few new builds and secret areas :>
    Release: Before the year ends

    - Nearly finalized all of the changes
    - Gear system has been revamped
    - Discussions of a hidden area and boss have furthered
    - Textures for new items, blocks, and player abilities are being implemented

    Enjoy this little drawing of potential new items by our team member Saltsaur

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    Minor Update 1: 9/9/20
    This is just a little minor update, nothing major to the map is being reported here :)

    o Screenshots have been updated
    o An additional teaser video has been added

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    Update 20: 8/21/20
    We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have "hired" a few new command developers to help with the map quality and speed of completion. The bad news is that after we have had some outsider observation, parts of the map will have to be changed and the plot will also need to be adjusted. This will delay the map a bit but fear not, we are now very much alive now with some extra help!
    Release: Before the year ends, we will try to guarantee this

    o The map page and the descriptions have been updated
    o The map will now fit a bit more with the Metroidvania motif
    o Gears have been revamped, will function similar to Hollow Knight
    o Some custom items have been scrapped/replaced with a few new ones
    o Recipes will need to be adjusted
    o New mobs have been introduced
    o A super cool secret boss has been introduced
    o The story has been overhauled to be a little bit more interesting; at its core, it's still the same as when we announced this project
    o The background lore has been heavily revamped, with ways to help players piece together the lore
    o Cutscenes overhauling has been introduced

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    posted a message on (CLOSED) Looking for people good with Command Blocks/Data Packs [Adventure Map][Will be submitted to Realms]

    Hi there, my team (ForumJelly) and I are looking for people who are good with command blocks or data-packs to help us finish this map up in the interest of time! We've been working on this adventure map for over a year and our hope is to have it admitted to Minecraft Realms! If you are interested, please let us know!

    Full map details: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/maps/wip-maps/2945154-proxima-a-forumjelly-adventure-map-w-i-p-thread

    o Must have Discord
    o Must be 13+
    o Must show interest or clear proof of experience

    o Java Edition Only (1.16+)

    You will have to: Work on Cutscenes, simple Puzzles, Tutorials, and other miscellaneous things
    Of course, you will be working with the rest of the team; rest assured you will have help and everything will be explained <3

    If you are curious, here are the tasks we have completed thus far.

    - General Particles

    - Cave Particles

    - Bosses (nearly complete)

    - Items

    - Item Abilities (nearly complete)

    - Puzzles

    - Skip Travel Book (nearly complete)

    - Computer Dialogue (nearly complete)

    - Sound Effects (nearly complete)

    - Recipes

    - Random Computer Dialogue

    - Veteran Mode

    - Mob Drops

    - Advancements

    - Cutscenes

    - Tutorial Boss

    - Spawn Room

    - Credits

    - Red Cave Stuff

    - Balance Control

    - Custom Death Messages

    - Ship Parts Obtain

    - Ship Parts cave hologram

    - Gear Effects

    - Crashing on Planet Tutorial

    - QOL Features

    You will be fully credited within the map and on all threads of the map upon release! You may also continue to work with us if you wish <3

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    Update 19: 7/17/20
    Time for the monthly update! We are almost done with all the in-game command objectives and we just have a few more obstacles left in the way!

    o The map still remains at around 85% complete
    o Boss tweaks are nearly complete (obstacle)
    o Cutscenes still continue work (obstacle)
    o QoL changes are being added
    o Advancements, Mob Drops, Dialogue, Sounds, and Mini-bosses are in the works!

    I hope that testing will start soon once we finish the tweaks

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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

    Update 18: 6/17/20
    A lot of progress has been made. We are still decently far from completion as we still have testing one the command process is done but we are going at a steady pace.

    o The map still remains at around 85% complete
    o Skip travel is fully complete, was adjusted to reduce any lag potential
    o Most of the bosses have been fully tested
    o Boss tweaks are nearly complete
    o Ambient sound and random text dialogue have begun implementation

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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

    Update 17: 5/13/20
    oooooooh boy we have gotten a lot done lately!
    We hope to release this map very soon, we just have two more major obstacles in terms of commands before we can start beta testing. Hopefully, beta testing will not take too long
    Estimated Release: TBA

    o The map is now 85% complete
    o Map effects have been tweaked
    o Cutscenes continue development (one of the major obstacles)
    o The texture pack is nearly complete
    o Skip travel is now basically complete
    o Discussion on how to implement ambient sound effects and random dialogue has been discussed
    o Advancements and mob drops have begun implementation, planning and discussion have already been done
    o Additional item abilities have begun implementation
    o Started working on an official ForumJelly logo and Proxima banner

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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

    Update 16: 4/12/20
    Whoops, I missed the date on this one by a few days, sorry about that!
    The map is a bit more alive, in fact, we have actually completed a lot more than we realized. All that is left are the super major complicated things which might take a while but since we are stuck at home, we might as well finish it up!
    As for the alternate means, we might not have too if things continue smoothly!
    Estimated Release: TBA

    o The map is now 80% complete
    o All custom cave particles have been added
    o Any other general particle balancing has been done
    o Mobs naturally spawning has been implemented, yet to be fully tested
    o Recipes are now fully done (needed to be reworked)
    o Veteran mode has been fully completed
    o Mob drop book has been fully completed (needed to be reworked)
    o Credits have been completed
    o Cave concepts have been fully implemented
    o Map effects have been added (balance control)
    o Bosses have been completed, yet to be fully tested
    o Cutscenes continue development
    o The texture pack is nearly complete
    o Skip travel is nearly complete

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    posted a message on [Guide] Lucky Block Creation [How to Create Your Own]

    A major update was done!

    - Cleaned up spelling errors
    - Polished grammatical errors
    - Worded things a little bit better
    - Made it more clear what kind of message I was trying to convey
    - Replaced images with new ones and added some more
    - Removed unnecessary text that might confuse the reader

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    Update #15: 3/8/20
    Totally didn't wait for exactly one month later to release the next update.

    However, this is not the normal update, I am here to inform you about the current status of the map. Before I start, I will say, that this map IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD. We are still working on it, but unfortunately, production is extremely stagnant at the moment due to reasons out of our control. I will not go into detail but command-experts of the team have been quite busy or unable to work on the project that often. We are looking for alternatives and other means to complete the project without sacrificing quality. As a result of this, we don't know when the map is going to be released, we will ensure that it will come out asap. Thank you, we apologize for all of this...
    Estimated Release: TBA
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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)
    Update #14: 2/8/20
    A good amount of progress was made, many of the smaller things we're focused on this time around. The bigger tasks are still being worked on. However, there is an issue that has arisen; 1.16. When we release the map, we would like it to be updated in the latest version of Minecraft, however, with the first snapshot just now going out some changes might need to be made and the release will have to be pushed (in addition to us not even being done with commands yet). Our main goal is to have the map added to realms, meaning it has to be in the latest version. We want the map to remain on the platform for as long as possible as well. Luckily, from what we are aware, the command API does not change all too much which is a good sign. In the end, this map started in 1.13, it might release in 1.16!

    Our plan: We will continue to work on the map and release it in whatever the latest version of Minecraft is. Once 1.16 is released, we will do our best to update the map to 1.16 as soon as we can. If the command API is mostly the same, only minor changes will have to be done, meaning that update development won't take too long. We still want to get this out to everyone after over a year of waiting!
    Estimated Release: March is most likely

    o Map has been ported to 1.15+
    o Loot tables and custom recipes have been fixed (yes fixed) and continued work
    o Cutscenes have continued development
    o Remodels were worked on
    o Texture pack updates were work on
    o Nearly all bosses are completed
    o Custom death messages have been implemented
    o Balance control was touched upon
    o QoL changes were implemented
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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread)

    Update #13: 1/13/20
    Alright, we have made a TON of progress since the last update. We took full advantage of the winter break and got pretty far!
    However, one of our team members sustained an injury and unfortunately, they are heavily needed at this stage during the production of the map. As such the release is likely to be pushed a bit. Testing will start within 2-3 weeks though!
    Estimated Release: Mid Feb

    o Nearly all of the planning required in the map has been completed
    o All little cave particles have been completed
    o Natural Mob Spawning has been implemented
    o All Items have been created and are functional
    o Credit sequence has been completed
    o Tutorial Boss fight has been completed
    o Ship Part indicators have been completed
    o Gears have been hidden
    o Gear effects have been created
    o Boss work has begun
    o Nearly all sound effects have been completed
    o Custom chests have been implemented
    o Mob Drop guide has been completed
    o Cutscenes have begun work
    o Loot tables and custom recipes have begun work
    o 1.15 port has been planned

    New trailers have been released, check them out!

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