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    posted a message on [128x][1.5] SANGUINE v 4.2 - Ultra Realistic pack
    Note: If you don't like realistic packs; flee while you still can!

    Zoe: "You sanguine about the kind of reception we're apt to receive on an Alliance ship, Cap'n?"
    Mal: "Absolutely.", "What's 'sanguine' mean?"
    Zoe: " 'Sanguine'. Hopeful. Plus -- point of interest -- it also means 'bloody'."
    Mal: "Well, that pretty much covers all the options, don't it?"

    Click to view actual size. For preview only - do not use - jpeg - no transparency.

    Changes in v.4.2 - a.k.a. Pixels!? You can't handle the pixels!

    Quick update for 1.5_01. New rails, saplings. Revisions will be coming soon. This is a " I have no time but I promised, release."

    New textures in this release


      Powered rail

      Detector Rail

      Pine spling

      birch sapling


    The following items have been renamed in-game, these are their analogs for crafting the new wool texture replacements.

    tile.cloth.black.name=Black Carpet

    tile.cloth.red.name=Red wallpaper

    tile.cloth.green.name=Green felt

    tile.cloth.brown.name=Brown Wool

    tile.cloth.blue.name=Blue Plaster

    tile.cloth.purple.name=Persian carpet

    tile.cloth.cyan.name=Fluted Column

    tile.cloth.silver.name=Slate Flagstones

    tile.cloth.gray.name=Wood Paneling

    tile.cloth.pink.name=White Plaster



    tile.cloth.lightBlue.name=Light Blue Plaster

    tile.cloth.magenta.name=Sisal Matting



    Video tour of the old v2 texture pack test track and Sanguine3.1.

    Click to view actual size. For preview only - do not use - jpeg - no transparency.

    :Frame: Sanguine used to include a custom mining progress indicator that replaces the default cracking texture. It is far easier to see in the dark underworld than the default cracks. The Arc mining progress bar is still available as a separate download.

    Progress meter preview:

    Feel free to use or modify these textures.
    Please include this credit line in any reposting of these textures or derivatives.

    Includes textures from [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=77265][b]Sanguine textures for minecraft[/b][/url] by Copperdomebodha.

    No permission is granted to sell these textures or derivatives in whole or as part of a collection.

    Some of my favorite bits...

    A comparrison of Sanguine 3.0 to the original Minecraft textures.

    Screenshots contributed by Sanguine users...

    Sofa's screenshots...

    ( sorry for missing putting these up for so long! Thanks again! BTW I hotlinked your images since they were picasa hosted. If that's a problem let me know and I'll host them. )

    TheArcher's screenshots...

    Click these to see them in Immense original size!

    All available screenshots in a gallery.

    I also highly recommend MrMMod's BetterLight mod. By way of example, here is a bump-mapped digital image of my grandmother with the ambient occlusion mod installed.

    It's that good!

    Here's the Ambient Occlusion thread.

    :Frame: This release contains the following customized files.









































    Previous change log entries

    Previous releases of Sanguine remain available.
    Version 1_0
    Version 1_2
    Version 2_0
    Version 2_1
    Version 2_2
    Version 2_3
    Version 2_4
    Version 2_5
    Version 2_6
    Version 2_7
    Version 2_8
    Version 2_9
    Version 3_0
    Version 3_0b
    Version 3_1


    [texture] [texture ] [texture pack][128] [128x] [128 pixel] [128 px] [detailed] [realistic] [HD] {high def]

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    posted a message on [128x looks 16x][1.3] TECHNICRAFT (Coming Soon)
    TECHNICRAFT looks just like the default textures from a distance, but up close it becomes clear that something very disturbing has happened. The pixels! They have become ROUND!

    Coming soon to a World near you.
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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012
    An interesting aggregation. Always nice to see another 128 pack arrive on the scene.

    A few comments...

    First, thanks for crediting your sources!

    If you did any work on these yourself I wouldn't know it. Listing the tiles that you personally did would allow me to understand what you've done so that I might comment on those specifically. There's no point in my telling you I think the doors look great if you didn't create those tiles ( I do by the way ;^)

    If you listed the tiles / elements that others created specifically it would help others to know the sources if they like those particular pieces. I know your focus is on your pack, but others coming after you will pick and choose from your pack just as you have. It's nice to get credit for your specific work not just a general "Scuttles gets credit for some of this". I ask for credits to offer readers a way to find my pack if they like elements from it, not for personal satisfaction.

    There's a missing row of pixels under your pink cloth.

    Stylistically, it seems pretty dark in the stones and ores department. I haven't played it yet so take that with a grain of salt. I like the high level of detail, but the books look very busy at 100% in the terrain.png. i'm wondering if that is lessened or amplified in-game.

    I'll add this to my collection of 128 packs and when I've had a chance to play it I'll return with a more informed opinion.
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    posted a message on Use Mediafire and I will NEVER download your files
    NEVER! I have blocked that **** at the DNS level.

    Don't tell me how I should use a browser that can't be taken over by your DL site. Don't tell me I should use defensive software so your DL site can't break my browser. Don't tell me how to keep your DL site from spawning windows, pop-unders, audio ads and countless other random ********.

    Just assume that if you use Mediafire I will never see your files. Because I won't. Screw that crap.

    Use a free host that doesn't suck or be a part of their scam based system. I don't care. I can't go there ever again and I am glad!

    Dropbox.com is free. 2GB hosting 10GB/ day transfer limit. There are a lot of other non-crappy hosts out there. I don't care what you use, but I won't ever go to Mediafire again. FTS.

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    posted a message on Why you no give credit? ;) And a (more) serious warning.

    This is directed at everyone and no one in particular. This is my own opinion and I'm not speaking for any other texture pack authors.

    Minecraft is a wonderful game, it's also wonderful that Notch has made it so easy to modify the game and plans to make it simpler in the future with support for mods. This has allowed everyone here to enjoy the variety and creativity of dozens or perhaps hundreds of texture packs currently available.

    This is your community. You need to respect and protect it for it to continue to grow.

    I see more and more frequently that texture packs are using textures from other authors without crediting them or providing links to the original packs and also claiming them as their own. I also see authors offering up "their" textures to others when they have no right to do so. If you include textures from another author then you do not have the right to grant your users unlimited rights to those borrowed textures unless the owner offers you that right.

    If you want to continue to see texture packs provided to the community then you need to respect the enormous amount of work that is behind them and offer the authors the credit they deserve and not treat their work as your own. If you see a texture pack using other author's work without crediting them, or inappropriately offering others work up for use you might ask them to correct it and tell them why it's important to respect the other texture pack authors.

    No one else may agree with me on this. You may feel this is no big deal. But Minecraft is becoming big. Almost a million copies have been sold. If you don't think that there's a company or corp out there that will soon step in, gather all these works and package them up for sale then you're naive.

    I'll be releasing Sanguine under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. shortly. You might consider doing something similar to protect your own work from corporate poaching and other undesirable uses. http://creativecommons.org/

    And if you're taking other's work without crediting them then stop that ****.
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    posted a message on [Creation] Texture Pack Test Track Map Release v_0_4
    Here's a preview of the version 4 Texture Pack Test Track with Sanguine textures loaded.

    Open the image in a new window for the full rez version.

    Here is the download link. 12 MB. I need to trim this map.
    version 4

    *Was there a forum rollback at some point? I know I fixed this link once before. Weird.*

    This was my position on the TPTT for the image above.

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    posted a message on [1.1] More paintings!

    I love what you've done, but I'm also going to push you to do a selector. Ideal Notch-based solution would be...

    Right-click and hold, scroll wheel progresses through all paintings that will fit in the selected location. They appear on the wall as you scroll. Find the one you like, release right-click to place selected painting.

    Thanks for your mod and your time.
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    posted a message on r3spawn's Beginner Guide to Minecraft Modding
    Nice. It seems a bit thin around the compiling a class part. Would you consider expanding this section to show making a VERY simple change to an existing class? If you do, please include the steps right through to running it in your local client. If you convince me I can actually get started with a simple change, like altering a value that already exists in a class or some such, then I may actually try this.

    Thanks again!
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    posted a message on 128x128+ Texture pack TEMPLATE?
    Quote from Vanadium »
    Quote from Z91www »
    I'm looking for an ultra HD texture pack template because I'm making a new one, anyone can find one for me that'd be greatly appreciated.

    holy **** just scale up the default textures a factor of eight

    and then kill yourself because all 128x128 texture packs look ****ing ugly


    My templates have named layers and unlinked masks making them much better than simply up-rezzing the originals. And your opinion of 128 pixel packs is just that. Opinion. It is simply overly impressed with itself and therefore boorishly acts as though it is more than it is.
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    Quote from Nurio »
    Of course I am not upset. I was just wondering, that's all.

    Do I really come off as upset? Hm, maybe I need to think about how I word things...

    No worries. Just checking since it sounded a bit PO'd. It's just the internet, anything you write can sound that way. No damn eyebrows or voice cues.
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