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    i have to say. i don't know if minecraft will approve of this post because i do, and i will, talk about people who play with cracked minecraft. not to mention that this is the legit site, which of course naturally has all the admins and everything. by cracked copies, i mean non-legit copies of minecraft. i know people don't approve of it, and i don't either, but we are pretty much desperate, broke students. i'm getting a real copy tonight. i really need help on this, so please. let me post.
    i was going to talk about all my problems with port forwarding, but i'm going to try and keep this simple.
    if there are a bunch of people with cracked copies of minecraft, who want to play on my legit (not yet but hopefully will be) set up server, and i'm willing to allow it, can they join it just by entering my i.p address? or do i really have to do things like hamachi? because i don't like it. at all.

    again. please. pleeeease help. i can't promise diamonds but i'll do what i can.
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