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    posted a message on Run Through Glass!

    No support.

    There's no need to change a pre-existing block to do something completely different.

    In fact, it'd be better if break-able glass were its own block.

    Having something set as a game-rule isn't a viable choice, considering the impacts it would have on existing vanilla builds.

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    posted a message on Post here names of mods miss using their power

    ... This doesn't tell us anything. At all.

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    posted a message on When you open the launcher, it wont open the launcher. it will open up Minecraft DIRECTLY. <IDEA>
    No support.

    At most, it saves about 2-3 clicks.

    In exchange, you're losing things like a version selector, an advanced settings menu, and game patching.

    It's a definite step backwards in terms of both functionality and practicality.
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    posted a message on How do I put a carpet block on my characters head?
    I don't think this belongs here...
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    posted a message on Change the color blocks, if they are affected by redstone.
    Quote from Enderdash»
    Redundant. No support untill you elaborate more on this.

    ... It's not very redundant, nor is it uninformative.

    If you power certain blocks, they change color, that's all there is to it. In this case, the OP is suggesting Prismarine.
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    posted a message on The Lost Trader(s)
    Lost Traders are neutral mobs that act as a trading source for ores and other non-renewable resources.

    When two Nether Portals are activated and at least one Village is discovered, they begin spawning. They will travel from one portal to the other, but are guaranteed to visit at least one Village between their route, where they will stay for a few days before departing. While staying, they act similarly to an Iron Golem and will protect the Village from hostile mobs.

    Unlike Villagers whom use Emeralds as a type of payment, Lost Traders have no set economy, but will typically "buy" organic materials from the player.

    Lost Traders will trade for between 1-32 stacks of a single item.

    - Wood (all types)

    - Sapling(s) (all types)

    - Apple(s)

    - Bucket of Water

    - Brown & Red Mushroom(s)

    Cheap prices hover around 1-4 stacks, while average items range between 5 to 8 stacks. Expensive items can hit around 9-32 units of cost.

    - Iron Ore (cheap)

    - Gold Ore (average)

    - Obsidian (average)

    - Redstone Ore (average)

    - Glowstone (expensive)

    - Quartz Ore (average)

    - Prismarine (average)

    - Diamond Ore (expensive)

    As a defensive measure against player trapping, a Lost Trader will only carry a limited amount of items, but still enough that it is useful for the player. For instance, a Lost Trader carrying Diamond Ore will carry at least 3 in stock, enough for a single Pickaxe to be crafted.

    They are as large and powerful as Iron Golems, but they will drop nothing if they are killed.

    Their spawning behavior is based off of existing Nether Portals. Only one Lost Trader will spawn per Nether Portal, but multiple Lost Traders can share a single "exit" portal, and there can be multiple Lost Traders in a single Village.

    Destroying an "entry" or "exit" portal will simply cause them to seek a different random portal.

    If there are Lost Traders "stranded" in a world, rebuilt Nether Portals will not spawn any new Lost Traders until the excess Lost Traders have left or the number of rebuilt Portals exceed the number of excess Lost Traders.

    If an End Portal is been activated, Lost Traders can use it as an exit point, but not as an entry portal.
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    posted a message on The Redstone Director
    Quote from Farmcollector»

    1. Pistons are used for things like Monostable circuits, something that Torches aren't ideal for.
    2. It wouldn't complicate anything. This isn't a replacement for the Redstone Block, it's an additional block of its own.
    3. It applies to any of the wire connected to it. That's the problem. If that wire gets updated in any way at all, it triggers the Piston. It's definitely something that can't easily be worked around.
    5. Slime Blocks would drag away the Block of Redstone from the middle Piston.
    6. The Director is supposed to address issues with quasi-connectivity, not necessarily just Redstone Blocks. The Repeater is powering the block lifted by the Piston, but due to quasi-connectivity, it gets locked. In the case of the RSD, it wouldn't output downwards, so it would prevent a power lock while still providing a source of power.
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    posted a message on The Redstone Director
    Quote from Farmcollector»
    As far as Pistons go: you could always consider placing a slime block in between. Furthermore, there are way easier and cheaper methods to transferring redstone signals upwards and BUDs, well, I'm not sure how I feel about those being legitimized. So, sorry, I'm not seeing the added value here.

    The problem with that is, now you've got a circuit that requires four vertical spaces instead of three, and a BUD that triggers the moment that something gets near it.

    There's also the issue with the Slime Block grabbing anything that isn't Obsidian near it, so it definitely isn't tile-able either.

    Plus, you can't put any wire within two blocks of it or else this happens:

    Besides that, BUDs and transferring signals upwards are not the only things that the RDS can be used for.

    A mobile diode, as odd the name sounds, can be extremely useful in any Piston-based circuit.

    In this example, it's very difficult to place multiple Pistons next to each other without triggering. The Redstone Block keeps powering them, leading to issues.

    A more common problem. Vertical power lock pops up pretty often. At this point, it's something you're forced to work around.
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    posted a message on The Redstone Director

    The RSD is a modified Redstone Block that only emits power in one direction.

    Wait, isn't that basically a weaker Redstone Block?

    Indeed it is.

    Why are you suggesting it then?

    I'm suggesting this block because Redstone Blocks in conjunction with Pistons have a glaring flaw.

    Due to its quasi-connectivity, Pistons break when they're lifting a Block of Redstone upwards. Instead of retracting like normal, the Piston gets locked into its extended position.

    Take a look at this and compare it to every other non-powered blocks in the game:

    So how is your idea supposed to fix this?

    Out of its six faces, only one is powered for the Redstone Director.

    Like a Dispenser or a Dropper, it can be placed facing any direction.

    This means that as long as it isn't pointed downwards, it can be pushed and passed freely by Pistons vertically without locking them.

    What else can you do with it?

    It can be introduced in Piston-based circuits to act as a mobile diode.

    One of its main purposes would be to ease up the restrictions on moving Redstone upwards. With it, chains of Sticky Pistons could be used to transfer a signal upwards.

    How does it behave? (Advanced Mechanics)

    The RDS behaves exactly like a Block of Redstone, except that only one of its faces can emit an output.

    This allows it to be used for BUDs without actually sending a Redstone signal. In short, it sends "ghost signals" without actually a signal strength.

    Even if it is facing upwards, if it is moved within a block diagonal to a Piston, it will send a block update to that Piston.

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on A different approach to Wireless Redstone
    Quote from Sidonius»

    "setting off redstone made by others on the same channel." That can be a positive & negative. Someone else makes a clock, you can use their output instead of making another clock which would increase lag.
    Wireless or not, people still accidentally screw up other people's contraptions by not paying attention, so I'm not sure how much of an issue this would really be.

    Those things could be addressed with some other features of the block. If need be then you can put a cap on how many may connect to an access point.
    But I'm not sure how a range on the wifi would work without checking updates. If that could work then you could also set a delay based on range making people need to move them closer. And, along with that you could make it to where if it is too far away it starts to become a little less consistent, and maybe sometimes doesn't receive an update.

    People spreading their devices out more doesn't really sound like a good thing for something compact, but more so would be good for looks. You could create something like a gate of some sort without all kinds of Redstone sticking out, but you'd have to figure out what to do with the rest of the Redstone first. So that is also a positive/negative thing about it.

    I am not sure why you'd need it to be creative only.

    Maybe the recipes could be like this?

    The problem with North's idea is something that I talked about within the first paragraphs.

    It's overcomplicated.

    The point of my suggestion was to make a Wireless Redstone system that was simple and could open up a large number of possibilities without rendering classical wiring redundant. It isn't supposed to replace the existing system, but rather, accompany it and increase its functionality.

    For one, North requires both a sender and a receiver node to operate. Additionally, unlike every other block in the game, it operates on a set of static frequencies.

    Because of this, it greatly weakens the block. It makes it impossible to reuse the same wireless channel without accidentally setting something off, either intentionally or not. Putting a cap on the number of connected blocks will do nothing but make it even more unreliable.

    The system I'm suggesting has none of these drawbacks without being completely overpowered. How do you activate it?

    You put a Lamp in front of it, then you power the Lamp.

    There's no fiddling with channels, there's no managing your access point, and there's no juggling between available connections.

    It's useful, it's reliable, and it's compact. Put it simply, it's something that anyone can learn how to use without being overly reliant on it.
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    posted a message on A different approach to Wireless Redstone
    Quote from Sidonius»

    Yes, but that has different frequencies, where as this would have to be walled off completely to be able to use with others near by.

    You don't have to wall it off.

    Since it uses a straight-line detection system, you can place multiple Torch Sensors next to each other, all of which can be activated with different Lamps.
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    posted a message on A different approach to Wireless Redstone
    Quote from Sidonius»

    In the sense that it detects a Light Source that is lit up by Redstone Power, yes it is a form of Wireless Redstone. Call it whatever you want, it doesn't really feel like the right fit for Wireless Redstone to me.

    Isn't that how IR sensors work though?

    The TV remote beams out an IR signal that the TV picks up, and then the TV follows the command according to it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft should be optimized for slow internet.

    Well my modem does crash sometimes...

    What's your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Is it AT&T?
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    posted a message on Minecraft should be optimized for slow internet.
    I'm gonna go ahead and explain some things here.

    Your slow internet is not the source of your problems.

    It's the quality of your connection.

    For instance, you could fill as much water in a beaker as you wanted, but it's only going to hold as much water as it can, which isn't much.

    The random disconnects aren't caused by a slow internet, but an unreliable connection.

    Gaming requires very little data to work, after all.
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    posted a message on A different approach to Wireless Redstone
    Quote from Sidonius»

    Not exactly so.
    Redstone Lamps in 1.8 have a Block Light of 15, so the 15 Block Radius would be the same, but from your idea cut to 'one direction', which I am not sure what you intend to mean exactly.

    I do a lot of things with Directional stuff, 5 out of the 7 mods I am making are all orientation based, so this is where it gets a little confusing to know what you're expecting when you say "one direction".

    The radius would still generally be the same idea, but the Check For methods would be limited to less than half of the entire radius, based on orientation.
    This is what I mean:

    The blue glass represents the Radius, and the ref glass represents what would actually be the area to be checked for whatever block. While it'd be less than half of the radius, it'd still be a lot of potential block spots to check, especially considering the max radius would be 15 or so.

    There is also another issue which I am not sure you guys even thought about. Block Updates.
    When a Redstone Lamp is activated or deactivated it updates the blocks around it within 2 blocks from it's coordinates. This is the case for just about any block that does anything or when it is placed into the world.

    So even if you can detect changes for whatever block you want, you would either have to check all available block spots constantly (Which sounds like a lag machine). Or you make it check for check 1 by 1 each area and then loop back around to check the first spot again. Which this would make an delay between the block actually knowing if if the active block has turned off or not.

    We talked about this a while back. The Torch Sensor only detects the blocks straight in front of it. That's 15 blocks at max, 8 at minimum.

    For simplification purposes and to minimize lag, it's not truly detecting light, but light sources. It simply spits out a check for the first 15 blocks, checking for these blocks:

    1-8 : Redstone Torch, Redstone Ore, Torch, Activated Lamp
    9-9 : Redstone Ore, Torch, Activated Lamp
    10-14 : Torch, Activated Lamp
    15: Activated Lamp

    Once the range for a specific block is bypassed, it can no longer be read by the Torch Sensor. Hence why Lamps, blocks capable of outputting a signal of 15, are the only block that can be read at 15 range.

    If any non-transparent block is within the range, the Torch Sensor stops scanning immediately.

    The check loop is only 15 counts, and blocks that it would detect would be registered in the game code as belonging to a specific group.

    Also, the Redstone Lamp doesn't work as a BUD anymore. That got patched a while back.
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