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    posted a message on where exactly do animals spawn?
    Well heres a longer version

    They need a light level of 9+ on grass. They'll spawn then. If you have a torch, its the most light so all the animals will spawn.
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    posted a message on Paste folder to minecraft.jar
    So i finally found it. It was renamed minecraft. Derp.
    But for a mod i need to paste a folder into it.
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    posted a message on No Minecraft.jar
    I really need some help.
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    posted a message on No Minecraft.jar
    i deleted and restored it twice and its nowhere!
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    posted a message on Wheres mincraft.jar?
    I deleted it and got it back. still no minecraft.jar. Is it hidden?
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    posted a message on Minecraft.jar
    So where is it? If i delete bin does bin just magically re-appear?
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    posted a message on The Land of Minecraftia Bible
    This is not copied from the other one, but for my history of Minecraftia you wont understand the religion unless you read this.

    (Im sorry if this isnt good, im unreligious)

    1: The First People

    In the begging Notch was the only one. The universe was out of balance. To create balance Notch created Herobrine, representing evil, and the Minecrafter, Steve representing good. Everything was in balance when there was nothing to be balanced over. So they decided to create a race of neutral Minecrafters to choose their own path. Steve also created farm animals so they could survive. Herobrine dissagreed and said there was too much good in the world so he created lava, tnt and fire. He wanted dangerous creatures but the minecrafters werent prepared.

    2: The Afterlife

    Too many minecrafters were choosing the evil side. The world was running out of balance. The evil was stronger so 2/3 had to be passive to equal the 1/3 evil. To reduce this, Notch created the Nether. When a minecrafter died, if they had commited to much evil they would be sent to the nether. The nether was a lava and fire infested place filled with souls. Nobody enjoyed it so many less risked it. Notch felt they would prefer a life of peace rather then a land of dreams, and they did. They rested with enjoyable memories.

    3: New treasures

    The world was getting on good and they felt the minecrafters needed a reward. So they added minerals.
    Notch added diamond and iron
    Steve added gold and coal
    Herobrine added Obsidian and Redstone.
    Many people opened mines for these new minerals and made creations. Redstone was the hardest considering they were at low evolution. Mining was not a problem, because the world was millions of meters large. They used these to their advantages, and because of the balance there was no thoughts of war.
    For now....

    NOTE: Not done! Adding more!
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    posted a message on Herobrine's Travels [Story]
    Chapter 5: The First Reign of Terror

    Herobrine went to sleep with much on his mind. Almost immediately, he had a dream.

    A man who looked like an older version of him was facing a cowering man. Suddently the older man lifted up his hand freezing an arrow.
    "Well, well, well." Said the man. A man with a bow drawn was facing him expressionless, all except a hint of fear in his eyes. The man made a motion like throwing a baseball and a ripple of light which looked like energy flew and hit the archer. He flew back limply.
    "Nobody witnessess Herobrine and lives!" Yelled the apparent Herobrine. There was a bright white flash and Herobrine woke with a start. It was raining and there was a wolf in his home. He looked around and went into a restless sleep.

    The next day he opened the diary.
    August 21, 1773
    One of my comrades dissapeared recently.
    Many murders have been reported. One body was found and this was analized:
    First, energy peirced his chest doing a number on him. Then, he had scratched and shattered bones which appeared to be from a fall off a cliff. He was soaked, assuming he rolled into water.
    I saw my comrade yesterday. He was dead in a cave. That was his home anyways so i let him end where he started.
    Most people dead or injured had a high solar, lunar, and neucular energy in their body.
    This is known as the first reign of terror. Not because it was the begging one. It was far from that. Because he is the first to supposedly generations.
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    posted a message on Herobrine's Travels [Story]
    I know herobrine is fake, but i want to live on the myth. Here it is!
    Chapter 1: Narrow Escape
    16 year old Herobrine woke up in his small village in the middle of the night. He had no last name, that was just how things went in his village. He looked outside and saw many soldiers outside. He pulled on his iron chestplate and helmet, got his bow and arrow and went outside.
    "Whats going on?" he asked
    "Attack. Get inside!" Replied a soldier.
    Herobrine went inside and heard an explosion. He got behind the wall by the door. He heard a loud battle cry and the sound of clashing swords. He heard another explosion, a loud yelp and the smell of smoke. He looked outside and saw a young soldier on the ground at the foot of the house doorstep with battered armor and looking dazed. He quickly got up and Herobrine heard a whoosing of arrows and a peircing cry. He looked outside once more and saw one of the best soldiers in the village on the ground, over a dozen arrows stuck into his helmet. There was another whoosh and Herobrine saw a flaming arrow fly out of a tree near his house. He vaulted the window and lept out of the house. He picked up an askew iron sword and fought over to a stream. There was a soldier there who he lept at, then the soldier kicked him in the chest and he went down the intense current. Herobrine came to a loud sound of water and the next thing he knew... Falling... falling...falling... Black.

    Chapter 2: Lost

    Herobrine was washed up on a shore. He looked around. He had what he did earlier, along with some other things that appeared to wash up there. He looked around. A pencil and journal that seemed in perfect condition, he had his armor on, his sword (Slightly sandy), his bow, and some tattered arrows along with 2 broken ones. Herobrine felt a sudden wave of anger. He punched a tree as hard as he could and wood splintered off. His hand was hurt but he didnt care. He looked on the other side of the beach. He missed a few things.
    1. A glue bottle
    2. A bottle
    3. Scraps of metal and aluminum.
    4. An empty bag.
    "Well, i might as well find shelter." He thought
    Herobrine packed his items in the bag and looked around. He found a small sandy cave a while later and decided it would do. He settled down and looked for some sticks. He found a bunch and realized something.
    How will i light a fire?
    He thought. He took 2 scratchy sticks and rubbed them together. He made no progress after 5 minutes. It wasnt even warm. He decided he should make a blanket for warmth. He looked around. There was a nice pine tree at the very edge of the woods. He took some pine needles and leaves to his cave and set to work.

    He was sticking the needles into the leaves connecting them. When it began to get dark he had a decent 2 1/2 foot blanket. He took off his hoodie and put his head on it. He covered his chest with his blanket.

    Chapter 3: Diary
    Herobrine woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable. His back was aching. He couldnt thing of what to do. He realized how soft the sand was and pushed some into a rectangle. Afterwards he brushed down the middle a little bit. He extended the top so he had a bed with head and back support. He realized he needed more sand so he extended more. He pushed some sand out of the cave because it was caking in his clothes. He cleared and cleared when just the corners still had some sand. He looked around and felt secure and went back to sleep.

    He woke up when the sun had just risen. He thought he saw something flash but he realized he was still tired. Then he saw it again and looked carefully. In the corner he saw something! He picked it up. It was brown with tattered yellowish paper inside.
    He turned it over and it read
    Diary of Mineulas Minecraft

    Chapter 4: Mineulas Minecraft

    July 17, 1773
    I need to record what has happened from now on. It could be vital.
    Herobrine I has been tracking me down for this necklace.
    "Funny, im herobrine IIII." Thought Herobrine
    The ancient prophecy says
    After the necklace is obtained
    Herobrine the 4th will reign
    Darkness rises across our land
    All will die by his hand.

    This necklace is what hes after, for it will bring out the generations of his families power.
    He has sent many after me, things i do not know. He has raised hordes of skeletons and zombies to capture me.
    I feel i wont survive much longer.
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    posted a message on Making mods
    Do you have to program them using C++ Java etc.?
    Or can you make them with an easy program?
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    posted a message on Building a Civilization
    Nice. The texture pack makes it better.
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    posted a message on Land of Light and Darkness
    Chapter 1:
    James Deangelo woke up on a small jetplane. He forgot where he was for a second and remembered he was going on vacation. He had a dream of a completely white man. He couldnt see his body. All he could see was peircing green eyes and completely white skin. He said only said 3 sentences. "You will crash James. I will kill you. Darkness is awakening." His voice was cold and had a slight echo to it. Suddently a man with jet black hair stepped by him and tossed him a diamond sword, a iron helmet, chestplate, leggings, and shoes.
    "Wha?" asked James sleepily.
    "The pilots out cold and were low on fuel. Questions later, suit up now."
    James put on his armor and waited. Crash! The plane went down at a decent.
    "Get to the door!" Yelled a man.
    "3,2,1 JUMP!" Yelled the other man. Everyone jumped. They landed hard on the sand narrowly dodging rubble. It was a dark stormy night. There was a sudden CRACK of lightning and James saw a zombie pig thing. Apparently the others saw too because they got up swords drawn. Another loud CRACK and the zombie pig zipped past slicing a scratch through the man who gave James his equipment and the next thing he knew, James was knocked off his feet. It wasnt a zombie. It was a man who pushed him. The zombie pig lay on the ground dead. "What did you do?" James asked. "Timed well." Replied the man.
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    posted a message on Bedrock County
    1 reply every 24 views...? (Rounded)
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Project Green
    Oops, sorry to insult you trolls!
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    posted a message on beta 1.5
    Its coming out on 11/11/11 so stop asking! P.S. Notch posted it on his blog.
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