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    Wow angry old man is angry.

    No big deal. This thread may be taken down again and again because you don't have a sense of humor, but where ever this map is hosted, I'll link to and support it. Ill link to Oldshoes tumblr. Then what are you going to do, complain because I have a link in my sig that has a map with a racial slur in it?

    If this map can be hosted on a company server with a very diverse staff and no one gets offended, I think you can get off your moral high horse and just move along.
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    Quote from nlkm37

    What I've learned from the V10 demo:
    Me, PvtChurch, and Fuzztehhydra are bros
    Yum is super diverse
    and Broville V10 will be the greatest thing that ever happened to Minecraft

    I know right? Who knew that Yum was from Compton, just as I was! He should know me, I was the only white guy in the damn city.
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