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    posted a message on [Hiring] GenesisHub // Needed: *Developers* *Builders* *Moderators* // Professional Environment // Personal Remote Workstations

    Name: Cameron Mangum

    In-Game Name: KirkTheGamer

    Applying for: Developer (In-Game, Or Console) I work best with configuration, Do not let me mislead you and think I am a plugin creator, I am a permissions, And plugin Configurator, And am good with the ranking systems, And configurating them as well.

    Why you should be chosen for this job: I should be chosen because I believe in creativity, I believe that this server can make it, And become a phoenix. I am also a Developer for a current server, But it isnt doing well and will probably shut down within a Month, And I am planning on quitting there because I have realized that it is a waste of my time, I want to see if this server is also a waste of time, Which I am sure it isnt, So I want to be there to help it and to make it wonderful.

    Past Experience: I am currently a Developer on a server ( And I have been a past Moderator, Admin, And Developer on a server called combat craft which it was also a Hub server. It sadly shut down a few months ago. I have also been a Moderator for a few other small servers which are no longer operating.

    Miscellaneous Info: (Anything else you would like to tell us) Thanks for considering my application!

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    posted a message on Avenge Craft | Looking for Members | Creative | Prison | PVP | Factions | PaintBall | Prison!

    Hello, And welcome to Avenge Craft! My name is KirkTheGamer AKA - The annoying little Advertiser, And we are looking for members for our NEW minecraft server, And we are a HUB Server, With Paintball (Not Finished), Factions (Beta), Creative (Not Finished), Prison (Alpha - Not Public), PvP (Alpha - Not Public), And we know it seems kind of boring with MOST of our activities shut down, But come and give it a try at IP: And I hope to see you there - We are looking for a few builders who LISTEN to orders by their supervisor builder, And only build when instructed by them - Starting tomorrow we will open the build slots - Come start playing now to get a chance to win a CUSTOM Kit, And a CUSTOM rank that only you may have access to! So, Come give it a try, And log some playtime, And apply for admin after a certain ammount of time! Hope to see you there!

    -Developer: KirkTheGamer, StaySmexyHD, VolcanoMan3705

    Owner: Clemente - Carranza

    Co-Owner: Noob Lube

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    posted a message on Avenge Craft | 1.8 Factions Server - Looking for players!

    Hello, My name is KirkTheGamer, And I am a Developer / Advertiser for this really awesome server. What makes our server different than other faction 1.8 servers?

    For one, We have active, friendly staff.

    For two, Our server is a small server, And we would love for you to come on and help us grow.

    So that is two reasons why our server is different than the other Faction-1.8 servers. Why not come on and give it a shot?

    Well, This seems like a cool server! Where's the IP? Well, Here is the IP!:

    Come join, And see what type of adventure you can start.

    If you encounter any bugs on the server, Please report it In-Game to a Developer, Co- Owner, Or Owner, If there are none on, Please report it here! Thank you, And I hope to see you on the server!

    -Developer KirkTheGamer, StaySmexyHD

    -Owner Clemente Carranza Carranza

    -Co Owner, NoobLube

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    posted a message on Join Our Server - Factions, Survival, Needing Members!

    Thanks for the tip :)

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    posted a message on Join Our Server - Factions, Survival, Needing Members!

    Hello, I am a Developer For this really awesome server, And we are looking for YOU! The Players to help us get populated! So why not come join and try it out!

    We work with ALL versions of 1.8, And Some versions of 1.7. We are a Factions Survival server, Needing to populate, We are currently developing our kits, So they are not ready yet, But they should be ready soon! So why not come join and try it out, We are needing new refreshing members to help us populate, And to keep the community Fresh! I hope to see you there!


    Hope to see you there!

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    posted a message on need staff for a towny server

    skype: cammangum
    what rank do you want I am a pretty good builder I think personally due to my past builds, So maybe builder, Mod, Admin, Dev, Anything to help out really, Why I say dev is because I am helping dev another server atm.
    why do you think you should be that rank Because, I want to help you out with other types of plugins you might not have working, And make them work, And I just love enforcing the rules on minecraft
    if you wanted to would you donate? Why not?
    how can you help improve the server I could help by developing new and fun ways to play, And new and fun plugins.
    can you help with plugins? Yes

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    posted a message on New Minecraft server Waiting to be Populated!

    We are Now open! You may be asking: Who is we? Well, We are a new minecraft server that just opened up less than 48 hours ago, And are looking for members, And beta testers! The server is open to the public, But we need some people to tell us if there are rank glitches, Or server glitches! We are 1.7.9 And as I said, Looking for Members, What is our name, You may ask, Well we are Boss Craft! Do not apply for Beta Testing, Don't even tell us, When you join, Just play, And tell one of Our Developers or Owners about the glitch, Who are the developers and Owners?: Developer(s): KirkTheGamer [Me], ThatOneTomahawk, Y0GFAN. Owner(s): NoobLube (CO) [Past Developer, Still Developing], Carranza, Or Clamente (Main). Some of our other features: We have a small shop set up below spawn (Not Finished), We have 40 Slots, We are currently setting up kits (Which is because we are still in beta) And are an OP Factions server! So come join, Why don't you and give it a shot, Also while you are on, Why not check out our /rules?



    Developer KirkTheGamer

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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server | Needs staff | Needs Players | OP Factions server | Needs Website Developer

    Hello, I am one of the Developers for the Boss Craft Mine Craft Server, We are currently in need of the following positions:

    Admins - 2 (Sort Of Needed)

    Builders - 5-10 (Majorly Needed)

    Moderators - 3 (Moderately Needed)

    Website Developers - 2 (Majorly Needed)

    As listed above, We are in need of Website Developers Mainly, And Builders, In order to get these ranks, You must be willing to work with others, And you must be willing to take orders as given. This will be sort of like a Job, You will have co-workers, And a boss, For builders, That boss would be the Builder Boss, You listen to the builder boss at all times, For Website Developers, You are both equal to each other, You vote on what to do next, And you check with one of the Server Developers or the Owner, So, If you are interested post a reply with the following information:

    Real Life Name:

    Do you have skype?:

    If you have skype, What is your skype name?

    What is your age? (This does not affect your application, It is only for documentation)

    What position are you applying for?:

    Do you have past experience, And if so, What is that experience? (Add as much detail as possible if you are applying for Web Developer, You MUST have past experience in order to become Website Developer. If you are applying for Builder, Please list if you have built for servers before, This will only increase your chance of becoming builder, If you do not have experience you still have a chance.)

    Our server IP:

    - Boss Craft Developers And Owner,


    Noob Lube




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    posted a message on New Server looking for Builders, Devs, Admins, ETC!

    The servers version is 1.7.9! And if you want to be developer, Please join the server and talk to one of the developers or owners, The main developers would be:



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    posted a message on New Server looking for Builders, Devs, Admins, ETC!

    Disclaimer: The server is still in HIGH Development!

    Secondary Acknowledgement: Any new members will get special ranks once the ranks are set up.

    We are currently in Mine Craft version 1.7.9!

    Hello, I am Cameron. My IGN is KirkTheGamer. I am a Developer for this server, And we are currently looking for Developers, Admins, Builders!

    We are needing mostly Builders, The availability is below:

    Admins: 3

    Developers: 1

    Builders: 5-10

    Come to the server to apply! (Also post down below if nobody is on the server)

    Server IP:




    Owner(s): Clemente Carranza Carranza

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    posted a message on BuildersUnite | 1.12.2 | Creative Freebuild | Survival | & More
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    posted a message on [Factions] - [Parkour] - [PvP Arena] - [Drugs]

    This is an advertisment for a great Minecraft server looking for some people.

    Crime City!!!

    Crime city is a Minecraft server with drugs. That is pretty self explanitory, You make factions you grow drugs with those factions, Pretty simple.

    But you may be asking: What sets us apart from other faction drug servers?

    Well, I am going to tell you, Here at crime city we have a caring staff that does their job very well. If you ever need anything go to a staff member! Also, we can also set ourselves apart from everyone because Our server has Op kits you can get from donating. We have a great community.

    You may also be asking: Are there any staff positions avalible?

    Here is your answer, Yes! We are looking for Trial-Helpers!

    What are trial helpers? Trial helpers are the lowest staff rank, But everyone starts at the bottom right?, You get this rank by applying at http://www.crime-city.net/home under the apply tab.

    What is the Ip: Play.Crime-City.Net

    I hope this helped you get a better understanding of our server, and I hope to see you there!
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    posted a message on Slime Pimp Bukkit Server - Looking for Coders! - Survival/Hybrid - Prison - Lots of good Plug Ins!
    Awesome Server - COME JOIN GUYS!
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    posted a message on Slime Pimp Bukkit Server - Looking for Coders! - Objective/Survival/Hybrid - Prison - Lots of good Plug Ins!
    Hello Everyone, I am A part of Slime Pimp Bukkit Staff Team, And I am here to tell you to come on over to our server!

    The objective here, Is to have the most kills on the server, if you have the most kills, each day you will be payed in ranks, kits and other things.

    Reasons to Join our server:

    We are building New Mini Games Such As: Alpha Prison (Currently in Beta), Paint Ball, New Survival, New Factions Spawn, Free For All

    Also, if you are a good Coder/ Know a Coder, Come to the server and talk to: angate101, ELTODragonBURST, Cmangum100, And we will give you a test to see if you are a good coder or Not, And test if you are a real coder

    Looking for Pixel Artist(s) to do our swords/ world portal signs

    If you want a staff position:

    Rules to Apply:

    1. You MUST play for at LEAST 2 days total (Trust me, we check)
    2. You MUST have a clean record (No Reports filed, Strikes,ETC)
    3. You MUST prove your worth to the server (Show us your worthy)
    4. Once you are accepted for the Moderator Rank/Junior Moderator rank, you can NOT apply for the next rank for at least 2 weeks, we might promote you before the 2 weeks are over if we think you are worthy of the next rank.

    Extra Perks, and Ranks:

    If you invite 10 of your friend's/ Family members, you can get the rank of Trusted, All of your friends/ Family members have to say that you Invited them to the server for this rank! Also, you get /kit trusted which comes with diamond armor/tools!

    Ip and other Information:

    The IP to the server is: slimepimpbukkit.beastmc.com

    The staff members:
    (Owner) Angate101
    (Owner) ELTODragonBURST
    (Head-Admin) Ninja_Extreme321
    (Head-Admin) srarwars
    (Head-Admin) Cmangum100
    (Admin) Fedevalls
    (Admin) Griffin027
    (Admin) Darkred231
    (Head Moderator) Ryley1Football
    (Moderator) Logoshon
    (Moderator) ElfKyle

    Thank you for reading! Be sure to Invite friends for ranks, Be sure to have a Great Time, and therefor ~Slime Pimp Staff
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    posted a message on Slime Pimp Bukkit Server - Looking for Coders! - Survival/Hybrid - Prison - Lots of good Plug Ins!
    Quote from fedevalls

    Minecraft Username: fedevalls

    Real name: Ana Valls Rodríguez

    Age: 14

    Skype: Ana Valls Rodríguez

    Gmail: [email protected]

    How can I help: Admin, helper or builder

    Do you have experience with prison servers? : Yes, I was in three servers for helper, in one server I was admin and in three servers I was guard. Also I help building little things in prisons like spawns, houses... and I love prisons, I rank up to free in three prisons. I have two or three hours free on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays and I have three, four, five or six free hours on Satudays and Sundays.

    Have you ever been a guard on a prison server before?: Yes, three times. The first server was mine, the second and the third was of my friends :)

    Why would you like to become staff? : Becouse I've been playing minecraft since 3 years and I play everydays. I love minecraft. I'm looking for servers who need staff. I'm good helping other people and I want to help the ''new'' minecraft people. I think I'm a good person and I like solve problems. Also I want to help your server to become a bigger community of friends who like play minecraft. I dont like hackers and I want to help them for being a good person.

    Online time : - Week ( Monday - Friday) Two or three hours
    - Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Three hours - Five hours

    Tell me if you need help and I hope I can be in your prison soon and help you, I can't wait ^.^
    Thanks, Ana

    Accepted, Come on the server, the IP is above, we will talk to you further on the server, If you dont see the Ip here it is: slimepimpbukkit.beastmc.com We are ready for you.The rank you will get is Junior Mod, Until we have the builder rank set up, Thanks!
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