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    posted a message on How do you kill a person with full protection IV diamond armor?
    Quote from FrozenS2M

    You keep on attacking him until his armor and weapons break.


    a diamond chestplate without enchantments is 529 hit points

    a diamond sword without enchantments is 1,564 hit points

    so basically your going to probably be dead or he/she's going to be dead before the armor breaks

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    posted a message on MegaVillage: Manage 100+ villager trades + iron golem farm
    Just saying, this is a good idea, just i calculated a bit and the design would take about 10,000+ wooden planks. Wait, nah, that can't be right.
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    posted a message on HELP ME!11
    Quote from ImTheFancyGameer

    so yeah i have played a survival mode and make a home near in my spawn point so then days past (minecraft time) i crafted a compass then i need sticks and i left it in my nether base so i go to the nether with my compass after that i folowed my compass and it pointing the wrong direction plss help is this some kind of bug or glitch how di i fix it

    Quote from ImTheFancyGameer

    i know my compass changed pointing in my original spwan point

    Your in the nether, it will not lead you to your nether portal, if not then your post is confusing or misleading
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    posted a message on Villagers
    When villagers first came out, me and my brother fell in love. They were just so adorable! But yeah, I'm pretty sure villagers are supposed to be another species. Oh, and by the way, there is practically no such thing as a human on minecraft. Just a minecraftian.
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    posted a message on Snow Capped Peaks *Over 240 Supporters!*
    I would like that, with some sort of biome to come with it, maybe a mountain ranch biome? Just to make it feel like the game is "alive". And I also like this is the fact I live in Colorado
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    posted a message on mojang is being silly because they haven't learned anything from optifine
    It's not mojang's fault that your computer isn't getting good fps. I run a 2-3 year old computer with about 10 games on it, without optifine I get 30-40 fps, with optifine I get 50-100 fps. It just matters about what type of computer you have and how much memory and how old it is.
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    posted a message on Enderman don't have drops?
    endermen drop enderpearls, just uncommon.
    And the no chickens? they just spawn randomly
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    posted a message on Zombie pigman took my diamond sword...
    all you will need is tnt
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    posted a message on Do the new snow slabs prevent spawning?
    nope, mobs still spawn
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    posted a message on Is this cheating
    Quote from Phantom_100

    everyone talking about a mod. I meant name a mob egg and spawn a wolf. Thanks to everyone else for responses.

    if you renamed a spawn egg, it will not affect the dog it self, no gains or boosts will effect

    it will just be a wolf egg
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    posted a message on Animals can spawn in 1.4.7!
    they never removed the ability for animals to spawn, they have to, or the game would be hard.
    It's just that the animal spawn time is frequent to every 20 minutes, idk.
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    Building a house, put a sign saying "startacker's house". I remodeled it to have a 2nd floor, windows, and a walkway to my farm. Got banned for: "impersonation of another user's house and "helping" him build it".

    Admin got demoted and I got unbanned
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    posted a message on Sethbling's Super Craft Bros Brawl Server! Join Now, Obey The Rules, NO WHITELIST!
    server is crap, maps are broken, people are using invisibility potions to avoid detection, badmins. Fix it
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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't difficult enough for me anymore..
    Quote from RMANCAP

    They should add a bloodmoon, where like every night there is a 5% chance of a bloodmoon, and this is where:
    • Zombies can knock down doors, even on normal difficulty.
    • All mobs do +30% the damage, on hard +50%
    • Bloodmoons dont happen on easy difficulty
    • Mobs sight range (anger range) in dramaticlly increased, so that it's basically like all the mobs in the area all walk towards you
    • Creepers have additional AI, so that they have the initiative to blow holes in buildings and walls so to grief your buildings and let other mobs in
    • And finally endermen are automatically angry and will attack you without you looking at them.
    • Any other ideas for the bloodmoon would be cool.

    Actually, notch had an idea for a blood moon a while ago, but I'm pretty sure the idea was scratched and the wiki page was removed.
    But these were what I found
    • Zombies will tear through blocks. (that's right, your little obsidian home is still no match)
    • skeletons shoot faster, farther, and more accurate
    • creepers explosion radius increased
    • difficulty is set to hard for the night
    • spiders crawl faster
    • spider jockeys are more common (50-60%)
    • enemies can't drown

    If you ask me, it would be crazy to survive through that, wouldn't be?
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Darkness Beyond
    I'm gonna try this out tomorrow, looks amazing! And, I'm gonna place signs at restricted areas saying: "Any unauthorized people will be punished, not fun, trust me"
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