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    posted a message on ProjectE - Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft versions

    Can you do Equivalent Exchange 3 for 1.12.2? thanks i can't find any good alternative other than this.. so please can you do EE3 for 1.12.2 THANK YOU!

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    posted a message on Is there a point buying this game in Philippines

    I know that, you can play singleplayer obviously, but when i play on Servers (hypixel,minelex,etc..) my ping is low, (27ms) but everyone moves extremely slow one foot at a time, i'm wondering if that's the server or that's my internet but i checked my internet speed it says that i have 21mbps and also when i try loading into the server my skin is always black for a few minutes then it will turn back to the normal. Then i tried playing on Jartex Network (Cracked Server) then my ping is still the same (27ms) but at that time, the ping was smooth i can play minigames and people are walking normal too, then i checked FORUMS of PREMIUM SERVERS then i found out that the Speed of the ping depends on the location of where you live!!!!! and now i have no choice to play Singleplayer, for example the mineplex is from Chicago and i'm from Philippines, then what should i do????

    i bought the game for nothing (i'm not hating for minecraft) *i know what you guys are wondering! i bought minecraft today???* any solutions or help i would happily take it!

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